Deborah and Bob Kogler…Cruising to Love

We have so many great people in our Brunswick Plantation & Golf Resort community! Folks come from many states in the United States as well as other countries. Deborah and Bob Kogler, part of the rich tapestry of our Brunswick Plantation family, have an interesting story to tell of how they cruised to Love in the Caribbean!

Royal-Caribbean-Cruise-3Love Cruise

Deborah and Bob were both widowed and were on a cruise in the Caribbean! It was Debbie’s second cruise with her best friend, Thea. It sailed on St. Patrick’s Day and Bob was cruising with his buddies on a High School Reunion Cruise while happily celebrating the Irish holiday all decked out in a green suit , hair, and beard!

As the Luck a’ the Irish would have it, Bob spotted Debbie and wanted to spray her hair green, too! Debbie agreed to have her hair sprayed green for a Dance! After that evening, they would be seeing each other often around the deck of the cruise ship. As they and others engaged in conversation, they began to get to know each other and enjoyed their time together.

Bob, who is originally from New York was now living at Brunswick Plantation.  After the cruise, Debbie and Bob stayed in touch by phone. Debbie was still living in her home state of Virginia. Her children were planning a surprise birthday party for her 60th birthday. Since he could tell from his Mom’s cruise stories that she enjoyed Bob’s company, he called and invited Bob to his Mother’s birthday party in Virginia on March 30. Bob came to the party and the rest is  history! He and Debbie continued their relationship chatting on the phone, visiting, and traveling together for the next year.

IMG_2858Wedding Bells are Ringing

The next year they planned a cruise to Jamaica together.  Bob proposed on that cruise, and they were married last March at Brunswick Plantation. Their wedding had a St. Patrick’s Day theme with Bob in a green suit with a yellow tie and Debbie in a lovely yellow wedding dress! The bride was beautiful with her bouquet of green, yellow, & white flowers! Kogler wedding collageFriends and family were on hand to celebrate their Love!


the emerald isle collageHoneymoon in Ireland

Their honeymoon trip was to Dublin, Ireland, of course! Debbie and Bob…Blessed with The Luck a’ the Irish ! This trip was eventful, also! The excitement began here in the States, when they decided to go to the basketball game between Coastal Carolina University (Bob’s favorite team) and University of Virginia (Debbie’s team) in Raleigh…Before their flight to Ireland. They had to drive back to Charleston to fly to Dublin. Upon arrival in Dublin, their GPS did not kick in right away and took them toward Belfast instead of Dublin. They finally got to Dublin though, and the Fun began!

Dickie Rock callageThey personally met Dicky Rock, the Irish Heartthrob of R & R in the 60’s! He was known as the Tom Jones of Ireland! That was a real treat!

DublinDebbie and Bob found Ireland to be a friendly and beautiful country! Dublin is very multi-cultural! They met folks of a variety of nationalities! One funny story is of their Chinese taxi driver. They asked him to take them to their Clontarf Castle Hotel.  He only heard the Castle part and drove them to a castle at the opposite end of Dublin! Dublin, they found, is set in districts, and one needs to know the district number. They wanted District 1, not knowing that District 27 has a road with the same name. It can be confusing in Dublin! Renting a car, they found driving on the opposite side of the road challenging! One little tidbit they shared is that they could not find any iced tea in Ireland, which was a surprise to Debbie, who enjoys her Sweet Tea! However, they found a several Starbucks in Dublin!

emeral isle mysteryThey call Ireland the Emerald Isle for good reason! It is a dark, plush green! A lot of rain to keeps it that way.  It rains nearly every day even if only a little, usually in the morning.  One cab drive told them that “You can tell the seasons in Ireland by how cold or warm the rain is!” Every Jewel has it’s price!


Debbie grew up and lived in the Blue Ridge Mountain area of Virginia until moving to North Carolina when she married Bob.  She retired in October from the office of Baily Printing Company in Charlottesville, VA. She has three sisters and one brother still living in Virginia.

Debbie has two sons by a previous marriage.  Debbie’s sons  and their families are also living in Virginia. She has 5 grandchildren ranging in age from 2 – 11 years. There are 4 granddaughters (one set of twins) and one grandson. Her family loves visiting she and Bob in North Carolina and enjoy going to the the beach! The children also like to visit Barefoot Landing and the Alligator Adventure Show. Lots of Fun for All!

