Paul Moulton…Career in Photos and Film of Historic Events

Brunswick platation vew collageThe Great People of Brunswick Plantation and Golf Resort ® have a variety of  interesting backgrounds! Folks move to Brunswick Plantation from all over the U.S. and a variety of foreign countries. Paul 2014 FramedIn a Blog last week we met Paul Moulton, whose career in Photography and Cinematography took him all over the world recording history in photo & film. Paul’s nearly 24 years with the military had him recording our military history. Paul’s assignments ranged from Training Films to the Front Lines of war as a combat photographer!  He has received Medals to Honor that dangerous work!

Later in the Civilian World, Paul also filmed momentous and historic events…From the Courts & Political Conventions to the White House! In the course of all of this, Paul has met and worked with some of the folks that we read about in the history of our Country. brunswick_poolWe will share some of these events with you in this Blog about Paul’s fascinating career and…How & Why he is so happy he chose to live at “The Lakes” of Brunswick Plantation!

Paul’s Military Career

Last week’s Article covered Paul’s early years in the military , joining in 1946 until his first enlistment was completed and he later re-enlisted in January 1954. He had experienced the Truce Talks of the Korean War during his first years with the army. After a brief time as a civilian and his re-enlistment in 1954, Paul was assigned to Fort Monmouth, NJ with the 301st Signal Photographic Company. He was a Still & Motion Picture Photographer, NCOIC of Photo Teams.

Banner-Late-40sJune of 1954 – April of 1961…Paul was with the Army Pictorial Center, LIC, NY. He was Motion Picture Production Cameraman.

Paul made Training & Information Films…@ Various Locations Including:

  • USA
  • Alaska
  • The Arctic
  • Sub Arctic
  • Germany
  • Panama…Filmed Joint Maneuvers in Jungles & Deserts of Panama with Panamanians, Americans, and Latin American Countries.

Artic film0002Paul’s Film included:

  • Traversing Glaciers in Sub Arctic in Summertime
  • Cross Country Mobility in the Sub Arctic in the Winter…1st Film in Color made by Paul & Crew @ Big Delta Junction.
  • Big Delta Junction…Trained to operate in Arctic with Sled & Photo Equipment.
  • Navigation of Inland Waterways in the Sub Arctic in the Summertime.
  • DEW1956Documentary on DEW Line. DEW LinesDistant Early Warning Lines were Radar Units constructed East to West in Canada & U.S. with the purpose of… Detecting Russian hostile actions.

Alaska Crevice0008Filming in Arctic & Sub Arctic was Tricky , as ice melted & changed water levels daily. Crevices were deep & covered with snow…Much training was required before trip. One had to be very careful!



First Cameraman on many “Big Picture” TV Films

Paul was Awarded “Certificate of Achievement” in 1971  for his work on these Films.

Big PicturemqdefaultArmy “Big Picture” Films were a weekly TV Program distributed FREE By the Army to establish relationship between the military and the public.

***”BIG PICTURE” Film in Ottumwa, Iowa that Paul Filmed was a Story About the relationship between a U.S. Army Recruiter & the Community.

  • 1957…The Much Loved Recruiter had received orders to go Overseas & the Community wrote to the Army to get him to stay in Ottumwa.
  • The Army made a story about this and the people of Ottumna …Welcomed Paul & the Film Crew with “Open Arms’!

Summer 1958…Eisenhower Sends Troops To Lebanon


***Film Crew, including Paul….Sent to Document Activities of Marine Corps & Army in Lebanon:

beirut                                                Beirut, Lebanon

  • Life-Magazine-1958-07-28Beirut, Lebanon at that time was considered…”Paris of the Middle East”.
  • President Eisenhower sent Marines & Army to Lebanon…Due to Inter-Tribal Extremist Activities in the area.
  • There was Minimal Activity as Military scared away religious radicals.
  • Photo Team encountered  one sniper incident with no one hit.
  • Still Photographs were FAXed with Peace Keepers in the Streets…On Patrol.


1959…Paul filmed Launching of Submarines in Groton, Connecticut


CID_badge_2009Kaiserslautern, Germany…Paul filmed Info & Training Films on CID Agents Working Undercover


Korea Photo sectionMay 1961 – Sept. 1962…Paul was transferred to 51st Signal Corps Battalion in Korea. Paul was NCO In Charge I Corps Signal Photographic Section. Paul was Awarded “Army Commendation Medal” in September, 1962.

