Rose and Bob Beyer…”Amore per la Vita” Love for Life!

Fountain-Collage-for-Blog-PostBrunswick Plantation and Golf Resort ® really is a “Better Way of Life” for people who live here. It is a beautifully landscaped, gated community with friendly folks from everywhere! We enjoy hearing the stories of these Great People of Brunswick Plantation! The variety of backgrounds and interests are part of what makes this such a vibrant community! Rosemarie (Rose) and Bob Beyer have been members of this community since they built their home on South Middleton Drive. They had bought property in 1995 in planning for Bob’s retirement from the Post Office in 2000.

Rose and Bob…Getting to Know You!

Tarrytown, New York was where Rose and Bob first met when Bob’s family moved next door to Rose’s family. Rose and Bob were 8 and 9 years old, respectively! They became friends and played together for these years.  Rose says she was a Tomboy and enjoyed playing with the guys! When they were around 12 and 13 years of age, they dated each other and really fit the song… Getting to know you, Getting to know all about you, Getting to Like You, Getting to hope you Like Me!

Italian dinnerlittle-sicily-dinner-buttonBob says he ate at Rose’s house two or three time a week, as he loved the great Italian cooking her Mom prepared for the family! Mamma Mia, that’s a Great Italian Cooking! Maybe there is something to the old adage…”The way to a Man OR Boys’ Heart is through his stomach!

cup of teayou__re_my_cup_of_tea_by_mrsdougan-d5jjyohThough I’m sure there was much more to Bob and Rose discovering that they truly were each others’… “Cup of Tea”!

Sleepy Hollow Highphoto3Bob and Rose went to Catholic School together before high school. They both then went to Sleepy Hollow High School. They dated for the first three years in High School. They then went their separate ways and reunited when Rose was a Senior in high school.


North Tarrytown, NY…The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

Tarrytown_signThe first residents of Tarrytown, New York were the Native American Weckquaesgeek Tribe. They fished the Hudson River for shad, oysters, and other shellfish.

TarrytownOld-Dutch-ChurchThe first European settlers of Tarrytown were Dutch farmers, fur trappers, and fishermen. Tarrytown is within the lands of the former Dutch Colony of New Netherland. The Dutch named the area “Terwe Town” (Wheat Town) as the soil was light and ideal for growing cereal grains like wheat. Mispronunciations led to the current name of Tarrytown.

sleepy-hollow-tarrytown-chamberTarrytown, (Specifically, North Tarrytown) , was described in 1829 by writer Washinton Irving in “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow”! Interesting to note that Washington Irving is Laid to Rest in the southern end of Sleepy Hollow Cemetery overlooking the Old Dutch Church.

Tarrytown bookCHRON-2TIn Fact, There are many references and places to visit in Tarrytown related to this legend. The Chronicles of Tarrytown and Sleepy Hollow may be an interesting read! Hence, the name high school Rose and Bob attended…Sleepy Hollow High School!



Going to the Chapel of Love!

Beyer WeddingRose and Bob married in a lovely ceremony in 1965 !  They shared  the pictures of special that day with us…That Loving Feeling! They recently celebrated their 49th Wedding Anniversary! In an early celebration of their 50th Wedding anniversary…They took a memorable trip to Italy along with several other folks from Brunswick Plantation! So, next year, on their actual 50th Anniversary, they can celebrate again! Endless Celebrations for Endless Love!

Married Life and Family

Beyer Family CollageRose and Bob lived in an apartment in Tarrytown and later moved into a house of their own in 1972. They had a dear daughter, Tracy, who now lives in Danbury, Connecticut and is married to Bill. Beyer PortraitsTracy and Bill have 6 year old Isabella whom they call Izzy! Izzy is a delight in all of their lives! Tracy and Bill also have Bill’s son, 16 year old Will, three days a week in a joint custody arrangement with Will’s Mother. It’s All a part of This Happy Family! Tracy and Bill met while working for Conair. They are both still employed at Conair…Bill as an IT and Tracy in the HR department! Looks like that Conair ” True Glow” selection really worked for them!

Bob worked for the U.S. Post Office for 36 years, while also having his own Painting and Sheet Rock business for 25 years. This was great experience and expertise for the work he now does with Todd Helf and Kevin Anderson as building superintendent for homes built at Brunswick Plantation! There are currently 15 houses in the process of being built. And the Beat and the Building goes On!

While living and raising her daughter in Tarrytown, Rose was employed as a Para-legal at Bank of New York…In Real Estate 1st and then as Assistant Vice-President…Head of the Mortgages Department. Rose noted that they did mortgages for several famous folks….Jerry Seinfeld’s new wife & her former husband, Chris Reads, Robert De Niro, and Marcus Camby to name a few. Though Rose did not actually get to meet all of them, she did meet Marcus Camby and said he was a very nice man and huge!

