Phyllis and Ed’s Love Story…61 Years Of FUN

Phyllis Ed dinnerWe enjoy the great people that make Brunswick Plantation and Golf Resort their home! It is such a treat to celebrate life together! We salute our neighbors, Phyllis and Ed Billingsley , as they recently celebrated their 61st Year of matrimony! Phyllis Ed newlywedsWhen asked what’s the secret of such a long & happy marriage…Phyllis says, “Marry a Good Guy!” Ed comments, “It’s been Fun!”


In talking with them, it is clear that embracing life together is still Fun for Phyllis and Ed! They moved to Brunswick Plantation from their home in Cumberland, Maryland on December 17, 1999 in time for the Millennium Party at the Plantation…and have been celebrating Life at the Beach  ever since!

Phyllis is also still enjoying working for Caw Caw Land Corp. @ Brunswick Plantation. She has had that position for 15 years as an Internet Marketing Representative. Life is Good!

Phyllis and Ed’s Family History…In the Beginning!

Phyllis Jane Stamper was born in Port Arthur, Texas, the second daughter of Newt and Ione Stamper. Sibyl, Phyllis’ sister, is 12 years her senior. phylluis sybilThe two sisters enjoy each other and remain ” Best Friends ” to this day!

Their father, Newt, was an ordnance officer at the San Jacinto Ordnance Depot near Houston during WWII. It was from that depot that bombs were put on ships to go overseas. Phyllis still has a ration book from WWII.

san-jacinto-monument-jo-claire-hallThere is now a San Jacinto monument across the Houston ship channel from the depot.  The monument commemorates Texas winning independence from Mexico in the Battle of San Jacinto. Sam Houston was the General that led the charge winning that battle.

Interestingly, Jesse Billingsley, right hand man to Sam Houston, is Ed Billingsley’s  ancestor. In his honor, there is still a reunion every few years for all men named Jesse Billingsley. Phyllis and Ed have a grandson named Jesse Billinglsey. The ties that bind are far reaching for Phyllis and Ed! The first William Billingsley arrived in the 1750’s and fought in the Revolutionary War.

Welsh tract chu-358-welsh-tract-baptist-church“John” is the family name of the maternal side of Phyllis’ family. They arrived in the 1700’s from Cardiff, Wales. They were part of the whole congregation of the Welsh Primitive Baptist Church and landed in New Castle, Delaware. The church they built is the Welsh Tract Baptist Church and  is still standing by the University of Delaware football stadium. Talk about “Staying Power’!

William Edmond Billingsley was born in Beaumont, Texas. After graduating from high school in Beaumont, Ed joined the Air Force for 4 years. He later graduated from Texas A & M University with a B.S. in chemical engineering. Texas aggie symboltamu3Ed is a lifelong Texas Aggie supporter of the university and football team. He has always loved football and played tackle on his “Royal Purple” high school team in Beaumont. His coach wanted all of the players to take Arthur Murray dance lessons to teach them how to be light on their feet when playing football. Ed took the dance lessons at Arthur Murray and found he was a dancer! He has loved to dance his whole life!


Ed has had an intriguing career with Hercules, Inc. , Allegany Ballistics Laboratory, Rocket Center  WV, where he was assigned to their Cumberland, Maryland laboratory. He retired in 1992 with 31 years with the company. For 20 years of his career, he was involved in the design and development of many missile systems.  Polaris Missile0901_012502Some of the missiles you may recognize include the  Polaris, Sprint, Poseidon, Trident I and II.  You might say his career “Just Soared”!

Phyllis HussarsWhile at Port Arthur High School, Phyllis was a member of the “Hussars” Drum & Bugle Corps….More Fun!  Phyllis graduated from Port Arthur Lamar University with a degree in business. She later earned a degree from Allegany Community College in Cumberland, Maryland. Phyllis also had an interesting career as a 30-year Federal Government employee.  Her Federal service includes U. S. Air Force, U. S. Dept. of Agriculture, and U.S. Navy. The last 20 years of her Federal career was with Social Security. She retired from the Social Security Administration in 1990, as the District Office Operations Supervisor in Cumberland, Maryland. Now that is a real Federal Case for the Good!

