Kathy and Mike Spadaccini…A Groovy Kind of Love!

IMG950337(1)We have so many Fun and Interesting Folks living at Brunswick Plantation and Golf Resort! Kathy and Mike Spadaccini are among the newest additions! They are currently having a  house built in The Hamptons section of the Plantation.  Meanwhile, they are renting a house in the Georgetown section to live here while their house is being built. They are exploring the area and enjoying all of the Fun things there are do in and near this Two State Solution to Fun!

Sunset beach collageKathy and Mike really enjoy going to the beach at Sunset Beach in the mornings, their favorite Beach Time! They both enjoy days at the Plantation pools, among the other amenities at Brunswick. Mike enjoys playing golf, as he has for years. Kathy is new to golf and learning to play …But loves it! Tennis was Kathy’s favorite sport in the past. Kathy and Mike enjoy eating and socializing at the 19th Hole and also the special events Robin schedules there. 19th hole Elvis Parrot collageThey liked being entertained by the Elvis Impersonator and are looking forward to the Parrot Head Party…Tribute to Jimmy Buffet! It is all more Fun for Everyone at The 19th Hole!

Kathy & Mike…The Perfect Match.Com

IMG_4484(1)Kathy Carroll and Mike Spadaccini connected on match.com and met for the first time at the Sweetwater Tavern in Merrifield, Virginia. It was Memorial Day! Mike, being retired from the Air Force, opened his arms and Welcomed Kathy with…”Hug a Veteran”! I am assuming it was after the Hug that they shared a delicious artichoke appetizer! It seems that the hug and the appetizer were the start of something good!

They began to see each other regularly.  Kathy says that Mike and his groups of friends always had something fun on the agenda…Theater, Wolf Trap performances, and vacations, to name a few! They were always upbeat and ready to go! Kathy appreciated it when Mike took square dance lessons for a year to receive an Official Square Dance Certificate because she loved to square dance! IMG_20110511_213820 (1)(1)Now, that’s Love! After four years of Fun and Frolic, their their wedding was on Memorial Day in May 2014! Now Kathy can “Hug a Veteran” Every Day!

Kathy & Mike…Life Before Match.com


Kathy was is originally from Virginia. She went to college at the University of Tennessee  and earned her masters in in Memphis. Since her Dad was a government employee, she had the opportunity to do summer jobs at the Pentagon. Her career after college was in teaching and counseling.

Kathy’s husband at that time was in the Dept. of Foreign Commercial Service,  which afforded them the opportunity to live abroad. The couple had three year tours of duty each in Indonesia, Israel, and Venezuela. So, Lucia, their daughter experienced living and going to school in different cultures.

Kathy taught at International Schools in all of those countries. There were also some teachers from the country where they were located. This gave her the opportunity to know them personally. Every country has it’s own unique culture which one respects and traditions to abide by while living there. Kathy says that she found that…People always make the place you are!


Indonesia collageOne example of a cultural significance, was that in Indonesia, women don’t go sleeveless. So, Kathy was sure not to do that there. She also did not play much tennis in Indonesia, as it was just too hot during the day for that sport. Kathy and her family lived in government housing in Indonesia. She did get to know Indonesian people and found them to be gracious and kind.  She said she would go back there “In a Heartbeat”!


Israel collageKathy’s family was in Israel in Tel Aviv in 2001 – 2004, at the time of the mall and bus bombings. However, she said there was no one-on-one crime. They felt safe even though there was tension with helicopters overhead. It was the time of the build up the Iraq war. They were evacuated before the 2nd Gulf War but returned 4 months later. The American Embassy had certain places off-limits, so you knew where you could go and where to avoid. They lived in a gated community there. Kathy said that it might take some time, but once you got to know an Israeli citizen, you had a Friend for Life!


Venezuela collageVenezuela has wonderful weather but was more restricted than other places Kathy had lived. Her family lived in an apartment there with a view of the mountains through the glass. She did not go out at night alone there though. There were teachers from Venezuela at the International school.

