Healthy Habits…Personal Power For You!

Heathly Living PyramidWe all know healthy habits give you personal power for a good life! Brunswick Plantation and Golf Resort is the place for a Better Way of Life, and we want the good health to enjoy it all! There are many articles that give us good health tips. Here are a few that are easy to do…and some are yummy, too!

 Healthy Habits…Ways to Play

(Suggestions from article by Celebrity Trainer John Rowley…July 14 article in For Women FIRST magazine.)

biking-on-beachDYK…Biking can help Flatten Your Belly?

  • The transversus abdominals are used to keep the bike upright. This stabizes ab muscles …Tucking in your lower-belly bulge.
  • If you focus on pushing down with your heels each time you pedal, your hamstrings will engage to slim the thighs.

HikerGirlColorDYK…Hiking Trims the Thighs?

  •  You can streamline your lower body by hiking. Navigating the uneven trails utilizes the largest, and most calorie hungry muscles in the legs ( Quads & Hamstrings) as well as the smaller, underused stabilizing muscle groups…Result: You will torch flab & sculpt slim, firm thighs.
  • For a Faster Tone: Pump your arms as you traverse the path to increase calorie burn. This will also sculpt triceps …Good-Bye bat wings!

theme parkDYK…You can Blast Calories Strolling the Theme Park?

  • Studies show you an burn 1,400 calories during a  day by casually walking around & standing in lines at an amusement park. Carrying tired tots, carrying souvenirs, or pushing strollers add toning throughout your muscles & shoulders.
  • For a Faster Tone: While you are standing in line, step up onto your tiptoes 10 times to firm up the calves & strengthen the ankles.

golf_swingDYK…Playing Golf Whittles the Waist?

  • According to Rowley, executing a golf swing works your obliques, your abdominal muscles and your lower back. This combination of muscles wraps around the torso and cinches the waist like a corset to carve out an hourglass shape.
  • For a Faster Tone:  While waiting your turn to putt, hold the club at your thighs with one hand at each end & shrug your shoulders up & down. This simple movement engages the pectorals to perk up the chest.

in-line skaterDYK…Inline Skating Sculpts the Butt?

  • When Rollerblading, try to keep knees bent & relaxed as you glide down the street.  This position engages more muscle fibers in the gluteus maximus & hamstrings, the muscles that firm & lift the tush.
  • For a Faster Tone: When skating downhill, hold your arms out parallel to the grounds. This will improve your balance, and engage the deltoids & trapezius muscles for fast shoulder sculpting.

These are Fun, Healthy Ways to Enjoy your Days…A Better Way of Life! You may find more in John Rowley’s bestselling book…”The Power of Positive Fitness”!

Delicious Healing with Fresh Farm Nutrition!

(Food Info & Ideas from the July 14 edition of For Women FIRST)

peppers“LIKE” A Beautiful Smile?

  • Brightly colored bell peppers are rich in carotenoids – nutrients that help strengthen tooth enamel, speed healing of damaged gum tissue & triple the level of immune cells needed to destroy damaging mouth bacteria … according to a report of UCLA researchers.
  • Hint: Raw & lightly cooked peppers contain 67% more carotenoids than those that are cooked at high temperatures or for long periods of time.

Tomatoesonvine2“LIKE” a Healthy Food Skin Protector?

  • Fresh tomatoes are full of lycopene – a plant pigment that soaks skin cells. It blocks up to 30% of the sun’s damaging rays!
  • Bonus: Lycopene strengthens collagen & accelerates healing for healthy, wrinkle-free skin.

aubergine“LIKE” a Healthy Heart Hero?

  • A Japanese research team finds that adding eggplant to you diet at least three times weekly can significantly lower your cholesterol. The eggplant contains a compound (nasunin) that blocks fat absorption in the intestines. Fresh In-Season Treats for the personal power of Good Health! Enjoy the summer and fun activities for healthy living in Coastal Carolina!Couples golfstock-footage-retired-senior-couple-enjoying-a-healthy-outdoor-lifestyle-playing-golfBrunswick Plantation is a good place to visit or live. Folks here say that that living at Brunswick Plantation and Golf Resort is like living a vacation! Enjoy!












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