 Lets get Together…Phyllis & Ed,We’ll be having twice the Fun!

canastaEd was a sophomore at Texas A & M and was working in the summer in Port Arthur. Phyllis was a high school student in Port Arthur. Friends ask them both to join them in a card game of Canasta. It seems it was really “In the Cards” for Ed and Phyllis! That is when they met and started their relationship as the gruesome twosome they would become…Having twice the Fun!

They married two years before Ed joined the Air Force, after graduating from Texas A & M. Their first year in the Air Force was in Cheyenne,  Wyoming.

estespark_heroIn those days, their shared love of travel took them to Denver and Estes Park, Colorado. They enjoyed the natural beauty of the scenic Colorado countryside!

European Adventures & Family

chateuroux A B Deols-1958 fr janine artaudEd’s next assignment in the Air Force was Chateuroux Air Station in the Loire Valley – Chateau Country! It was then the largest supply depot in Europe. Phyllis arriving in FrancePhyllis flew to France to meet Ed for their European Adventure!

Chateauroux high school patch imagesDuring this assignment with the Air Force, Phyllis was a high school secretary for the Dept. of Defense School in Chateauroix. DODDS schools are for American military and civilian children whose parents are working for the government. She really enjoyed it and said that everyone was especially pleased with the school lunches that were prepared by French cooks from the area. They prepared delicious French foods and salads that students and adults all appreciated! What an assignment that turned out to be for the adventurous newlyweds!

ChateeaurousWhen they arrived at their base in France, they heard about a couple who had an apartment on the second floor at the townhouse home  of Madam Moulins.  They were able to rent that apartment above where she lived on the first floor. They would find that to be another blessing!

Phyllis and Ed traveled throughout Europe in their Austin Healy Sedan and loved every minute of it! Their first trip was to Italy visiting Rome, Florence, Venice, and Pisa.

pisa leaning towerIn Pisa they had a hotel across from the Leaning Tower! Once when looking for a mechanic for their Austin Healy, they found a fascinating pasta shop with the walls lined with pastas of every variety! Buon Appetito! Other countries they visited included Switzerland, Germany, and the Netherlands. tulip-festival-holland-netherlands

Phyllis and Ed both consider Tulip Time in Holland to be breathtakingly beautiful!

Phyllis French  art collagePhyllis loves to paint and has created some lovely paintings of the areas where they lived and traveled in Europe and the United States.





20140826_155029_1She also has collected some interesting chocolate molds that she has used to make candles. They all inspire such warm memories for Phyllis and Ed…It’s been Fun traveling this Journey of Life Together!!

France was and still is a very special country for them! eiffel-tower-at-night-picturesThey were friends with a couple who managed a high school dorm in Chateauroux. Marilyn, another American friend went to the Sorbonne and had a French boyfriend. So, Phyllis and Ed often went to Paris and had a wonderful time! There was a Les Halles Food Market that they loved.  After an evening out they would go to one of to a place over the small bars there for on French onion soup.  Apache danceThey had Apache (French Dancers) who danced on your table! Viva La France!

Phyllis Madame Moulins ScottPhyllis and Ed’s son, Scott, was born in France. He, of course, was also Blessing!  Madam Moulins loved Scott, too! Another blessing is that she kept him in her loving care a couple of times when Phyllis and Ed were traveling in Europe. The European Adventure of a Lifetime! Two became three, more Fun for Thee!

Life in Cumberland…Compliments of Hercules, Inc.

The Hercules company was helping design missiles which was a good fit for someone with a degree in chemical engineering. Two  people that knew of Ed already had jobs working for Hercules. Ed interviewed with them in Texas.  They were interested and offered him a trip to their lab Cumberland, Maryland.

rocky gap state parkPhyllis and Ed wanted to live in the mountains and Rocky Gap State Park , now a casino, was located in the Cumberland area. So, Ed went to the interview and the rest is history…Billingsley Family History! Their son, Bill, was born there, and graduated from Fort Hill High School.   Ed and Phyllis built a spacious house on a mountain ridge overlooking the Potomac!

phyllis JacTheir neighbor, Joan, had a pool and a jacuzzi. A comfortable life with a mountain view! It was a Dream Come True!

tulips_daffodilsPhyllis was busy planting naturalized flowers…tulips, narcissus, and daffodils. She belonged to a garden club that wrote a cookbook with gardening tips with proceeds going to the Allegany Community Horticulture program. She was also a member of the women’s Club  Christmas Caravan for 25 years. They wrote a craft book with proceeds going to help support the new library as well as other clubs.