After their tours overseas in 2007, Kathy’s husband passed away from cancer. She said the felt she had lost her husband and her way of life!  This is when Kathy worked as a counselor at inner city schools…Another experience in education and life adjustment.

Kathy’s daughter, Lucia, now lives in Providence, Rhode Island and works for Americorps at the Children’s Museum in Studio Art/ Photography.   She earned her degree at Smith College in Massachusetts. Kathy’s brothers and their children live in Virginia, as does her 93 year old Mother. Her family is close and enjoy getting together. Kathy and Mike can visit Family at Virginia Beach… More Beach Fun for Everyone!


Mike grew up in New Jersey and graduated from Hudson County N. Bergen High school. He has one older brother and two younger sisters who live in New Jersey along with their children and their 90 year old mother!italian feat of 7 fishes0976928809.01.LZZZZZZZ This Italian family loves to honor Italian traditions like the Seafood “Feast of Seven Fishes” Christmas Eve! christmas-eve-in-the-italian-traditionDue to family commitments  , they celebrated Christmas Eve at Thanksgiving at his sister’s house last year. She prepared all the seafood…Clams, shrimp and more sea delicacies for everyone!  Kathy says that Mike’s family is “So Sweet”. She says not only are they good cooks but can fix anything around the house…mechanical or electrical! She is very impressed with this ability! She is amazed at Mike’s own capability to fix things at their house. As they say, “It’s so nice to have a man around the house!”

Mike retired in 2004 with 30 years in the Air Force! He had two years entering Air Force Associates/Community College of the Air Force. He earned his undergraduate degree in Resource Management from Troy State. He later attended Troy State and earned his Masters in Public Administration.

Over his career, Mike worked as a Morse Systems Operator (2 yrs.), an aircraft machinist (11yrs.), and spent his last 17 years of 30 years of service working for the AF Management Engineering Program (i.e. industrial engineering) as a Manpower and Organization Analyst. Mike’s final assignment to the Pentagon was the Chief Enlisted Manager for the manpower community, and he retired as the senior Chief Master Sergeant (E-9) having served in that grade for 10 years.

LMI_LogoAfter the Air Force, he did 10 years of consulting for LMI Logistics Management Institute.  This program was created by McNamara under President Kennedy.   He still does some consulting for them when they contact him.

 Life in the Air Force

Mike met his wife in England and their son, Brian, was born in a hospital on the economy in England. Mike’s wife was with him for most of his tours in the Air Force but has since passed away. The family had a few tours to England that included RAF Chicksands, RAF Upper Heyford, RAF Fairford in the Cotwold area of England. Brian attended some schools on the British economy. While at RAF Alconbury, Brian attended a DODDS Dept. of Defense Dependents School. England CollageMike loved the English countryside and enjoyed the British pubs! The Cotswold area of England is particularly beautiful!

A quote by British travel writer, John Hillaby: “Few things are more pleasant than a village graced with a good church, a good priest, and a good pub!”

 Air Force Tours in the Untied States

tampa bat A F collageMike was stationed 5 years at McQuire Air Force Base in New Jersey, his home state. So, he got to see the world and spend some time near home! Mike also had a two year tour at Tampa Bay, Florida.

Hickam Air Force Base in Hawaii

Hickam AF CollageMike had two tours/six years at Hickam Air Force Base in Hawaii. Hawaii, of course, has such beautiful scenery and beaches! A quote from Writer & Novelist, Paul Thoreau: “Hawaii is not a state of mind, but a state of grace!”

Mike At The Pentagon on 9/11

Mike was working in an office at the Pentagon on 9/11. His office had  been moved to another location in the building a few months earlier. His previous office took a direct hit on that dreaded day! It took two days to cleaning the air from the contamination in the remaining buildings.  Mike was back at work in his office soon afterward. It is certainly a memory that one never forgets!official (1)(1)Mike worked at the Pentagon until his retirement in 2004.

