Update From the Pro….3.13 by Shawn Hicken

Beat the Pro Polaroid 2.13Hello All,

March is here and hopefully spring will come soon!  Last month was a frigid one and not much golf was played.  I’m looking foreword to much warmer days. 

The Brunswick Plantation Men’s Golf Association held a Beat The Pro day on February 16, 2013.  Twenty players signed up using 80% handicap against the Pro’s scratch score.  The pro sad to say had an off day posting an 80.  Six Men managed to beat his score.  Stan Drezek, Bob Kogler, Fred Poliniak, Mike Fiore, Doug Groves, and Bill Lemmon were the winners!  Congrats to all of you. 

I would like to thank the participants as well…. you are all winners in my eyes.  It was bitter cold temperatures in the low 30’s and no warmer than 45 degree’s.  Cold weather or not I always enjoy spending time with the Members.  We will have another Beat The Pro day soon. 

Just a friendly reminder to all Members.  During the month’s of March and April  tee-times can only be made in the AM 48 hours in advance.  You may schedule PM time seven days out.  Thanks for all your cooperation.

Upcoming Events:
  • Member/Member Tournament:  May 27th-30th
  • Golf Course Aeration Process:  June 1st-21st.  Rob will be closing one nine per week to aerify our greens.
  • NGA Professional Tour:  July 16th-18th  (3 day event cut after second day)
  • NGA Professional Tour:  August 12th-13th and August 15th-16th (Two day events no Cut)
  • Club Championships:  September 23rd-26th

Happy Golfing,


Shawn Hicken

Head Golf Professional

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