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Movement-Works-logoEveryone wants to feel good and move well…As Time Goes By! That is why Fun with Fitness is such an important way to live each day! Folks at Brunswick Plantation and Golf Resort ® agree! Fitness is Fun with Friends! Having a variety of opportunities to share this Fun is key to keeping Fit with Friends while making new ones! Fortunately, we are minutes away from Movement Works…a wonderful center offering a variety of ways to fulfill our Fitness desires through Dance, Yoga and Well-Being classes and activities! Lucky Us!

Movement Works…Mission

At Movement Works, we emphasize a full body, mind and soul approach to movement, offering a comprehensive holistic program. Through dance, yoga and martial arts classes, we promote conscious and healthy living, provide motivation and insight, often a medium for self expression, and awaken the potential for healing, growth, and creativity that lie in each of us. We’ve created a supportive, community environment that inspires positive change, self-acceptance and love, both locally and globally.

Movement Works offers classes for all ages…Dedicated to giving students both the Joy of Movement, & of Stillness!

mvmt kidsYouth Programs:

  • Toddler Dancing and Yoga, to include Family Yoga
  • General Youth Dance for Ages 6 – 18 to Include: Ballet, Hip Hop, Jazz, Modern Dance, Tap, & Zumba ® Kids PLUS  Choreography/Improvisation!
  • General Youth Martial Arts Program… Ages 6 – 12 to Include:Kids Karate, Creative Yoga and Tumble, Kids Yoga, Mommy & Me Yoga, Tween/Teen Yoga Classes!

MVMWorks CollageMovement Works Adult Programs:

  • Ballroom Basics…Introduction to various Ballroom styles & techniques.
  • Barre Blast Fitness…Working @ The Barre for Sense of Center & Balance while Toning & Tightening Limbs & Core to Music!
  • Buti Yoga®…Workout that combines elements from Yoga, Tribal dance, & Plyometrics.
  • Funk Fitness…Fusion of Dance, Strength and  Cardio to the hottest Latin, Swing, & Feel Good Music.
  • Hoop FXP Fitness…Tone, Twist, Tighten & Twirl Your Way to Better Fitness.
  • Karate/Kempojutsu Martial Arts…Practical Martial Arts Methods, No high kicks or jumping off the ground.MVMT Exercise Collage
  • Pilates…System of Controlled Exercisesthat engage the mind & condition the total body.
  • Piloxing…Blends Power , Speed, & Agility of Boxing with exhilarating Dance Moves & Targeted Sculpting & Flexibility.
  • Piloxing Barre…New Fitness “Barre” workout, utilizing disciplines from Piloxing.
  • Stretch/Tone…Gentle Stretching & Flexibility with elements of Jazz, Ballet, & Yoga.
  • Tai Chi/Qichong…“Energy Exercise” Qigong is done In Place with all movements performed slowly with emphasis on Deep Breathing Techniques.
  • Tap…Upbeat Dance Workout to strengthen Heart, Body, & Mind while improving Rhythm, Coordination, Gaining Confidence, & Burning Calories. ( Tap Shoes required)
  • Tap Repertory…Tap students learn choreography to Perform.
  • Samarai Sword…Japanese (Kenjutsu) Sword Techniques.
  • Shag Dancing…Basic Fundamentals of Shag Dancing to Carolina Beach Music…Solo & Couples Welcome!
  • Yoga…Hatha Yoga,Concentrates on Physical Health & Mental Well-Being using Bodily Postures, Breathing Techniques, & Meditation.
  • Gentle Candlelight Yoga…Blend Stretching, Gentle Movement, & Restorative Poses with a Focus on Deeply Relaxing in the soft glow of candlelight.
  • Flow Yoga…Vinyasa “breath-syncronized movement”, a series of postures to connect breath to movement, Building heat, Strength, & Flexibility.
  • Gentle Yoga…Gentle & Deliberate Movement to Stretch, Strengthen, & Relax the Body.
  • Zumba…Latin-Inspired Dance Fitness Program.mvmt Class 2
  • Zumba Gold…Builds Cardiovascular Health & works the muscles of the hips, legs, & arms with dance moves. Good for Seniors, Beginners, or Others needing modification.

Health & Wellness Expo

Movement Works ExpoMovement Works is Sponsoring a Health and Wellness Expo…Saturday, April 18th, 10am – 3pm @ The Movement Works Center…9500 Ocean Highway West (Highway 17), Calabash, NC 28467

eXPO FRAMEMOVEMENT WORKS “HEALTH &WELLNESS EXPO…Is the FIRST Health and Wellness Expo at this end of the County…EVER!

Join the Fun and Celebrate a Healthy Lifestyle!

Special Expo Features Include:

  • Class Demos – Yoga, Barre, Zumba, Martial Arts, & More!
  • Fun & Educational Activities for Kids
  • Health & Wellness Products & Services
  • Alternative Remedies
  • Bodywork

Eight Vendors Include:

  • Tab Tour Academy of the Carolinas (New Home School Program)
  • Saucepan Gardens, a Sustainable Community Agriculture Project/Farm in Shallotte …Offering: Organic Produce, Kayaking, Biking, & Nature Trails!
  • Nature’s Corner…Health Food Store in Calabash

 Expo Schedule

Join the Fun for FREE Classes All Day…Check Out Website for Schedule @ Or Call: 910-579-4845 for more Info

Movement Works has something for Everyone and All Ages….Live Happy, Live Healthy! Live Now! There is so much to offer at this Expo, just another Coastal Living event that folks at Brunswick Plantation and Golf Resort ® can enjoy for a happier, healthier lifestyle!

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