Brunswick Plantation…A Southern Dream in Motion

Fountain-Collage-for-Blog-PostBrunswick Plantation and Golf Resort ® started with a dream and a vision of building a community displaying the character of “Southern Hospitality”! The community was the vision of three friends who cherished their Southern Culture and Lifestyle. Mason Anderson and his friends, Jimmy McLamb and Tripp Sloane, had this idea and dream in mind when the first tract of land for Brunswick Plantation was purchased in May of 1989 and opened the Plantation back in 1991.

Southern Hospitality/Representing Brunswick Plantation

southern***According to the Standards of Conduct for All Company Employees and Representatives of Brunswick Plantation…Southern Hospitality is the following…

Native Southerners know what “Southern Hospitality” means. It means making eye contact and speaking to people if you are close enough to do so…It means waving to people if you aren’t close enough to easily speak to them…It means referring to people by name if you know it, and making an effort to learn the person’s name if you don’t already know it…It means smiling and being friendly to people when you are dealing with them…It means being dressed neatly and with good personal grooming and being neat…It means speaking to and treating people like you would like to be treated if you were the other person.

BP WaveSmilebox_9993571Everyone I have met here has felt the warmth and friendliness of Southern Hospitality. Mason says, “Southern Hospitality is what Brunswick Plantation and Golf Resort is all about!” 


Vision of “The Dream”

BP Now EntranceMason Anderson, Jimmy McLamb and Tripp Sloane share a Vision of their “Dream Community” of Southern Hospitality, Southern Architecture, and Southern Landscaping to create a True Oasis of Southern Culture! Entering this charming gated community one is impressed with the median landscaped with its treasured Avenue of Oaks, reminiscent of those of early Plantations of the South. As you pass the green trees and manicured hedges, the flowers in a harmony of hues and seasonal foliage “Welcome You” to this Southern Paradise!

BP Framed Planatation HouseSavoring the scene as you pass by, you approach a tiered, cascading fountain with water trickling down one level to another and spilling into the circular pool surrounding it. The perimeter of the pool is landscaped with bright clusters of flowers, while a ground level of floral clusters extend onto the vibrant green lawn beyond. It is apparent why this particular scene is a favorite photo backdrop of “Destination Weddings”!

The impressive white-columned Plantation House is modeled after those of historic Southern Plantation. The spacious front porch invites you to “Make Yourself at Home” in one of the wide, white wooden rockers. You may want to have a chat with friends before entering the decorative doors adorned with beveled glass framed by sculpted wood.

BP PlantationHosue  InteriorAs you enter the Plantation House, you are facing the decorative winding staircases that look as if Scarlet O’Hara may come floating down the steps at any time. To the left are the Brunswick Plantation Real Estate Offices for your convenience. To the right is the Golf Pro Shop where you can book your next golf outing and choose an outfit that says…Golf Chic ! You can go directly to the 19th Hole where you and friends, old and new, can share a conversation with tasty food and a “Toast” to the Southern Culture!

Mason, Jimmy, and Tripp wanted this to be a community and vision of Southern culture that they would be proud to call home.  Mason and Jimmy have made their homes at Brunswick Plantation. They all meet each week to talk and discuss plans to keep their Dream in Motion in the Future!

Love of the Land

Wildlife-collage 2These three developers have a sincere “Love of the Land”.  Their original purchase of 650 acres has been expanded to 1,750 acres. As they saw that  some developers had destroyed trees and vegetation on the land for development, they took steps to be sure that never happened to Brunswick Plantation. It was assured through a Permanent Conservation Easement given in perpetuity to the Smokey Mountain National Land Trust, Inc. for all the land that comprises the 27 holes of Brunswick Plantation and Golf Resort. The purpose of the Conservation Easement is to preserve and protect the many native species of trees, shrubs, herbs and the many species of wildlife located in the area. Another purpose is to preserve the scenic views of the creeks and open vistas associated with the golf course. The “Love of the Land” is always apparent here!

Unfolding  The Dream…Vision to Reality

“Imagination is everything.  It is the preview of coming attractions.” Albert Einstein

“Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others.” Jonathan Swift

Important elements of making a vision a reality include:

  • Where are you coming from?
  • What are your roots?
  • Who are your colleagues?

BP Developers Now & Then 2It is clear that Mason, Jimmy, and Tripp are all coming from the same core values of Southern Culture. They remain true to their Southern Roots! As colleagues , they feel blessed to share a long-time friendship and trust! Their vision of a community with Southern Values and Lifestyle are important to keeping their Dream in Motion!

It also takes courage to make a vision a reality!

You Must Risk:

  • Money
  • Time
  • Reputation

English Novelist, Thomas Hardy:

Good Business Leaders create a vision, articulate the vision, Passionately own the vision, and relentlessly drive it to Completion!

Brunswick Plantation is the Product of this type of Good Leadership!

