Soaring Angels…Celestial Sounds of Seaside United Methodist

Angels 2Brunswick Plantation and Golf Resort ® is the perfect location for active folks from far and near! There is something for everyone, and opportunities to share your talents! The “Soaring Angels” of Seaside United Methodist Church in Sunset Beach serenade us with their celestial sounds at church as well as a variety of other events.

Seaside collageThe “Soaring Angels” are a group of six lovely women, members of Seaside United Methodist Church, who formed a singing group. Five of the six “Angels” also live at Brunswick Plantation. In September The “Soaring Angels ” will have been sharing their angelic lyrical talents through performances for others in Coastal Carolina for 10 years! What a Divine Blessing…Music to everyone’s Ears!

 “Soaring Angels”…In The Beginning!

Angels trioThey say it all started with two of the Angels, Lorraine Usher and Ellie Allen,  singing solos at the Seaside Untied Methodist Church. It was suggested by Choir Director, Kathryn Parker, that they sing a duet together. This grew to a trio to include Nancy Jack, who later retired from the group. It was after the “Soaring Angels” sang at Pat and Ron Melvin’s wedding at Seaside United Methodist Church, that Pat Melvin joined the group to complete the Angelic Trio. The “Soaring Angels” then became the six member group that it is today. The additional “Angels of Harmony” included Eleanor Tucker, Pat Haniquet, and Peg Frankfurt. They sang as Angels and decided to Soar…Soaring Angels it Was and Is Today…Directed and joined in song by Kathryn Parker!

June 11, 2014 @ Arbor Landing Their Angelic Spirit Flows through their songs to inspire and comfort…”All Who Hear” their Sweet Sound! These “Angels of Harmony” say that they enjoy Harmony together on and off the stage! They all remain friends enjoying the Joy of Music and Life when ever they are together…Which is as often as their busy lives allow! Traveling is another pleasure that delights them!

Where the “Soaring Angels” Perform 

The “Soaring Angels” perform at Seaside United Methodist Church…Singing Anthems, Offertory, and for Funerals and Memorial Services.  They also perform for community groups…Such as The “Red Hat” Society.  They do Caroling for Shut-Ins and at Nursing Homes. pelicans 2013They have also performed at the Myrtle Beach Mall and at the Christmas Program sponsored by the Old Bridge Society of Sunset Beach.The “Soaring Angels” will be singing for the noon “Good Friday” service at Seaside United Methodist Church on April 3rd. You can also hear there melodic voices at 7pm…June 18th at The Pelicans Baseball Field. They have been singing the National Anthem at the Pelican’s games for quite awhile!  What a wonderful way to honor our Star Spangled Nation with Celestial Harmony!

If you would like the “Soaring Angels” to perform for your group…You may contact Kathryn Parker, Minister of Music & Director of Music Ministries at Seaside United Methodist Church At 910-579-5753 Or by E-Mail at  These Angels sing for your enjoyment and service to you…What a Blessing!    FYI…The Soaring Angels do take a summer break after their June performance at Pelican Field for their Traveling Fun! Angels do like to keep their Spirit…In Tune!

Arbor Landing Performance

angels hatsI was recently able to attend their musical performance at Arbor Landing at Ocean Isle Beach.  The did a medley of songs that including spirituals. as well as well known songs for the Easter and Spring season. We have some photos to share this lovely event with you!

Angel Friendsbunny angels

Tis the Season…Enjoy All of the Spirit of the Season with the Harmony of our “Soaring Angels”! May You and Yours be Blessed with the Gentle Spirit of Love…Now and Always!

Algels Arbor collage

Angel logoBrunswick Plantation and Golf Resort ® Welcomes you to join us in the Sweet Harmony of Coastal Living

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