 51st Signal Corps sponsored a Korean OrphanageMost Units in Korea sponsored a Korean Orphanage.

As well as Military Photography, Paul met and photographed Korean People and Culture. 

Korea Culture 19610003 framed

Paul in Korea 1961

“Child of the Land of the Morning Calm”…Paul’s Photo Won 1st Place in…The Babies and Children Category of the All-Army Photo Contest in 1962.

Child photo award0004 framed

DASPO Dept. of Army Special Photographic Office

February 1966 – May 1969…Paul was assigned to Ft. Shafter, Hawaii, Pacific Detachment, Department of the Army Special Photographic Office (DASPO) NCOIC of Photo Teams in Korea, Okinawa, Thailand, Vietnam, & Taiwan.

***Paul covered Combat Operations from the DMZ in the North to Special Forces Operations in The Mekong Delta. 

***Paul established Photo Team Operations in Korea and Okinawa.

***The Tylar Camera Mount for Helicopters Or Aircraft takes the movement out on Filming on Helicopter Or Aircraft.

Army Concept Team..Vietnam

***Paul went to deliver this equipment to the the Army in Vietnam. After arriving, he was told Paul was also to be the Photographer to use it on Test Runs around Saigon and The Mekong Delta.

Paul in Plane***Col. Burke flew the Huey Helicopter with Paul as the On Board Photographer. They flew to the DMZ-Vietnam Demilitarized Zone…5,000 Ft. Up To Pick Target & Swoon down on gun placement to film.

  •  Marine Corps Operation was conducting Hastings in that Vietnam DMZ Area
  • Artillary Fire was Marines to N. Vietnamese
  •  Mission of Plane Crew: Pick a Target & Swoon Down to Film Gun Placement.
  • They did this for 3 Days.
  • The Film was processed by Air Force
  • Photos were sent to the U.S. Secretary of State & United Nations
  • Photo Proof that the Vietnamese were Violating Neutrality of DMZ…Demilitarized Zone!
  • Paul received “Air Medal for Heroism” with V-Devise for filming this over territory heavily defended by Anti-Aircraft Fire.

***Paul filmed DELTA with Special Forces.

Children in Taiwan

While in the Pacific, Paul also met people and filmed  Children of the Culture.Paul Korea camera

Children in Taiwan.

 Taiwanese children


Photography of People

Chief Hunting Horse0002Early in Paul’s career when stationed in Oklahoma…Paul’s Photo of Oklahoma Chief Hunting Horse and Family on his 102nd Birthday!



                         FUN Photos of Friends

Paul & Gals Collage“Not All Work & No Play” in Paul’s Career as a Young Photographer!  A Few FUN Cheesecake Photos!


 Military Career Finale

June 1969 – June 1970…The Pentagon, NCOIC Department of Army Special Photographic Office…Awarded “The Meritorious Service Medal”

June 30, 1970…Retired from Active Military Service…Sergeant 1st Class

Civilian Career in Photography & Cinematography

Jan. 1971 – May 1973…Walter Reed Army Institute of Research, Washington DC.

Civilian Medical Research Motion Picture Cameraman:

  • WalterReedNowPhotographed various Surgical Procedures.
  • Made Medical Training Films.
  • Awarded Department of The Army Commendation, 6 march, 1973.
  • Awarded “Certificate of Achievement” from Walter reed Institute of research, 9 May, 1973.

June 1973 – May 1977…Washington DC. Freelance Television News Cameraman…Covering White House , US Congress, State Department, The Pentagon, and Various other Government Agencies.

June 1977 – February 1991…Washington DC. Storer Broadcasting Company/Gillette Communications.  Washington News Bureau. TV News Photographer. Storer Communications was the 1st Independent Broadcaster to have their own Satellite Dish to feed the news to their TV Stations…Around 1976-77!

WH NewsCovered:

  • Inaugurations of Many Presidents
  • Democrat & Republican Conventions
  • National Governor’s Conferences…Around The Country
  • White House Events
  • US Congress & Other Government Agencies

Historic People & Events Filmed


***Downfall of Nixon & Resignation from Office

***Oliver North Trial

***reagan_gorbachevReagan/ Gorbachev Summits

Presidents Paul Met Filmed:

  • Jerry Ford
  • Ronald Reagan…Paul Actually ate some of Reagan’s Jelly Beans!
  • Jimmy Carter
  • George H. W. Bush…Bush was very attentive and remembered crew from past interviews!