Mason and Ann…The Dream Team

Ann & MasonBeside every successful man, is a smart and equally successful,  supportive woman!

I recently talked with Ann and Mason Anderson about their life and following the Dream of creating Brunswick Plantation! Ann was with Mason…All The Way!  As she said she knew it was his Dream. She went along with it and did everything she could to make it come true. They really worked as a Team…And quite a Successful Team!

Young Love…Ann and Mason were married 58 years ago! They had one daughter, Deborah, known as DL to her family. Mason earned a degree in agricultural economics at Clemson. His first job was for Ralston Purina, where he worked as a district sales manager for seven years. During this time he saved up to go to law school at UNC, Chapel Hill…Graduating with honors.

When her daughter was in first grade, Ann started college.  At first, she commuted to East Carolina with three other ladies. She majored in French with credits also in English. When Mason started law school and they moved to Chapel Hill, she transferred to college there and the family lived in student housing.

After graduating from law school, Mason worked in law and teaching in Jacksonville. The N.C. Court of Appeals was formed at that time and Mason was the clerk to the Chief Justice and commuted to Raleigh from Jacksonville. His sister lived in Raleigh and he could stay with her when he worked there.  Mason also taught summer school sessions at N.C. State in Raleigh.

French lang.1200Ann got a teaching job at her first interview and feels that “The Lord was with us!” She taught French and English, and really enjoyed teaching! She said she had wanted to be a French teacher since high school. Ann says she was influenced by her own high school French teacher! It is also interesting that when she would later teach in Brunswick County, Tripp Sloane and his sister, now the mayor of Ocean Isle, were two of her students.

Mason wanted to open a law firm in Shallotte, as he grew up in this area. So, in 1968 the family moved to Shallotte.  As luck would have it, the junior high school in here was just changing from having Spanish classes to teaching French. So, Ann taught French there for 6 years…Another Blessing! When Mason opened his law office, Ann worked with him at the law firm for 20 years.

Their daughter, Deborah, now lives and teaches in New York.  Their granddaughter, Rhiannon,  has graduated from American University and is a teacher and yoga instructor, working in public schools and studios in Washington, DC. NamastePoemShe is on the Board of Directors of Yoga Teachers and is going on a trip soon to teach yoga in Haiti.

Planning the Community and Street Names For Brunswick Plantation

Leaders: Vision = Passion + Planning + Pursuit + Patience…Brian Logue

Mason says that the community of Brunswick Plantation was researched and planned before any building was started. The Land Company morphed into a Building Company. Mason looked at other golf communities in North and South Carolina. Since, the idea was for Brunswick Plantation to embrace the Southern Style and Culture, that was important.

BP 2 EntrancesThe Outline of Vision at the beginning…By partners, Mason, Jimmy, & Tripp, was the vision of building a Community, and started with A Dream! The first sales office was modular with low infrastructure and no buildings. A picture was drawn by the architect with the rendering of a building. A site was picked for the Plantation House and codified into architectural detail.

Ann and Mason got street maps and looked up authentic Southern names for communities or cities. They got maps from Virginia, North and South Carolina, Mississippi, Georgia, and Louisiana. Streets at Brunswick Plantation are named for southern cities, towns, and plantations. As an example, Nottaway was the name of a plantation in the south.

BP Smithfield682908 5Ann and Mason studied them. Ann named most of the areas and streets. An interesting note is that Smithfield is named after the parents of the family from whom that tract of land was purchased. That was part of the bargain with the family who sold it, and it fit into the pattern of cities.

The Dream in Motion

Mason says that Brunswick Plantation is all ready to produce within the land plans and building.  The core values and framework are in place and the Dream of a Southern Culture and Lifestyle is in Motion! The Southern Hospitality is shared by all as everyone waves, speaks, and Welcomes you to the “Family” of Brunswick Plantation!

BP Energy-Saving-SolutionsMason is confident that Kevin Anderson, as the Building and Construction Manager for the company, has the vision and the skills to “Keep the Dream Alive” into the future! Keeping the Dream Alive is truly a Team Effort. Retiring manager, Todd Helf,  has also been a integral member of Building the Dream!

BP collage weddingMason has stated in his writing,” We have become a desirable and popular destination resort and wedding site…“That, in my opinion, is a compliment to our community and its beauty..And we see it every day…What a Blessing!”

Live the Life You have Imagined… Henry David Thoreau

Brunswick Activites Views CollageMason says…”People Bought the Dream!”  What a Blessing! Join the “Dream in Motion” at Brunswick Plantation and Golf Resort ® ! We’d love to “Welcome You” to the Brunswick Plantation Family! Hoping to see Ya’ll soon in Coastal Carolina!

resolutions02fa8c07f02ff4af33dbd06f94e2aef4Come enjoy the Brunswick Plantation Golf Resort!  The Resort Mission Statement is:

To exceed the expectations of every guest by providing a great experience  every time!








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