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Home and Garden BPL logoHere at Brunswick Plantation & Golf Resort, a gated Coastal Carolina community, we enjoy helping our new neighbors create the home they dream of.  After they move in we help them continue to realize that dream by offering up these Home & Garden Tips: Outdoor Kitchen Ideas.

Outdoor parties are more fun and easier if you have an outdoor kitchen.  Checkout these fantastic outdoor kitchens for ideas to make your own.

Outdoor kitchens can be less formal, like this one which uses a coffee table in lieu of a dining table.  Keep the stress down by using stain resistant materials.

• Don’t let a summer shower ruin your day…install clear panels on top of your arbor

• Try using one paint color when adding on new materials to older ones.  This will tie in the spaces visually.

• Make sure to locate your outdoor kitchen closer to your house if you can.  This will make getting the groceries and other goodies stocked for use easier.  Or even better, ins all a refrigerator, storage, and dishwasher in your outdoor kitchen.

U-shape kitchens remain a popular option due to the ease of access to everything by the chef.

• Locate your refrigerator and other small appliances below the top to keep your views clear.

• Create a counter top that is wide enough to serve as a prep and serving area.  This one made of concrete achieves just that.

• Add some umbrellas to shade you and your guests.  Be sure to measure your seating and areas you want to shade to get the right size.

This kitchen blends in seamlessly with the adjacent areas in finish and color.  This clean look doesn’t pull attention from the view or take up too much space.

• This outdoor kitchen protects the chef from wind and rain by way of windows that open while keeping the view in tact.
• If your space has a dominant neutral color like this one, add in some color with pieces of furniture.
• Don’t forget your area and task lighting.  Choose based on the space and use.

This kitchen has in indoor and outdoor feel with its full ceiling while protecting the furniture and cabinets.

• Add  a bar top to the kitchen allows your guests to be near the action of the kitchen and adds seats to your area.

• You can make your outdoor kitchen feel larger simply by painting the ceiling and walls a bright white.
•Think about flexibility when you choose furniture.  Chairs with covers can be easily remade by using a new cover as the wear out or as seasons change.

• Create space separation by using different flooring types.  The tile kitchen and wood decking in dining do the job here.

Short on space?  Simply adding  grill with prep space can be all you need in an outdoor kitchen.

• Here, an outdoor pizza oven is added that wouldn’t work inside the home.
• Using the edge of the deck for the kitchen saves addition al space.
• Consider your grill location to avoid smoke blowing in your seating areas or into the house.

The grill is an essential piece for your outdoor kitchen.  Even if you don’t have a lot of room you can get modern equipment that will fit your space.

• Find equipment with modular pieces and create a custom fit for your space.
• Stainless steel and granite are always best choices as the can handle the outdoor weather conditions.
• Short on space..then stack it up…here a warming drawer is topped with a grill which is topped by a rotisserie cooker.

We hope these Home & Garden Tips inspire you to create a beautiful space.  Interesting in learning more about A Better Way of Life at Brunswick Plantation & Golf Resort? CLICK HERE

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