Babs and Flash…The Art of Dancing Through Life

Brunswick entranceBrunswick Plantation and Golf Resort ® is the perfect place to enjoy a Two State Solution to Fun! Brunswick Plantation in Calabash, North Carolina is just three miles from the South Carolina border.  Little River and N. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina are minutes away! Sandy beaches and great golf are everywhere! Flash and Babs portraitSo is the Carolina Beach Music and Shag dancing! In fact, Shag is the official dance of South Carolina! Our Brunswick Plantation neighbors, Babs and Flash Ludwick can show you “All About It”! Since moving here from Virginia 20 years ago, they have become, as a Buzz Feed post states,The couple serving as the loyal (And Royal) Ambassadors of Beach Music!


Beach Music & Beach Names

Babs and Flash built a house at Brunswick Plantation and moved here in 1994. They always enjoyed dancing Shag Dance lessons were a retirement gift for them. shagf3c56c5a1cb8790c63637c99a20b9741They got involved with the Ocean Drive Shag Club in N. Myrtle Beach, SC and got hooked on Carolina Beach Music!

Babs and Flash are the Beach names given to them with the Shag group. Flash, whose given name is Patrick Ludwick,  was first introduced by Billy Martin as Calabash Flash.  Shag friend, Boston Beth, told Barbara Ludwick…”You can’t be Barbara!” You need a Beach Name. So, Barbara became Babs Ludwick! Flash and Babs had cards printed and their Beach Names became their own! They have also helped many others with Beach Names…Mostly Shag Friends!

fat harolds CollageBabs and Calabash Flash got to know lots of Beach Bands. They went to Fat Harolds Beach Club, popular for Beach Music and Shag Dance, in N. Myrtle Beach, SC on Wed. Thurs., Fri., and Sat. They also taught Line Dancing on Sunday nights for 6 or 7 years! You can find more about Fat Harolds @

Flash Ludwick Day in N. Myrtle Beach was signed and designated by Mayor Marilyn Hatley for Falsh’s 60th birthday. There was a surprise party planned without his knowledge at Fat Harold’s Beach Club. Flash danced with 60 different people…He had only danced with 4 or 5 prior to that! It was a true Beach Music Shag Birthday!

shag sealBabs and Flash knew the people involved in passing the law making Shag the Official Dance of South Carolina!  Flash’s Shag friend, Bail Bondsman, wanted Flash to look at his poems. Flash reduced them to 3 verses and wrote the ballad, “Walking in Memories“!

Songwriter…Calabash,  Bluesman Flash

Flash had always been involved in music. While living in Northern Virginia, he played guitar and sang in the folk group at his local church for many years. He also began working as a Mobile DJ and provided music …Primarily for teen dances, but also adult dances and weddings.  For years he worked at songwriting as a hobby.

After his experience with Carolina Beach Music when he moved South, his interest in songwriting blossomed! In September 1996, Flash released his debut CD single called  “Shaggin in the Moonlight”. He wrote it, sang it, and distributed it to various record stores in North and South Carolina.  Flash-collageHe re-recorded and updated it in 2005 with the new version included on his “FLASH FLOOD” CD which is a unique blend of original Carolina Beach Music and Shag Music.

In 2002, Flash received a CBMA Carolina Beach Music Awards  Nomination for Songwriter of the year for his song, “One Track Mind”...“One Track Mind” was on John Hook’s Rhythm and Beach Top 40 for forty-two weeks, peaked at number 5 for seven weeks , and finished at number 18 for the entire year of 2002. It was re-recorded by The Attractions Band and their version re-entered the Beach Music Top 40 charts in 2007. It went on to Number 1 on Willie C’s Beach Music Cafe Top 50 chart.

cammy12.jpg.w560h61In 2008 Flash was nominated by the CBMA Carolina Beach Music Awards for CD of the year for this 18 song CD of “FLASH FLOOD”…. “Shaggin in the Moonlight” was the song that was Flash’s introduction to the World of Recorded Music! Since then he has written or co-written and sun several songs that have appeared on Compilation CD’s…Primarily directed to the Beach Music market.

Daves 1Flash has a variety of “On Stage” performances that include the CMBA Show at the Alabama Theatre; CBMA membership drive concerts; Beach Music Days in Columbia, SC and Raleigh, NC; Coastal Carolina University Beach Music Concert; Endless Summer Festivals in N. Myrtle Beach; & more…to Include numerous charity functions and benefits for musicians and performers with health problems.

Flash has also sung with several Beach Music groups to include Jim Quick and Coastline, The Craig Woolard Band, The Attractions Band, the Fantastic Shakers, Sea Cruz and More! Flash started singing with Blues Bands 2 or 3 years ago.  He had learned Blues songs and is now asked to sing at events he attends. Now Calabash Flash is also known as Bluesman Flash!

