Donna and Jim Stangroom…So Happy that Brunswick Plantation Picked Them!

Stangrooms framedDonna and Jim Stangroom lived in Virginia, and for a few years they came South to vacation at a Time Share in North Myrtle Beach.   In 2003 they saw a sign for Ocean Ridge and decided to take a look.  However, they did not see a lot that they liked for themselves.

BP Entrance CollageDriving down the highway, they saw something about Brunswick Plantation & Golf Resort ® and decided to check it out, also. There was a security shack as a gate at the time…A Gated Community! Donna and Jim were not sure what they were looking for when real estate agent, Don Stahl, met with them.  They said Don was very professional and knowledgeable …Not at all high pressure! Don seemed to know more of what they wanted than they did. Dogwood was a new course at that time. Donna and Jim bought a lot…That Day on Covington in the Edenton Section of Brunswick Plantation. They originally had a 5 year plan to build and move here…But that became a 2 year plan with them renting a house on Ravennside until their new home was ready. They said they felt that Brunswick Plantation had Chosen Them! They have been very Happy with the Brunswick Plantation Community and the many Friendships they have made…And continue to make at here!

Lakes CollageThough Donna and Jim sold their house in Edenton 6 months ago, they continue to live at Brunswick Plantation and Golf Resort ® with their Family Dog, Libby…In a lovely condo on “The Lakes”. They can listen to the soothing sound of the fountain in the lake and be entertained by the Mallard Ducks and Canadian Geese floating by the Carolina Room. Life is Good at Brunswick Plantation!

Donna & Jim…In The Beginning!

Clydes framedDonna and Jim married on December 31, 1977…After a Courtship of 2 & 1/2  years! They met in Virginia at Clydes of Georgetown. Donna had stopped by with a friend after her work day as a banker at 1st VA. Manassas National.  Jim was in Virginia with the Maryland National Guard.  He and his buddy in the Guard unit went to Clydes and saw two lovely ladies. His buddy said he’d like to meet Donna’s friend and Jim was interested in meeting Donna. The gals saw these two men in the mirror and were given martini’s…Compliments of the Gentlemen in the Mirror! “The Man in the Mirror”Turned out to be the Right Man for Donna!

 All In The Family!

As they say…It’s All in the Family for Donna and Jim! They each have children from a previous marriage…With a combined family of 8 children Plus Grandchildren and one great Grandchild! The More the Merrier for the Stangrooms! The family also keep Donna and Jim a chance to do the traveling they love to visit them in a variety of places…Far & Near!

Military brat framedDonna was the daughter of Chief Petty Officer William Patrick and a Military Brat who moved around a lot.  She later married a marine and moved around more. Her favorite place was in Hawaii, where her family lived for 4 sunny years!

During those years, Donna and her husband  had two children.  As her husband was a widower, Donna raised his daughter, Sharyn, since she was 4 years old. They now have grown children of their own. Lots of Fun for Everyone! This Part of the Clan Includes:

  • Shelle of Winston Salem, NC,  an Entrepreneur & Artist, who owns a business that refinishes furniture for consumers…While, also, living on a farm with a garden & chickens! Shelle has two lovely daughters…Kaelyn & Melissa.
  • Michael, a Retired Army Major…Was an Olympic Silver Medalist in  Marksmanship in 2008 Olympics in Greece! Michael and wife, Ann have 2 sons, Matt & Will. Matt was a wrestler in High School and is now a Junior in College. Will was a Gold Medal winner in the Junior Olympics in Marksmanship when he graduated from High School.

Air F & G 897__orig framed Jim was in the Air Force and that combined with his years of service in the Maryland National Guard , gave him 30 years of Military Service to Retire as a Colonel. Jim served in the Guard once a month for 15 Days Active Duty. Jim’s main career during that time was as a Financial Adviser. He is now semi-retired from that position…Still working with clients from East to West Coast. Jim says his Clients are his Friends and they Stay In Touch.

