Babs and Flash…The Art of Laughing and Loving Life Together

Brunswick Activites Views CollageBrunswick Plantation and Golf Resort ® is a beautiful, gated community in coastal North Carolina.  It is especially known for the the friendliness of the folks who live here! People who choose to live at Brunswick Plantation also offer a diversity of interests to be shared with others. Flash and Babs collage Babs and Flash Ludwick were among the first to build at Brunswick…In 1994. Their unique, creative talents  illustrate why this community is such a fun and dynamic place to call home!

Babs and Flash…Washington DC

Ludwig CollageBabs and Flash…were known as Barbara and Patrick Ludwick, in the home they created together in Centerville, Virginia . They married in November, 20, 1965. They raised their son, Mike, and daughter, Pam in this city in Northern Virginia. Babs and Flash were the Beach Names giving to them by their SHAG Dance friends when they moved to North Carolina….More To Come about that Fun Shag Story !

Babs…PA. to DC

Babs and Flash met while working for the government in Washington DC.  Babs had gone to Washington when she graduated from high school in Larksville, Pennsylvania in 1962.larksvillemap_of_larksville_pa The youngest of 6 children, her parents dropped her off to find a job. opm2000px-US-OfficeOfPersonnelManagement-Seal.svgShe started in a staff office on the Bureau of Retirement and Insurance…Now Office of Personal Management (OPM). The agency found this 17 year old young woman a place to stay for two weeks at a Hotel for Women. She worked at the job for seven years and left to raise their children…Pam and Michael.

Babs later returned to work in the personnel office for the U.S. Geological Survey for 10 years.  She left as the Personal Assistant  to the Director of the agency. Babs says the scientists she worked with were the such dedicated civil servants! They absolutely loved their work! She was impressed that, though most had advanced degrees, everyone called each other by their first names. Babs quit after her 50th birthday, as Flash had retired and they wanted to make their home in the South.

Flash…Marines to DC

Flash was originally also from PA., but his family had moved around quite a bit. Most were towns in Pennsylvania, but he and his Mom had also lived with his uncle’s family Arizona and Nevada. Norwin High schoolHe had attended four high schools in his senior year…and graduated from Norwin High School in PA.  Attracted to the challenge of Paris Island training, Flash joined the Marine corps in 1960.

Cuban Crisis collageDuring his time in the Marine Corps., he was assigned to Cuba during the Cuban Missile Crisis.  The ship dropped off the Marines, took the families, and left! Iwo Jima CollageFlash later had the honor of serving 2 years in the Drill Corps in D.C. and participated in the Iwo Jima Memorial Day Ceremonies and the Sunset Parade on Fridays in the summer. He notes that the Sunset Parade is still something worthwhile to see on Fridays when you are in DC .

Flash had just completed 4 years in the Marine Corps. when he came to DC for employment. One of his jobs while in the Marine Corps, Flash had been a clerk in the Marine Corps office.  When he arrived to take a test for a position in the government, he was told that the test for the position was closed. He turned to walk away but was called back when they found he was a veteran and had Veterans Preference which allowed him to take the test. He was hired and later went to a community college which put him on the cutting edge of computers in programs systems analysis. gov. Boyerspict1967_corbis_fpf_pubAt the time all information was on cards, and records were stored in a cave  mine in Boyers, PA. The computer he worked first used was in the basement of the government building and took up the whole room! I’d say…We’ve come a  Long Way, Baby!  system_analyst,S-R-345771-1Flash worked at that job for 30 years. His 4 years Marine Corps time counted for retirement. So, he retired with 34 1/2 years of service at the age of 52.

Babs & Flash…Choosing Brunswick Plantation as Home

Babs and Flash came to the Carolinas when their daughter, Pam, played softball in a tournament sat UNCW in Wilmington. They passed Brunswick Plantation and decided to check it out along with other places in the area. There were only two trailers here at the time. BP old median20001The Brunswick House and Plantation House were not yet built. They first talked with, Hank, the agent here at the time, on a Thursday and then called around to learn more about Brunswick. They called the Better Business Bureau and were told the developers were Local Boys who could be trusted. Everyone in the area knew Mason and vouched for him.  The lot they were looking at had fallen through, and it was On Sale for 10% Down at the price of $2,800. They thought this was affordable for their budget.  Some golf communities they had looked at were more expensive. So, they returned on Saturday, talked to Hank , and signed the business papers…The year was 1992. They left feeling that they did a really good thing!

Babs and Flash came to Brunswick Plantation a  couple of times a year after buying their property in 1992.BP Tent Dinner0003 They enjoyed the owner’s party and how friendly everyone was at these Get-Togethers! They also trusted Mason and found him to be a good steward and Faithful person. They loved the beach and golf…This was a perfect place for them! They also enjoyed dancing and would soon really love to do the Shag…And their Beach Names! SS-ParadeIn fact, for years they led the parade & banner at the SOS (Society of Stranders) Shag parade!There will be more about the Shag experiences in next week’s blog!  They said they came here to…Actually Live Here to try new foods, meet new friends, and learn new things!

They were advised by Bonnie Black, another realtor…Build for yourself!  You deserve it! They thought the prices at Brunswick Plantation were good and affordable for them and worked with Todd on a floor plan. They also liked the idea that they could help design the inside of the house they planned to build.  The inside was your choice! They chose 1/2 of one house blueprint and 1/2 of another. They chose the very high vaulted ceilings. They were actually the 17th family to build at Brunswick Plantation. Babs and Flash are well known by many in the Plantation for their greeting to new owners with a loaf of Babs’ delicious home-made bread! For many years, they greeted new owners with that fresh loaf of bread …Welcome to the Neighborhood!

