Health and Wellness tips : 5 easy ways to battle fat

health and wellness headerAt Brunswick Plantation & Golf Resort, we believe a healthy lifestyle is part of A Better Way of Life.  Take 5 minutes and checkout these health and wellness tips.  5 easy ways to battle fat.

Everyone knows that exercising regularly and a proper diet are the biggest factors in controlling your weight and excess body fat.  But there are other ways that can help you drop those unwanted pounds.

Begin Battling Fat

You’ve probably heard the classics to battling fat like drinking 10 glass of water daily, eat at regular times, don’t skip breakfast.  But what other things can you do to cut those unwanted pounds?


Don’t binge watch TV without a break!

A recent study showed that people who took more breaks from sitting and walked around for a few minutes had a 16 percent smaller waist line than those who did not.  Not only is this beneficial for your waist line, but other studies indicate that too much sitting can lead to other unhealthy conditions that lead to diabetes, heart disease, and higher mortality rates.

Sleeping Well

There’s plenty of data that show getting ample sleep can lead to a smaller waist line.  Many studies indicate that less sleep leads to higher BMI.  In fact, one study showed that those who get a full nights rest lost more body fat than those who did not.

Pick Up the Phone

Feeling hungry?  Pick up your phone and call someone.  Recent research indicates that isolation and social stress can lead to increased levels of fat deposits and stress hormones linked to waist line fat.


Chew Sugarless Gum

The benefit is more than just good breath.  Recent research evidence indicates those who chew gum for 3 -20 minute session in the a.m. ate 67 fewer calories at lunch.  Additionally, they burnt approximately 5% more calories and felt better after chewing.

Walk If You Can

You don’t have to live on the treadmill.  But simply put, the more steps you take the calories you burn.  Things like walking to your coworker’s office or taking the stairs or parking a few spots farther away add up.  Consider this.  6 walks of 5 minutes each can total 100 more calories burned a day.  This can result in a 10 pound loss in a year.

We hope you find these health and fitness tips helpful.  Check back in next month for more free tips.  Interested in learning more about A Better Way of Life at Brunswick Plantation?  CLICK HERE

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