***Stories of Famous Folks Paul Knew***

Paul has many interesting stories of people he knew from working with Congress and the White House.

Glenns***Paul traveled with Senator John Glenn in his plane with Sen. Glenn flying the plane. He became friends with John Glenn and his wife, Annie. He really admires them both and attended their Picnic Buffet Dinners they gave for the News Media. The Glenn children always helped. Folks played Touch Football, Bad Mitten & Horseshoes at these gatherings. Paul admired John Glenn’s knowledge in government , defense, and economics.  Paul said the John and Annie Glenn were very Smart & Affable!

Fordindex***Paul did stories on Gerald Ford when he was a Senator from Grand Rapids, as well as when he was President.

Tippic_related_012513_JN***Paul gave his homegrown tomatoes to Tip O’Neal when O’Neal had complained to his secretary that he could not get good tomatoes. O’Neal sent him a personal Thank You note each time…Until Paul told him that was really not necessary.

Retired From TV News

February 1991…Paul Moulton Retires from TV News Business!

January 2014…Paul Moulton donated Orders, Photographs, and many other Memorabilia from his Fascinating Career  in Photography and Cinematography to MUSEUM OF MOVING IMAGE..Long Island, New York!

Paul has letters from Ohio Senators, Mary Rose Oaker & Louis Stokes…Also from Leon Panetta when he retired.


“Where War Lives” By: Dick Durrance

51+tlyJhcUL._SX258_BO1,204,203,200_“Where War Lives” By: Paul’s DASPO Friend, Dick Durrance , is an important Photographic Journal of Vietnam.

Paul and his DASPO Friends and Colleagues enjoy getting together to share their Memories and Endearing Friendships. Paul really values these times that they share!

Paul  Moulton Makes Brunswick Plantation Home!

BP Flower CollagePaul first came to Myrtle Beach to play golf with Army & civilian friends in 1972-73. After retiring in 1992, Paul came South to play golf with AF friend, Sgt. Nick Nickerson. Nick came to Myrtle Beach and worked as a civil servant after his military retirement. One of Nick’s golf buddies left and Paul joined the group!

After playing golf at Brunswick Plantation, Nick bought a house in Smithfield around 2002.  Paul came from Virginia to play golf and stayed with Nick at his house.

Paul decided he wanted to get away from the traffic and hustle where he lived in Fairfax County in Virginia. His house in Virginia sold right away while he stayed in a condo in VA.

The condo he lives in now at The Lakes area of Brunswick Plantation was just being built when he was looking to live here. Paul Loved the View of the Lake! He did not want yard to take care of himself and liked it that the Beautiful Landscaping was Done For You! He also liked the Brunswick Plantation Golf Course.  Brunswick_Plantation_Golf_Resorts_-_Dogwood_375823Three Nine Holes was Perfect for him! He also found that the people were All So Nice! He enjoyed all of the men at the Men’s Golf Association though he doesn’t play now. He really enjoyed them and does miss those times with them. He still Loves Living in the Golf Community though!

He says that his friend, Barbara Dennington, is always just so good to him. She helps him out and organizes others to be there for him if he needs anything! Everyone seems to have that Southern Hospitality…Even if they are not originally from the South!

Paul says that even the people who work in the stores are So Nice! he wrote to Walmart a couple of years ago about how lovely a girl who worked there was to him. When he went back to the store, she had been promoted to managing the Baby Department! Good News for All!

Paul enjoys many of the delicious restaurants in the area! He loves to take  his many visitors out to eat! Some of his Favorites are:

  • brentwoodBoundary House
  • Haufbrau House
  • Brentwood
  • Greg Norman’s Steakhouse
  • Mexican “Abuelos”
  • Twin Lakes
  • Sunrise Pancake House
  • Angelos in Myrtle Beach

BP Beach CollagePaul really Loves it when his Family and DASPO Friends come to Visit! Everyone Loves the Beach! Brunswick Plantation and Golf Resort ® is the Perfect Place for Paul to call HOME! We Love having Paul as one of Our Great People of Brunswick Plantation!




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