Wonderful Weddings …Uniquely United!

Mike says his son, Brian, is his Best Buddy! They showed this to the world when they each performed the wedding ceremony for each other….On different Wedding Dates! According to Virginia law, you may get a certificate as a Civil Celebrant for a Day which authorizes you to perform a wedding ceremony.

Wedding of Kathy and Mike

IMG_4512(1)Kathy and Mike married on Memorial Day in May of 2014.  This was chosen to commemorate their first meeting on Memorial Day four years earlier. Their ceremony was held at Pistone’s, their favorite Italian Restaurant, where they lived in Virginia. Kathy’s friends decorated the restaurant for the ceremony beautifully with Beach decor since they were moving to the NC Beach! Brian conducted the marriage ceremony pronouncing Kathy and Mike…Husband and Wife! It was a Beautiful Day!

Wedding of Brian and Christie

Spad Family-2(1)Brian and Christie, the woman of his dreams, decided to marry on Halloween! Everyone was to come in costume, including the Bride & Groom! Mike was dressed as Buzz Lightyear & Kathy went as his adoring Jesse! Talk about Fun! Fun! Fun! Mike, a Civil Celebrant, conducted his son’s marriage ceremony! What a special way to start a new life…With your Father bestowing God’s Blessing along with His Own Blessing!

Kathy and Mike Make Brunswick Plantation Their Home!

Kathy and Mike knew they wanted to live in a beach area.  Their friends, Tammy and Tom O’Neill live at Brunswick Plantation and Golf Resort. They came to this area and looked several places, including St. James and Ocean Ridge. Mark Reddick gave them their tour of Brunswick Plantation. While they were looking at a house being built, Janna and Mark Madera came by and asked them if they could help them. It was the Madera’s house they were looking at and they invited Kathy and Mike with Mark  to go through with them. They were impressed with how open and friendly everyone was at Brunswick! Whether they were at the 19thHole or anywhere on the Plantation, people spoke or waved!

Fibbers Restaurant buildingEverywhere they went in the area, they always met someone from Brunswick Plantation! When they went to eat at Fibber’s On The Water, Ralph Carbone took them around the restaurant to meet other people from the Plantation! Ralph is the owner of Fibbers and lives at Brunswick! It seems like everyone was from somewhere different, and you always met a group of people with whom you have something in common. It is a good support system and feel like “You Belong Somewhere”!

Hamptons-1Kathy and Mike eventually decided to buy a lot and build their house in The Hamptons section of Brunswick. They like that area because it is less tame with lots of space. They were also impressed with the value of the property and the building incentives offered to them.

DSC01674(1)Kathy likes the idea of a new house and choosing her design of kitchen, as she loves to cook and entertain! Though she loves to cook, Kathy says Mike is a Master on the BBQ grill…Especially his Korean BBQ! Mike loves having his  choice of garage and den where he enjoys spending much of his time at home!

Though they are still exploring the area, there are some places that they consider favorites! They enjoy going out with friends to Fibbers On The Water, The Grapevine, Chianti South, Boundary House, Causeway Gourmet (Shrimp & Grits) , Molly Darcy, and Midtown Cafe to name a few restaurants!

barefoot Landing collage1They also enjoy Broadway at the A Beach and Barefoot Landing! They want to learn the Shag dance! Kathy and Mike are interested in Day Trips to near-by sites! They also plan to do some traveling once their house is completed and they are more settled!

Brunswick Activites Views CollageKathy and Mike feel that there are Great Friends Everywhere! They feel that Brunswick Plantation is “One Big Community” near the beach they love! They feel Happy to make their home at Brunswick Plantation and Golf Resort! Their license plate shares their attitude about Life using the Indonesian alphabet!  TDAAPA 2 ….No Tidak, What  Apa, What Apa…Translation: Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff! Welcome Kathy and Mike Spadaccini, A Groovy Kind of Couple…More Great People of Brunswick Plantation!









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