Super Bowl XLIX…NFL Duel in the Desert!

superbowl2015_Superbowl_banner_smSuper Bowl XLIX promises to be an exciting “Duel in the Desert” for football fans everywhere! The defending Seattle Seahawks represent the NFC in going against the AFC champion New England Patriots…At the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona on Sunday, February 1, 2015!

NFL-Super-Bowl-2015-About-USA-Today-Sports-EventsA Super Bowl Party on Sunday, February 1st at the 19th Hole at Brunswick Plantation and Golf Resort ® is one of many around the country! Football is such a popular sport in the U.S. and beyond our borders!

Super Bowltom-brady-vs-russell-wilsonThe Seahawks and Patriots are noted as two teams with very different strengths and styles! Patriots’ quarterback, Tom Brady and Seahawks’ quarterback, Russell Wilson are heralded as both having the qualities of accountability and foreward thinking that make them responsible leaders! Though they are polar opposites in style, they are …Both Proven Winners! Both are considered “Elite” Quarterbacks with the ability to Lead and sometimes even “Will” his team to victory!

Tom Brady

tom-brady-240x320Tom Brady, at the age of 37, has been around longer and is a back to back Super Bowl Champion. His experience and ability to stay calm are considered to be some of his strengths. He is also a good decision maker which leads to easy, accurate throws. Brady is the first quarterback to start six title games…Winning three Super Bowl Championships. He is hoping to join his Football Idol, Joe Montana, with four Super Bowl Rings.

Tom was the youngest child and only son of Tom Brady, Sr. and Galynn Brady. There were already three lovely daughters born before Tom. Father and son were inseparable and Tom Sr. had his son playing golf at age 3.  Tom had developed a competitive spirit and distaste for losing by the age of 8 when making bets with his dad.

Tom Brady collageTom is very passionate about the game of football.His teammate, Connolly, says that it is always about “doing what’s best for the team”!  Friends say that though he lives and breathes the sport, he really is a homebody.  He loves to spend time with is lovely wife, Brazilian supermodel, Gisele, and his children. He and Gisele have one son and one daughter, and Tom has a son from a former relationship. Tom is close to all of his children. He is also known to keep up with long time friends.

Russell Wilson

russell-wilson1Russell Wilson, at the age of 26, will be the youngest quarterback to start two Super Bowls, breaking the mark set by Brady. ( Brady was 26 years & 6 months in his second Super Bowl in Feb. of 2004.  Wilson is 26 years & 2 months for his second in this 2015 Super Bowl.) Wilson’s small stature of 5 ft. 11in. Height are considered some of his strengths, as he can be extremely fast! They say he is …As dangerous with his feet as with his arm! Coaches and teammates say they are in awe of his composure mental skills. Richard Sherman notes that, “Russ does all kinds of stuff you never think of…It just works!”

Russel is the son of Harrison (Harry)  and Tammy Wilson. He has an older brother, Harrison IV. Russell’s sister, Anna, is also an accomplished athlete and leads her AAU basketball team at a private school in Virginia. Russell says Anna is the best athlete in their family.

RussellHarry-wilsonRussell Wilson was very influenced by his father, Harrison Wilson III, an  quarterback at Dartmouth…For three State Title Winners. Harrison Wilson also became a well-respected lawyer and member of his community. He told his son to “Always have a great purpose in life.” Harrison and his son discussed often the value of academics, the role of athletics, and the need to  maximize your skills in both. Sadly, Harrison Wilson, debilitated by diabetes & a stroke, passed away in June of 2010…the day after his son was drafted by the Colorado Rockies.

Wilson Kasey-and-RussellRussell’s Mother, Tammy, a legal nurse consultant, raised her son in Faith and good works. Russell became a Christian at age 14 when he says he saw Jesus in a dream. Russell is an active volunteer in the Seattle Community and is a national ambassador for the Charles Ray III Diabetes Association. Russell co-Hosted a 2014 Charity Golf event with NASCAR driver, Kasey Kahne…which raised $220,000 for the Boys & Girls Club of America.


Quarterbacks & Coaches

Brady Tom-QBbradyWilson-QBwilsonBoth quarterbacks have shown great athleticism in basketball and baseball, as well as football! They are well respected by their teammates and adored by fans! Their competitive spirit is apparent though their styles differ , as well as their teams and coaches. The coaching styles are sometimes known as Old-School VS New Age.


Coaches for 2015 Super Bowl Teams

Bill Belichick…New England Patriots

New England Patriots at Washington Redskins 08/28/09The Patriots coach, Bill Belichick, has been head coach with the New England Team since the year 2000.  Owner, Robert Kraft, gave  him near-complete control over the team’s football operations.  This made him effectively the team’s general manager. February 1st, 2015 will be Patriots with Coach Belichick sixth trip to the Super Bowl! A 4th Super Bowl win would break the tie with Coaches Joe Gibbs & Bill Walsh and tie Belinchick for the lead with Coach Chuck Noll.