Original Calabash Flash Beach Music for You…

All of Flash’s CD or Songs can be purchased on-line at,, or any other download site.  You can type Calabash Flash in the search box and individual songs or complete albums can be purchased and downloaded. Flash does not sell any physical CDs. Many of his songs and videos are on YouTube if you type Calabash Flash in the search box. He also has a Facebook page and is on other websites when you type in Calabash Flash. Have Fun with Calabash Flash!

Filets frameFlash sings regularly with Donny Trexler. Donny now plays the guitar and sings at Filet’s Waterfront in North Myrtle Beach. Flash is invited to sing a couple of songs with Donny! Filet’s Waterfront steaks, seafood, and sushi is a favorite restaurant with a perfect waterfront view of Harbourgate Marina!donnie and Susan trexler

Family Matters!

Family CollageBabs and Flash have a son Mike, and daughter, Pam. Mike and his wife Suzie have a son and daughter. Jacob is 16 years old. Emily Rose is 19 and attends college at Bryn Mawr. She is a writer and has written 5 books @  More family creativity!

Pam has a degree in psychology from George Mason University. She lived in Virginia but has since moved to Jupiter,Florida. Pam has 11 year old twin boys…Darren & Trevor. They are Fraternal twins. Darren is autistic and attends the Renaissance Learning Center in Florida.  The center is a charter school serving children with Autism Spectrum Disorders.ernie-els & ben Professional golfer , Ernie Els is building a Center for Excellence in Florida to benefit children with autism. His son, Ben, is autistic and the Renaissance Learning Center is created to help children with autism. Babs Dream 20002Twins0001Babs has designed cards whose proceeds go to support the center @  They are beautiful art collage cards with an inspiration message on the front. The message under the photo of the twins says: This card was created by our “Wonder twins”. Darren (left) is autistic; Trevor is not. Yet, together they live with, and battle, the waves of Autism with good ole’ Brotherly Love! (All proceeds will benefit the Renaissance Learning Center in West Palm Beach Florida)

Babs painting collageThese beautiful, inspirational cards…As well as Babs’ regular art cards, prints, and original paintings can be purchased at:

  • Sunset River Marketplace in Calabash
  • Franklin Square Gallery in Southport
  • Blueberry Wine, Featuring  BABS’ Beach Label can be purchased at Bi-Lo Grocery Store on Main St. in N. Myrtle Beach…CHEERS!

Cards for the Renaissance Center can be purchased:

  • Directly from Babs
  • The Officers Club Restaurant in Little River, SC.

sunset-river-marketplaceBabs has beautiful art work done in:

  • Acrylic 
  • Charcoal
  • Collage
  • Watercolor

These may also be purchased at the… Sunset River Marketplace & Franklin Square Gallery.

 Lithuanian Roots

Babs grew up in a Lithuanian community in PA.  Though people did not live in just one part of town, they did attend the church of  their heritage. Babs family attended the Lithuanian Catholic Church.  Others in town attended Polish Catholic, Slovak Catholic, or German Catholic…where service could be held in the language of their heritage. Babs’ family are believed to have come from Lithuania in the late 1800’s.  Babs and her son, Mike, did a family pilgrimage trip to Lithuania together a few years ago.  Babs wrote a three part series, with pictures, about their trip in the 2005 editions of Myrtle Beach Alternatives.

Babs and Mike learned a lot about their family heritage on their trip to Lithuania. Lithuania is at the geographic center of Europe…On the shores of the Baltic Sea. lithuanian_flag_JAN11The flag of Lithuania is Gold, Green, and Red signifying the sun, forests, and blood shed by the people in defense of their Homeland. Though Lithuania suffered under the occupation of Germany and Russia, Babs did not hear any bitterness toward the Germans or Soviets. It was more like these are the facts – This Happened- Now let us Create History rather than repeat it! Russia was in Lithuania until 1991. Lithuania was the first Soviet Republic to declare Independence. President Ford said: “We recognize Lithuania as a separate country!”

Trakai Castle LithuaniaBabs and Mike visited Trakai Castle, completed in 1400, and rebuilt in 1955 after being destroyed after war with the Russians. The castle is built on an island off of Lake of Galve.  Trakai is a treasure,as is the beautiful country of Lithuania. Babs says Lithuania is a Tourist’s Dream. She notes that the country Has it All…Beautiful cities, cobblestone streets, gorgeous landscapes, and more! Babs would go back in a Heartbeat!

Folks at Brunswick Plantation and Golf Resort ® are so Happy to have Babs and Flash in our community! They really exemplify the words of Henry David Thoreau: “This world is but a canvas to our imagination!” Dancing through life to the tune of Beach Music would seem to create a life described by Deepak Chopra when he stated: “The healthiest response to life is Joy”! Babs and Flash certainly know how to spread the Joy…Lucky for Us!



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