Bob was born in Brooklyn, New York. He and his wife, Sue, lived in Long island where they both taught school. Bob taught high school social studies, coached football, was an activities advisor, sponsored Student council. He retired in 2004 after a 33 year teaching career.

commonsBeginning in 2004, Bob and Sue had a golf condo at Commons I at Brunswick Plantation and were snowbirds until moving to a condo at the Lakes to live here full time in 2012. After losing Sue to illness, Bob remained at the Lakes.

Bob and Sue raised two sons who are now living in Little River. The oldest son graduated from Coastal Carolina University and met and married a young woman, thus staying in the area.  This is originally why Bob came to the Carolina’s! Bob’s youngest son moved to Little River 1 and  1/2 years ago.  Both young men are in the pizza business…One for Dominoes and one with Papa John’s.

His oldest son and his wife have a baby boy . It is good that they live so near by so Bob can see his grandson. Bob also enjoys bowling with his sons. He enjoys Debbie’s family, also, and recently taught the granddaughters how to surf! It’s All Fun in the Family!

Brunswick Activites Views CollageLiving at Brunswick Plantation

Debbie and Bob really enjoy living at Brunswick Plantation for a variety of reasons! They think it is a perfect location …Close to a lot to do and see but not in the middle of it and beautifully landscaped! Bob likes the fact that the buildings are well constructed and maintained.  They take care of things no matter how long you live here. They say that Brunswick Plantation and Golf Resort is an accommodating and friendly place to live! People wave and speak no matter where you see them at Brunswick Plantation! There are lots of opportunities to do whatever you choose.

Debbie, being fairly new, is getting to know people and enjoys baking, country cooking …And Sweet Tea! She finds people to be very friendly and open to new folks! She has taken part in the Social Committee exercise classes led by Emily Bonneau on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday as well as the classes on Tuesday and Thursday. She enjoys them though she has had so much company from family that she has not participated much this summer. She plans to rejoin the group again after the summer company. Debbie has taken a couple of golf lessons but does not yet consider herself a golfer.

LAKES CONDOBob enjoys living in the Lakes condo and watching the resident 3 and 1/2 ft. alligator. He says it is harmless and fun to observe. Bob also enjoys playing poker with his friends. He is a member of the Men’s Golf Club. He was an officer and  Tournament Director, arranging for the game and food. Bob also plays in the Member/Member Tournament.  It plays for 3 days…Flights A – F. The women’s club generously does the food for that tournament. It takes a Village…A Golf Village!

ParrotHead collageCoast of Carolina Parrothead Club

One of Bob’s passions is the Coast of Carolina Parrothead Club.  It serves an area from Ocean Isle to Pawley’s Island. It is a charitable Social Club which provides benefits to a children’s recovery center for abused children as well as participating in supporting organization and activities like Backpack Buddies, Senior Citizens, and the Food Bank. He notes that they had a membership drive with Jimmy Buffet music at la belle Amie Winery. on July 19. For more info…

Brunswick Plantation & Coastal Living Fun for All

carolinaopryDebbie and Bob with their friends and families who visit… All enjoy the pools at the Lakes and the beach at Sunset Beach! They particularly enjoy shows at The Carolina Opry and Good Vibrations! They say the same cast does both shows and are fabulously talented entertainers! They note that the same cast members stay with the shows for years.  One gal Debbie saw perform as a child 12 years ago is still in the cast!  They also enjoy The Legends Show!

 Debbie and Bob are impressed with the shows at the 19th Hole at Brunswick Plantation. They loved the Chapin Show and have recently enjoyed the Band of Oz which they said was fabulous! Brian TiernanThey are looking forward to bringing their families who will be visiting to the Brian Tiernan & Friends Dinner Show on August 9th.  Debbie and Bob think everyone should get in on the Fun Shows at the friendly 19th Hole! Entertainment is easy to find in the Coastal Carolina area.

We are so glad that Debbie and Bob Cruised to Love in the Caribbean and are our neighbors at Brunswick Plantation and Golf Resort! They are another good reason that it is Fun and Family in our lovely gated community! Brunswick Plantation truly is a Two State Solution to Fun! Better Way of Life awaits you in Coastal Carolina!

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