Pet Tips 9 Dog Myths Busted by Brunswick Plantation Living

blog pet tips logoWe love our pets here at Brunswick Plantation & Golf Resort , a gated coastal carolina community.  We think they can be a big part of “A Better Way of Life”  Check out these Pet Tips 9 Dog Myths Busted.

Myth No. 1: A warm, dry nose means your dog has a fever.

Veterinarians agree that your dog’s nose does not mean it is sick or has a fever.  The only accurate way to tell if a fever exists is use a thermometer (usually a rectal for dogs) to measure its temperature.  A healthy temperature is between 100 and 102.5 degrees.  A better measure of poor health is if your dog is not as active or hunger as normal.  Other signs your dog may be sick:

  • Vomiting and diarrhea
  • Urinating less or more often than usual
  • Coughing and sneezing
  • Discharge from  the nose, ears, or eyes

healthy dogMyth No. 2:  Dogs’ mouths are sterile and clean.

Nope, this is not true at all.  Consider where your dog’s mouth has been since yesterday…  Most dogs lick their and others nether parts, may eat feces as a snack, and generally will pick up most anything on the ground.

Myth No. 3: The best diet for dogs is raw meat.

This may sound good from the outset as dogs are descendants of meat eating wolves.  But the truth is it is an unbalanced diet that is not healthy.  In fact wolves eat things other than meat.  Calcium and other healthy nutrients are not available to dogs in healthy amounts with meat only diets.  In addition, raw meat can make your dog sick because of the parasites, disease, and bacteria present in it.

Myth No. 4: Dog digestive systems can’t digest grains.

In fact, a dog’s digestive system is quite strong.  Things like corn, beets, and rice augment a dog’s diet with proteins and essential nutrients. Simply put, dogs are omnivorous and grains are part of their healthy diets.

AC4D93Myth No. 5: You should feed your dog according to the label instructions.

The truth is you should just begin at reading the label.  You need to take into consideration how active or inactive your dog is as well as metabolism.  Consult your vet to determine a healthy weight for your dog and discuss the food and diet it has.  A rule of thumb for healthy body weight in a dog: you should be able to feel the ribs below the skin easily.

Myth No. 6: An excited dog is glad to see you.

If your dog spins in circles, jumps around, and runs after you come home from work it’s not just happy to see you.  It is mostly because they are overexcited and have more energy than they know what to do with at the moment.  If the over excitement is a problem them try ignoring them until they calm down and then reward them with attention.

Myth No. 7: A dog urinates on the rug because he’s angry with you.

You may think this, but it’s simply not true.  There could be an underlying medical issue, stress, territorial behavior, or anxiety.  Or it could simply be you forgot to take him out.  Whatever the case, don’t get angry with the dog, it will not improve the situation and could make it worse.

Myth No. 8: Female dogs should have one litter prior to spaying.

If you are concerned about your dogs mental well being because she has not been a mother, don’t.  Only humans have this emotion.  In fact, it is healthier for your pet to be spayed before birthing. The chances of getting breast cancer and fatal uterine infections are reduced by spaying before the first heat cycle.

dogMyth No. 9: Dog parks are perfectly safe and healthy.

Nothing is perfectly safe and healthy.  That being said, dog parks are great fun but some risks exists.  Things like worms, viruses, ticks,  and fleas abound.  In addition, the chance of a dog fight is always present.  But using your commons sense and being observant of your surroundings will keep you safe in most cases.

We hope you enjoyed and learned from these Pet Tips : 9 Dog Myths.  If you are interested in learning more about A Better Way of Life at Brunswick Plantation, CLICK HERE.

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