Smart Spending Tips Monthly November 2014 by Brunswick Plantation Living

smart spendingHere at Brunswick Plantation & Golf Resort, a coastal Carolina gated community, we believe Smart Spending is part of A Better Way of Life.  Want to save hundreds OR thousands? Take 5 minutes and read on to learn how in Smart Spending Tips Monthly November 2014.

Read on to find out what is on sale and what you should hold off on a little longer to purchase.

Deals this Month…

candyCandy. Big sales on candy this month as sellers will discount heavily all the Halloween candy that didn’t see to clear shelf space for Christmas goodies.  Find price drops up to 75%!




Computers. Looking for the best deal of the year on a computer…then buy it on Black Friday.  2014 deals are likely to be on 13 inch laptops, which are expected to have up to 50% price drops.  If your an Apple person, try retailers like Amazon for prices marked down up to 20%.






Cookware. With price drops of up to 70% this month, you won’t find lower prices anytime during the year.  So get those pots and pans now.





winter-apparel-16963787Fall apparel. Fall clothes are already on sale, but keep an eye out for online coupon codes before Black Friday.  There are many sites offering these codes so do a few searches for the best ones.





Frozen turkeys. Some markets will be selling heavily discounted frozen turkeys.  While others will be offering free ones as part of customer loyalty programs.  Check your stores to see and keep those receipts.





Televisions. TV’s are popular advertising tools to get customers in the store.  Looks for 42″ HDTVs as low as $180 this year!  Want a bigger TV…60″ models are expected to be as low as $420!  But expect the deals to be on the entry level models and supplies to be limited. For bigger savings wait until the Super Bowl Sales happen in January.



Toys. Usually, the biggest discounts on toys are in December.  However, it is expected that this year big deals will happen near Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  Look of price drops up to 85% on Amazon and at Walmart.


wedding dresses




Wedding dresses. Did you know December is the most popular month to get engaged?  Bridal stores do and so they stock up on new dresses in the Fall.  Find discounts up to 75% on last years dresses.

Don’t Buy Just Yet…






Holiday decorations. If you have all you need for this year’s decorations, then wait until after Christmas to buy any new stuff.  Prices will drop up to 50% after December 25th on all Holiday decor.





Jewelry. No deals will be around until March for Jewelry.  It is such a popular item for Christmas gifts and then for Valentines day, sellers have no incentive to mark it down.



winter apparel




Winter apparel. If you’re looking for deals on this gear you’ll have to wait until January.  New merchandise is just being rolled out and pricing is full retail now.





We hope you found these tips to be helpful.  At Brunswick Plantation & Golf Resort we really believe SmartSpending is part of A Better Way of Life.  Interested in learning more about A Better Way of Life at Brunswick?  CLICK HERE

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