Starting to Live Greener is Easy….by Kevin Anderson

Here at Brunswick Plantation & Golf Resort we believe in the value and benefit of green living.   Living green starts with energy efficiency and we are proud Energy Star partner.  Checkout our Energy Star certified Town Homes and Condominiums here.

The first myth we need to dismiss is that green living is difficult.  Living greener can start with altering a few simple and common habits, one at a time.  Green living doesn’t have to be hard.

  • Something as simple as turning the water faucet off when brushing your teeth has a positive green effect and anyone can do it.  The average water used while brushing teeth is 1 gallon if the faucet is left running…multiply that by the entire population and you see its a huge waste.




  • Another of the easiest and greenest things you can do is NOT buying bottled water.  The oil used and carbon footprint from trucking these millions of gallons of water from manufacturers to stores plus the plastic bottle has a huge carbon footprint.  Furthermore, you are paying 100’s of times more for something that is almost free from your home or public place.  Instead, buy a reusable water bottle and get a extra filter if you think it necessary.

  • Here’s another small step to implement:  Turn off your power strips at night. This will eliminate the trickle of electricity that these devices and devices suck the 8 hours you are asleep.  Doing this alone would save Americans over $4 billion dollars annually.

Products that should be connect power strips for this to have the biggest positive effect:

  • Televisions
  • Game Consoles
  • DVD players
  • Toasters
  • Blenders
  • Coffee makers
  • Electric toothbrushes
  • Electric razors
  • Computers
  • Modems/Routers
  • Printers
  • Mobile Device chargers

Turning off power strips that have these items connected can prevent over 100 KwH a year in the average household.

motion sensor wall swithc

  • We’ve all heard by now that energy efficient lighting like CFL’s or LED’s are the way to be more energy efficient and correspondingly green.  However, no matter what bulb is used it’s NOT green to leave it on when not being used.  Fortunately, there are many affordable and easy to install motion sensors light switches available today.  Just switch it out for your existing switch and the lights will automatically turn on and off based on use.  Don’t worry they still have manual on / off switches for night time or other situation.

These are just a few of the thousands of ways you can go green without driving your family crazy.  Subscribe to this blog to keep up with more easy and smart ways to live greener and save money.  Have any good suggestions to share with us and our subscribers?  Post to comments, we’d love to hear from you!

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