After working for several years setting up mortgages by ARCS Mortgage owned by Bank of New York she was offered a position with BNY Mortgage.  Rose said she had to “Grab the Brass Ring” and go for it! It was a great decision!

It has been a benefit to her, also, in the work she does taking photos of house being built …In Progress at Brunswick Plantation. Rose puts the photos into a CD that is shared with the homeowner so they can see the building as it is happening. This CD of photos came about in a very natural way when her now neighbors, Rick and Sue Clausi, were having their house built and asked Rose to take photos for them. That went so well that now there is a CD with the stages of building for folks who build at Brunswick Plantation. Experience in Real Estate and talent in Photography paved the way for her work today!

Beyer Italy anniversary Romantic Italy…Treasured Anniversary Celebration!Milano Collage

Capri collage

Rose and Bob had a Romantic Tour of Italy Anniversary! They went with Southern Excursions…Trafalgar Tour Company along with several other folks from Brunswick Plantation! They Loved It…The Scenery, the History, the Food , & Enjoying Vatican collageRomantic Italy Together! People say that a Picture is worth a thousand words…So here are some pictures of Italy that you may enjoy and that may remind Rose & Bob of their Romantic Anniversary…Italian Style!

Venice collage








 Living at Brunswick Plantation

Rose and Bob first came to this area of Coastal North Carolina in the 70’s to visit Rose’s sister who lives in Windjammer Village. Brunswick Plantation was the first place they looked and came back to after looking around! They liked the Landscaping and the whole appearance of Brunswick Plantation!  Even though the Plantation House was not yet built, they liked Mason Anderson’s Vision and that there was an In-House Builder!  There was security behind that important fact! They were impressed with the fact that owners lived here and it was gated. Bob said that Mason’s yearly Barbeque at that time also made them feel At Home!

Go Fly a Kite…It’s Fun!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOf Course, the location close to the beaches and Brunswick Plantation golf course were attractive features! Bob flew student kites in competition as a hobby and this was a good area for that. Kligs Kites is now at Broadway at the Beach. There are three levels of competition in Stunt Kite Flying…Novice, Intermediate, and Masters. Precision Flying has specific goals like Ballet and Flying Kites to Music. Kitewildwoods-by-esbepaThe biggest Kite competition is in Wildwood, New Jersey!  Cobra Kites in Toms River, New Jersey @ is a good place to see & purchase stunt kites. England is known to make Flexi-Foil Kites.

Kite CollagePicMonkey CollageThere are so many fascinating things to know about Kite Flying! It is a world-wide experience that requires skill and talent! Kite Festivals are Fun and Exciting! The International Competitions are in a different city every year! Some kites are custom made and Bob had some of those created for him! Bob and Rose used to go to California for competitions in the desert and spent a couple of nights in Las Vegas!  In Traction Kiting, one launches from a three wheel buggy and kites can pull you at about 55 miles an hour! Bob did this kite flying for about 4 or 5 years in the 90’s…Flying High & Fast!

Pottery…Created by Rose!

Rose PotteryRose has been enjoying making pottery for the last 8 years. She took lessons when she saw an advertisement at Sunset Beach Marketplace with teacher, Jane Truesdale. She loves it and it satisfies her creative Talent! She had previously done ceramics and enjoyed that, also. Rose shared photos of some of her pottery creations! Lovely!


 Brunswick Plantation Favorite

There are a variety of activities Rose and Bob enjoy…Several with their friends at Brunswick Plantation! Brunswick Plantation is known for the Friendliness of Folks who live in this comfortable community. There is much to choose from…At your leisure! Rose and Bob enjoy special Saturday nights with a group of friends and neighbors. They meet at the Host House for the evening.  They choose a restaurant to go to and just enjoy having a good time together!

Our Lady of the Star is the church Rose and Bob attend in N. Myrtle Beach. So, they have friends and activities there, also. Other things they enjoy are going to the movies at Coastal Grand and shopping! Rose says Bob likes shopping with her at Belks…Sounds like a good plan for another Fun day!

Brunswick House collageIt is so good to hear even more reasons people enjoy living at Brunswick Plantation and Golf Resort ®!  We are so Happy that Rose and Bob Beyer are our friends and neighbors!  Coastal living offers so much to do and Brunswick Plantation, located in North Carolina, and just three miles from the South Carolina state line…Truly is The Two State Solution to Fun! The Good Times just Keep Rolling Along at Brunswick Plantation!



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