Jim and his wife first wife had 6 children..All Boys! That part of the Clan includes:

  • Jim is a CPA retired Freelance in Fallston, Maryland. Jim & Janice*Have Three Children…Matthew, Emily, & Michael and One Great Grandchild!
  • Bob is a General Manager @ Golf & Country Club in Serrano in California. Bob & Suzie*Have Two children, Sean & Maggie And Heather…Who was the first Girl born into the Stangroom Family in 86 Years! Born on Friday, the 13th…The Miracle Child!
  • Bill is a national Sales Manager & Director for West Vaco in Massachusetts. Bill & Ellen * Have Two Children…Bill & Dan In Denver.
  • Tome is the Vice-President for IT at National Rural electric Coop Assoc. in Chantilly, VA. Tom & Shelly * Have Three Children…Tom in Nashville, Megan In Virginia Beach, Kyle In College.
  • Danny is an Environmentalist in Australia. Danny & Heidi live in Sydney, Australia. Donna & Jim visited with them years ago to watch Michael participate in Marksmanship in the Olympics there.
  • Andy is an Entrepreneur & Owns his own company as a Head Hunter for Companies in Baltimore, Maryland.  His background for this was in Sports…Sales Portion with (Washington Bullets & Wizards) Andy & Melissa* Have Two Children…Brooke Marie, and Drew.

Fathers day frameThere are so many places for Donna and Jim to go to visit family! Also, the family love to come to Brunswick Plantation…Family Fun At The Beach! Jim is looking forward to five of his sons to visit on Father’s Day this year for their Annual…Stangroom Golf Tournament!


 Luck A’ The Irish Family

Kerry CollageJim’s Mother and Father came to the United States Directly from Ireland! Jim’s father, Joe…Came from Kerry and his mother, Babs County Clare collage(Mary Josephine) came from County Clare. Babbs was sponsored by her aunt and uncle in New York, Joe was a steward on an Ocean Liner and involved in “Blacks & Tans” of the Irish Revolution – Fighting 69th army unit in the Nat’l Guard.  Joe and Babs met at a dance! Jim grew up in The Bronx of New York, and was the first generation of his family to be born in the United States.

Ennis CollageJim and Donna took Babs to Ireland for her 80th birthday. The family had a birthday party for Babs in Ennis, Ireland. That was Jim’s first time in Ireland and chance to meet his cousins.  He found it to be very exciting…Especially Cousin Mickey Mack! Mom stayed longer in Ireland but had to return home due to poor health where the family beagle had the loving instinct to watch over her.  She then lived in a condo near Donna & Jim. What a Blessing!

Donna & Jim…Loving living at Brunswick Plantation

Brunswick Activites Views CollageDonna and Jim Truly feel that Brunswick Plantation chose them…And they Could Not Be Happier in this Friendly Community! They say that you can develop wonderful Friendships quickly! There is always a Friendly Face and a Feeling of Comfort! People open up to you and you can get involved in a variety of things that interest you!

Donna and Jim enjoy are that Brunswick is a beautiful gated community. They also appreciate the changes and improvements they have seen living here! They have enjoyed the golf. Donna has also had fun with the card club and various other activities like sewing and the Sequence group.

They like the location and access to a variety of excellent restaurants in the area..North and South Carolina!  Some of their favorites are:

  • Martini’s
  • La Cucina
  • Bonefish Grill
  • Flying Fish
  • Brentwood

They enjoy so much to do and so many friendly folks to enjoy life with them!

Interiors By Donna”

Donna intframedDonna has a business in Interior Design that she has had for the past nine years. Her business is managed out of her home. She will meet with people in their home to determine their style and color preference. She wants to know what they are trying to accomplish and see how she can help them develop their chosen environment. She works with them to “Bring Their Home to Life” by choosing:

  • Window Treatments
  • Designer Fabrics
  • Custom Bedding
  • Shutters
  • Blinds & Shades
  • Furniture
  • Accessories and More!

Interested People…Can Call for a FREE Consultation @ 910-776-0108 More @

Beach Quotef0d192c2f62ec82ee5eb5266ab3410abDonna and Jim  Stangroom may be among the Friendly Faces you may meet at Brunswick Plantation and Golf Resort ® when you come for a visit in Coastal Carolina! There is so much to enjoy in and around BP…Our Two State Solution For FUN! We have the Best of North and South Carolina…Just minutes away! Join us for “A Better Way of Life” at Brunswick Plantation!

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