Brunswick Plantation Neighbors… “Helping Hands” For YOU!

BP Helpin Hands collageBrunswick Plantation and Golf Resort ® is known for being a Friendly Community of active people with a variety of groups and organizations providing opportunities to share interests and talents….Fun for Everyone! There is also a group in place to be there for you to keep up the good life when you might need a little personal attention or assistance around your house for a time when you might not be Up To Par for one reason or another. Brunswick Plantation “Helping Hands” are a group of neighbors you can call who will be there for you when you need them to help you …”Get By With a Little Help from Your Friends!”

BP Villages CallageFolks at Brunswick Plantation already have friends and neighbors in their individual neighborhoods on the Plantation who are always there for each other. It is characteristic of this friendly community. “Helping Hands” extends this kind of support in times of need to everyone in the community!

Helping Hands…How it Works

HH Heartindex framedThe idea of “Helping Hands” came to Pat Moreau when she was working as a volunteer for Hospice. Pat is still the contact for this group at Brunswick Plantation….Though she stresses that there are around 25 women and men who are active in “Helping Hands” of Brunswick Plantation.  It truly does…Take a Village! Together, they will be... There for You with Personal, Comfortable Care when you need it!

Helping Hands List & Contacts

HHLHimages3As Brunswick Plantation is a dynamic community of active people…Folks may travel at times, have visitors, or be otherwise involved in various activities. For this reason, Pat keeps a chart of “Helping Hands” names & contacts which includes when she or they might be gone or otherwise committed.

However, there are always people available to assist others when needed. There may be Short Term or Longer Term commitments to folks who need it. This is based on the need and up to the “Helping Hands” volunteer.

Pat Moreau’s Cell Phone Number: 910-523-0093. When she is away, she will have anther contact number for someone designated to take the calls. Pat points out that this is all very Private Information of the members of “Helping Hands” and people receiving assistance are personal and Not Shared with other folks. Private & Personal is important! Participants may have a list , if requested. Communication is done by personal contact or phone, but not by E-mail.

“Helping Hands” is strictly volunteer and no money is accepted by volunteers. When people want to give money, they are asked to just donate to their favorite organization.                When “Helping Hands” are contacted and made aware of a concern or need, they make a visit to the person or people to meet them and determine what they can offer…Making a plan of assistance and determining who would best fit that need from the beginning.

Ways “Helping Hands” May Help You!

hh Quoteframed“Helping Hands” Helps Neighbors at Brunswick Plantation in a variety of ways. A few Mentioned Include:


  • Getting into the car for an appointment.
  • Going to the appointment…Doctor, Hair, Whatever!
  • Shopping For person…Or With a person in a wheelchair.
  • Pick up prescriptions
  • Taking cancer patients for chemo Or blood transfusions.
  • For an Emergency…Call 911 & Someone will meet you where you are taken for care.
  • Cleaning Up at your home.
  • Cut Lawns
  • Make Some Lunch Or Dinner For You.
  • Helping Hand: May DONATE A DAY …To Help around the House, Change lights, etc.
  • Help with relative living at Brunswick Plantation with Alzheimer’s

Ways “Helping Hands” May Entertain You:

  • Play Games With You…Dominoes, Cards, Etc.
  • Read to You!
  • Provide Coloring or Puzzles
  • Sit and Chat & Listen
  • Go to Lunch with You!

Helping Hands Helps “Caregivers”

caregiver 2“Helping Hands” folks know that caregivers need to take time for themselves. Everyone needs a Break in Life & To have a Life! They help Caregivers by:

  • Staying with person in need while the caregiver does something they enjoy…Weekly Golf! One man said his weekly Golf Day made him Feel Like a Whole New Person!
  • If you have a rather independent Mom or Someone living with you & you plan a trip away for awhile…”Helping Hands” will take them to lunch and call daily while you are gone. 


“Helping Hands” Volunteers & Contact for BP Folks

helping hands 2If you might like to join the Helping Hands” Volunteers:

  • Call: Pat Moreau @ 910- 523 – 0093…For More Information and Contacts

Heart frameIf You Or Yours might like “Helping Hands” Folks for Assistance Or Comfort Giving:

  • Call: Pat Moreau @ 910-523-0093  She will arrange a visit with a couple of volunteers to assess how they can…Best Help You! 

Brunswick Plantation”Helping Hands” is Special

Brunswick Plantation is a special community with people willing to help and willing to share! Pat has had calls from people in other communities who have not had neighbors who wanted to get involved with folks needing help.  We are fortunate that folks at Brunswick Plantation are so willing and happy to help each other…Sharing in the Best of Times & Helping in Times of Need!

Framed brunswickcropped-Blog-header-3jpgWishing You All Another Healthy and Happy Summer and Year in Coastal Carolina! Brunswick Plantation and Golf Resort ® Truly does offer “A Better Way of Life” in our Friendly Golf Community! Enjoy!



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