Paul Moulton…Photo Magic All The Way To The White House!

BP Lakes CollageBrunswick Plantation and Golf Resort ® is Home to many Fun and Fascinating Folks! People come here from all over the Untied States and Canada, as well as Countries Overseas! They enrich each other with their personal stories & Love of Life!

Paul Lakes framedPaul Moulton loves living in his condo at “The Lakes” of Brunswick Plantation. He enjoys the watching the ducks float by on the lake. He can sit in his Carolina Room with an occasional cigar and relax with a peaceful view of the water. He loves the Warm People at Brunswick Plantation! SHos.buttonWhether Transplanted Yankees or brought up in the South…Everyone shares that Southern Hospitality! Life is Good!

Paul Moulton…Photography & Cinematography Careers

Paul was a “Photographer At Heart” from an early age! He says he Life Collagewas so amazed by the 1930’s LIFE Magazine photos…From ALL Over the World! He really got into photography in High School and made his own Dark Room to develop the photos he took. His brother-in-law gave Paul equipment…An Enlarger & Developing Trays, that he had from his own interest in photography! So, when Paul was a student at Belmont High School in Massachusetts, he and his friends would go out and take photographs related to topics being studied in class!

Paul credits his mother with encouraging him to join the Army, enlisting for for 18 months to qualify for the GI Bill for college. The hope was to go on to college after that time and study photography. However, at that time there was no GI Bill money for college…So Paul, after fruitlessly looking for work in the as a civilian,  re-enlisted within the time period to retain the rank of Staff Sergeant he had earned.

Signal Corps centerAs Fate or Luck would have it, he received outstanding…On the Job Training in Still Photography and later, Cinematography, from some of the most experienced and talented people in that field at the time! He was assigned to the Signal Corps Photographic Center in Long Island City, New York…Later renamed: The Pictorial Center . Though Paul never got to Photogaphy School in college, he did work with WWII Veteran photographer, Harold Desonnier, learning to process film and mix chemicals. He worked under Desonnier and Joe Sheff for a year before being allowed to to go on a Still Photography assignment.

Paul also worked with Sgt. Martin “Boots” Barnes, WWII Photographer for motion pictures. In the early days, Paul went out with “Boots” shooting 16MM and 36MM Film for quality check for the 16MM. Paul says he learned so much in a short time from “Boot” Barnes…Beyond what he would have had in a college class in photography at that time!

Paul later cross trained in motion picture photography under Capt. Sanford Roberts.

 Paul Moulton…Family Ties!

Paul was born on August 15, 1928 in Waltham, Massachusetts…The son of Roxie Kierstead and Lee L. Moulton.  Paul has two sisters, Shirley and Eileen, born during his dad’s earlier marriage. Shirley (98), lives in Florida and Eileen (97), lives in Massachusetts.

life-quotes framedOther siblings include: Beverly in Connecticut and Marilyn in N. Charleston. Gloria is recently deceased at the age of 88. The Family will have a Memorial in her Honor in N. Charleston, SC in July. Brother George is also now deceased. Looks like the Moulton Family…Enjoys A Long Life to the Fullest !

Paul, who was deployed nearly 8 months temporary duty every year during  his army career, met some very nice girls along the way but never married. Paul’s Family includes 7 nieces and nephews & a number of great- nieces & nephews.

Paul is very close to his family. He says he has always enjoyed being the Uncle that was there to have Fun with the Kids…Taking them to the beach, fishing, hockey games and even a Boston Ice Capades Birthday for Jo Ellen! Paul is also godfather to children of 6 of his friends! He loves them all and enjoys being part of their lives!

Highlights of Paul’s Military Career!

Japan…On To Texas & Oklahoma

Paul’s first enlistment in Japan was with the 1st Calvary 7th Regimen (Custer’s former Regiment). He was there for 4 months and illness left him with rheumatic fever. Paul was transferred to William Beumont General Hospital at Fort Bliss, Texas. After 3 months recuperating, Paul was Transferred to Fort Sills, Oklahoma. He was there for 4 years and enjoyed hunting & fishing that he had never done…Being raised in the city!

Fort Camp Eustis, VA.

FortEustis framedIn 1951 Paul was sent to Camp Eustis, VA. & lived in WWII Barracks. Made Training Films to:

  • Trained troops to load & unload Cargo Ships on the Army Fleet of Cargo Ships on the James River.
  • Truck Convoy Movements (Shenandoah Mountains)

After a time there,  Paul and a Canadian friend serving in the U.S. military volunteered to go to Korea.


hqdefaultHe was TDY…Temporary Duty to Korea in Summer of 1951.  The Mission of his 6 Member Team was: Document activities of every United Nations Unit there.

Paul was assigned TDY to 304th Signal Battalion Headquarters, CO Photo Section.

Paul did Front Line Photography:

  • American Troops
  • Belgians on Front Lines
  • Swedish Mobile Army Hospital…Similar to MASH series
  • British
  • Royal Australian Air Force
  • Troops from Columbia


Paul Returned to Korea…1952 – 1053

The Korean War…(1950 – 1953)

***Truce Talks started at Musan-Ni…Paul Filmed Truce Talks that  Started & Stopped often!

quonset framed***Pan Mon Jon, Korea…Final Truce Talks were held in Quonset Huts built in Neutral Zone for Talks.

***Paul filmed on the side with the N. Korean photographer (Not in N. Korean Territory). NBC photographer filmed Paul filming and his family saw him on TV.***

Agreement on Prisoner Exchange…”Operation Little Switch”:

  • Temporary Agreement …Before the Final Truce!

Operation “Big Switch”

  • All other prisoners were exchanged.
  • Many captured Chinese & N. Korean prisoners did not want to return…Caused a Rift between Chinese Communist, N. Koreans, & United Nations
  • Most prisoners were forced to go back to their country.

After Korea, Paul was shipped back to the United States to Fort Devins, Massachusetts for discharge from the Army. He decided to try civilian life for awhile. He could not find work in Advertising, etc. and re-enlisted in 1953.

This was the New Beginning of of the Rest of Paul’s 25 Year Military Career where he covered Historic Events and captured them on film! Paul’s Military Career was…Followed by His Exciting Civilian Career in Photography and cinematography that includes political events and White House Events. Paul has met Presidents, Astronauts, and known many Famous Folks!

Stay Tuned NEXT WEEK for More About Paul Moulton’s… Fascinating Life in Photography & Film! It is Quite  Life of Interest and Intrigue! You WILL Want to Hear & See More!

Ya'llimages framedPaul Moulton is another of The Great People of Brunswick Plantation! He loves living here and the Friends and Neighbors he has met and enjoyed! Paul says…There is so much to enjoy at Brunswick Plantation and Golf Resort ®, The Two State Solution To FUN!

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