Coaching continuously various roles in the NFL, he earned his first head-coaching job with the Cleveland Browns in 1991.  This makes Belichick the NFL’s longest-tenured active head coach! Bill seems born into a football family, as Bill’s father, Steve Belichick,  was an assistant football coach at the United States Naval Academy.

USP NFL: MIAMI DOLPHINS AT NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS S FBN USA MABill Belichick’s coaching style is characterized by players as:

  • Strict and ordered. 
  • They credit his emphasis on knowledge, focus, plain hard work!
  • Belichick is to have told them, “The only way to get better in football is to wear pads and actually play football!”
  • They say he does laugh and is even very funny!
  • However, he believes the following…”Playing well is playing well! It’s doing your job!” 
  • “If you want to be better, be better!”

Pete Carroll…Seattle Seahawks

petenfl_u_pete-carroll2_mb_600x400The Seahawks coach, Pete Carroll, took over the Seattle team in 2010. They had their 2014 Super Bowl win under his leadership. Carroll was the head coach for the Patriots for three years…1997 until he was fired in 1999, after a winning season. So, Carroll says about facing the Patriots with the Seahawks in this 2015 Super Bowl: “It’s a little bit personal.”  He then left the NFL and went to coach at the University of Southern California  where he built a powerhouse team with three of his stars winning Heisman Trophies. Carroll is  known as a “New Age” type of coach.

russell wilson & coachCarroll’s coaching style:

  • Great Effort, Great Enthusiasm, Great toughness…Play Smart!
  • Philosophy: Do things better than they have ever been done before.
  • Players say: He is relentlessly positive with constant energy and a cheerful, enthusiastic, encouraging style.
  • He rarely yells and tells players to meditate and get some sleep.
  • He has the team imagine themselves in the big moment and see themselves making the “Big Play”!
  • Carroll’s book “Win Forever” expresses how his early coaching challenges brought forth these truths.


 “Super Bowl” Team Strengths and Styles

Seahawks Offense VS Patriots Defense

(Credits for article to MMQB with Peter King)


Seahawks71qWMpp1FHL._SY355_Seattle’s Best Chance is their Running Game! Russell Wilson’s Legs…Quarterback Mobility, along with Marshawn Lynch & the running game. He has structure to his movement… when Wilson gets Out of Pocket, He has a Plan! In Crunch Time: Wilson becomes more aggressive & a dangerous runner!


patriots710x380-20141223-probowl-announcedPatriots have Best Man Coverage in Football!  Patriots will have to be patient in their running game. Patriots will have a Plan when Wilson extends play.


Super Bowl At University of Phoenix…Glendale, Arizona

 Arizona stadiumIMG_0879University of Phoenix Stadium is an Historic stadium in the Heart of the City of Glendale. The Stadium is a Testament to History and Continuing Tradition of Arizona Football!  Built in 1928 with 7.000 seats to 2015 with 56,000+ seats…Stadium has Old Style Charm and Modern Conveniences!

Every Seat Features:

  • Uncluttered View of the Playing Surface
  • More than half seats provide sweeping Vistas of nearby Santa Catalina Mountains
  • Views of Campus
  • City Skylines

Super Bowl Half-Time Show

 katy-perry-performing-at-prism-iheartradio-theatre_6Katy Perry

 The XLIX Super Bowl Half-Time Show will Feature: Katy Perry…Popular Singer, Songwriter, & Actress!

Katy has chosen to perform some of her Personal “Pop & Rock” Favorites:

  • “Roar”
  • “Fireworks”
  • Hot N Cold
  • Dark Horse
  • American Woman

Lenny+Kravitz+Performing+2008+V+Festival+x-_EBM7KP-slSpecial Guest Star for the Show is Lenny Kravits…singer, songwriter, & musician!

Indina5.201418“The National Anthem”  will be sung by: Idina Menzel

Citi Presents Exclusive John Legend Concert For Citi ThankYou Cardmembers At The Emerson Theatre In Los Angeles Benefitting Teach For America

 “America the Beautiful” will be performed by John Legend!

Super Bowl Party TableSuper Bowl XLIX will be a Night to Remember! Folks at Brunswick Plantation may watch it on the “Big Screen” at the 19th Hole with a Super Football Buffet:

  • Wings
  • Taco and Burrito Bar
  • Potato Skins
  • Vegetable tray
  • Cheese & Cracker tray
  • Cheese & Cracker Tray
  • Chips & Salsa

 Please call: 845-6902 for Reservations…$12 Per Person

 Super Footballthe-lombardi-trophyJoin the “Super Bowl” Football Fun with Family and Friends! Game On!

Credits to: Kevin Dorsey in and  a New York Times article by Aditi Kinkhabwala

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