Ed and Phyllis were also busy raising their two sons, Scott and Bill, in Cumberland.  Scott went to Penn State and Bill attended Ohio State on a Navy ROTC Scholarship. Bill retired with 20 years in the Navy as a Navy Aviator. He is now examining & certifying new pilots for the U.S. Army.  Scott is vice president of Oil & Gas Exploration in Meadville, PA.

Scott’s wife , Linda, is a teacher in the school district in Meadville. Bill’s wife, Rene’ , works in the medical field in Gulf Breeze, Florida. They live on Strip Island near Pensacola. Phyllis and Ed have 5 grandchildren who are all either in college or graduated and working. Love of travel and adventure seems to be a family heritage that they all enjoy!

***Connection from Iraq to Calabash ***

 Iraq girl backpackIn 2008 Lt. Cmdr. Bill Billingsley was serving as the air operations officer at the al Anbar Province in Iraq. The chaplain there notified the the Base Command Group that the most meaningful way to help villagers was to provide school supplies. Bill e-mailed this information to family members.  When Linda, Scott’s wife, learned of the need, she and her 4th grade students in Meadville, PA. made up and sent 22 backpacks. Phyllis presented this project to the United Methodist Women at Seaside Methodist Church in Sunset Beach, who embraced the concept , and collected items for 350 girls (Ages 6 – 12). Operation Backpack was born and numerous backpacks were sent in hopes of showing Iraqis that Americans care about them personally.  Later Bill related how much the teachers and children of Iraq appreciated what they had received. “What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived.  It is what difference we have made to the lives of others.” Nelson Mandela

Retirement Years for Ed & Phyllis

irish pub scheduled-theme-toursAfter retirement from their careers, Phyllis and Ed continued to travel. They thoroughly enjoyed England and Ireland as they explored both countries. They especially enjoyed the groups at the pubs!  They loved Penny Whistle…Original Irish Drums!

 Brunswick Plantation…The Choice was Easy!

Ed and Phyllis were getting tired of snow and ice in Maryland. Friends told them about Sunset Beach, and they visited there a few summers.  As they decided to move to South, they looked at all of the plantations that were started. They also looked in South Carolina and Florida. They literally watched Brunswick Plantation being developed. The fences were not even up yet. They decided that the Time was Right to move and Brunswick Plantation was the Place for them!

Brunswick Activites Views CollageThey were impressed by the friendly people at Brunswick Plantation! It was a gated community with a park like setting. The beautiful open spaces with gorgeous flowers were immaculate.  The golf course was good for all levels…User Friendly! They enjoyed the performances at the 19th Hole where they could socialize with pals. Brunswick Plantation looked like a real Community! As well as the golfing, going to the beach, and bird-watching, they enjoyed everything the community and the surrounding area had to offer!

Phyllis news articleThey say it was an Easy Choice!

All of the reasons Phyllis and Ed chose Brunswick Plantation are still true even as it has grown and expanded.

Sunset beachPhyllis loves to walk on Sunset Beach and shop at Callahan’s!

La Belle Amie Winery is another favorite!

restaurantsAbuelo’s (Grandfather in Spanish) is their favorite Mexican Restaurant  in Myrtle Beach. Ella’s in Calabash , (of the locally famed Jimmy Durante story) is a favorite for Calabash seafood! Recently, Phyllis was introduced to The Collector’s Cafe in Myrtle Beach which she loved for the food and the art! Being a painter herself, Phyllis really appreciated the art on the walls there! Delicious Food and beautiful Art…Double Delight!

Phyllis & EdIt is easy to see why Brunswick Plantation and Golf Resort was an Easy Choice for Phyllis and Ed! It was and still is a Two State solution to Fun! Everything is here and near for a Better Way of Life! Come Join the Fun with the friendly folks at Brunswick Plantation!



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