The Art of it All!

Music is the Rhythm, Art is the Passion…Life is the Subject!

Babs found Artist Within Her when she moved to Brunswick…20 years ago! She says that ” After years of nurturing and caring for others, she found she had the Freedom to do “What makes her heart beat”…Painting makes her Heart Beat!  This Freedom heightened her awareness of the creative process. She says that the creative process is as mysterious as the unfolding of life, the revealing of an emotion, passion, or a surprise.

When she first started to paint, she said she pretended she was five years old. They love to draw and color.  They don’t know what they can’t do.  Playing is what they do! She notes that in the book the Tao of Watercolor, Jeanne Carbonetti says, “Playfulness is the ability to respond with the newness of a child’s wonder and the skill of a practiced adult.” Babs is experimenting , exercising discipline in setting aside time for learning new skills, getting In Touch with that Inner Child, exploring color – not knowing what is going to happen – allowing space and time for the creative process, and respecting the creative process!

Famous quotes on Art and Creativity include:

  • Pablo Picasso: Every child is an artist! Everything you can imagine is real!
  • Albert Einstein: Creativity is Intelligence having Fun!  Every artist was first an amatuer! Creativity is contagious, Pass it on!
  • Maya Angelou: You can’t use up creativity.  The more you use it, the more you have!

Babs said she used to work at her volunteer as a Mom at her children’s schools, she found herself designated as the Art Aide. That included making patterns for turkeys and pumpkins, illustrating the alphabet to teaching art, working with clay, and developing seasonal projects.  She never thought of herself as an artist until she and Flash moved from Northern Virginia to Calabash.

Babs started painting in 2000. Nancy Murray, at the Parson’s Table, started a quilting group which she joined. Shirley Shackett was an artist who first encouraged Babs. She joined the Waterway Art Association which then met at the Calabash Fire Hall.  It now meets at the new Senior Center in Shallotte…Wednesdays @ 9:30 – 12:30. Shirley said she had a teacher who thought would be good for Babs. Mary Griffith was that teacher. Mary had started painting in the 60’s.  Babs had done no painting yet, so Mary told her to do drawings and bring them to her so she could see if there was something there. When Babs brought the drawings, Mary said, “Good, let’s see if you can paint!” She told her to always save the first thing you  do and frame it. Babs has that first painting and has been painting ever since!

20150127_133908She took a class in Greensboro, NC for 1 and 1/2 years with Chuck Mclachlin, staying with friends on those days. Babs was to paint a watercolor of a barn from a photos and she painted a picture of the Gande Canal in Venice from a photo she had. His advice to her was: “Don’t ever let anyone change your style!” Babs said, ” A whole New World Opened Up!”

20150127_135717Babs later worked with Abracts Artist, Gerald Brommer.  He told her that he never met anyone like her in all of his workshops. She did her own thing…Had her own style! He encouraged Babs to do the many abstracts and collages she is doing today! She has done workshops on doing collage.

Babs’ art work is on display & for sale at: sunset-river-marketplace

  • Sunset River Marketplace in Calabash
  • North Carolina Franklin Square Gallery

She has participated in a variety of art shows and has won many awards for he Art. She has participated in shows with the Waterway Art Association of the Ocean Isle Museum at Ocean Isle Beach and the Ingram Planetarium. Her work earned her:

  • 2012 First Place Award in Acrylic
  • 2014 Second Place Award in Mixed Media
  • 2011 Third Place Award
  • 2010 First Place Award
  • People’s Choice Award and a Merit Award at oak island’s Art Guild’s Arts by the Shore Show
  • 2013 Honorable Mention
  • 2012 Walter “Pink” Pinkerton Memorial Award
  • 2007 Third Place Award at the Associated Artists of Southport Spring Show

 Beach Music by Calabash Flash…Bluesman Flash

calabashflash5Speaking of making your Heart Beat and Creativity, Flash has become a popular songwriter, as well as a musician and singer!

Even when he was known as Patrick Ludwick, Flash enjoyed music. When he was still in high school he had a 7 – 9 “Music of the Day”…”Pat’s Platter Party” on the radio at KOFA in Yuma, Arizona.  It was arranged by his Uncle Guido, a radio announcer, with whom he and his Mom were living at the time. Flash went to the post office where he got a stack of 45’s from Record Companies…Promos for the radio station! He went through them to play and people called in for requests. That was the summer through November of 1958!

For their first Christmas of marriage, Babs got a sewing machine and gave Flash a guitar. He learned to play chords…C, A Minor, F, and G7. He played by ear and loved R&R songs. Moving to the Carolinas opened a World of Music for him.  He has been singing and writing his own songs with much success. Flash collageHe has written songs and made CD’s that are loved by many…Sometimes topping  the music charts!! He has even been nominated for songwriter awards:

  • 2002, Flash received a Carolina Beach Music Academy nomination for Songwriter of the year for the song “One Track Mind”!
  • 2008, “Flash Flood” CD received a nomination for the CBMA Solo Album of the Year. He felt honored that these nominations are submitted by industry people.

They say that…Music is what feelings sound like! Flash has found a beautiful way to express those feelings!

There is so much more to share about the music career of Flash and Babs’ art that this blog will have a second edition next week! Learn more about Shag, Music, Art, Babs’ roots in Lithuania, the Ludwick children and grand-children, all the things they are doing for Autism awareness, and More! Their creativity and generosity are endless…And very interesting!

Brunswick House collageAs you can easily see, folks at Brunswick Plantation are always inspired by each other. As we continue …The Great People of Brunswick Plantation, it is easy to see why Folks Do…Love calling this community Home!



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