New Year’s Resolutions…Past and Present!

new-year-s-resolutionsHappy New Year! Every Year is a New Beginning with a Future Bright with Possibilities for You & Yours! Many folks everywhere , including Brunswick Plantation and Golf Resort ® ,make New Year’s Resolutions to guide them through the year.

Janus1museumThere is a long history beginning as far back as the Babylonians who made resolutions in March with the month  changed to January by the Romans. January gets its name from Janus, the two-faced god who looks backwards into the old year and forwards into the new! Janus was also the patron and protector of arches, gates, doors, doorways, endings, and beginnings. janus1There is a statue of Janus on the bridge, Ponte Frabricio, which crosses the Tiber River in Rome to Tiber Island, surviving from its original construction in 62BC during the time of Julius Caesar. To this day it is believed that if you touch the Janus head as you cross the bridge, it will bring good fortune!

New-Year-Celebration-In-Rome-ItalyThe custom of setting “New Year’s Resolutions” began during this time in Rome.  Resolutions were made with moral flavor, mostly to be Good to Others! When the Roman Empire took Christianity as its official religion in the 4th century, these moral intentions were replaced by Prayers and Fasting.

  • Later in Colonial America, the Puritans avoided indulgences associated with the New Year’s celebrations and other holidays in the 18th century.  Though they avoided naming Janus, they called the First Month, January.  The Puritans urged their children to skip the revelry and spend their time… Reflecting on the Year Past and Contemplating the Year to Come! In this way… They adopted again the old custom of Making Resolutions! These were thought of as ways to:

  • Commitments to Better Employ Their Talents

  • Treat their Neighbors with Charity

  • Avoid their Habitual Sin

Popular Resolutions Today

The Pittsburgh Press published a Popular Top Ten List…Taken from Recent Polls for this Year. Perhaps some of them are on You List of New Year’s Resolutions:resolutions2-newyear-resolutions-1

  1. Spend More Time With Family & Friends

  2. Fit in Fitness

  3. Tame the Bulge

  4. Quit Smoking

  5. Enjoy Life More

  6. Quit Drinking

  7. Get Out of Debt

  8. Learn Something New

  9. Help Others

  10. Get Organized

 New Year’s Resolutions and Quotes

Many People have made Resolutions and Offered Quotes for and Healthy and Happy New Year!  The following are a few that may Inspire or Amuse You! Enjoy!

resolutionsnew-years-resolutions-sign-banner Resolutions11089421b7fd07928cae65a5a330aef7resolutionsnew-years-inspirational-quotes-fitness-health-memes-9

resolutionshand painted 2015 new year motivational quotes - polka dots wishes quotes new year resolutions sayin-f60890Resolutions546351_10151314724573550_1333252963_n1resolve of pope-francis





 resolutions2015-beach-500x331Looking Forward to Welcoming You to the Beach in Coastal Carolina! Folks at Brunswick Plantation and Golf Resort ® Wish You and Yours and Very Happy 2015! Join us for Fun in the Sun and Great Golf in the Seafood Capital of the World!resolutions02fa8c07f02ff4af33dbd06f94e2aef4






Credits for history of this article to: Bill

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