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Hello again Members and Property Owners,

Fall Golf Season: is here and that brings us great weather and wonderful playing conditions!  October is a popular month at Brunswick Plantation & Golf Resort and a busy one too!  Please be sure to reserve your starting times in advance (7) days for our Members and (2) days for Property Owners.  Our course receives many groups from all over coming to Myrtle Beach on golf packages that are excited to be here, and we are happy to see them.

Rule Reminder: Please note, if you are a walker, bike rider, or use the golf course as a means of exercising or travel to and from your home in a golf cart….  The golf course is off-limits during the hours of operation( Sun up to Sun down).  This pretty much eliminates the use of the course for any of these types of things.  Our goal is to offer a wonderful golfing experience for everyone playing here.  If you’re not a golfer you probably do not realize how distracting it is to have someone walking, riding a bike or just traveling home using the cart path with your personal golf cart.  Signs are being purchased to try to alleviate these issues.  Please adhere to these instructions and make everyone’s golfing experience here at Brunswick an enjoyable one.

 Golf Tip:

Questions: What is the most common reason you struggle to be consistent in driving the golf ball.

Answer:  Alignment.  A common mistake is to aim to far right for Right-handers and to far left for left-handers.  Get lined up and you will get better results.


              Happy Golfing,


             Head Golf Professional

            Pro-Shop Manager

            Director of Memberships

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