Carol and Eric Lindquist…Share Talent and Trains at Brunswick Plantation

image(1)Carol and Eric Lindquist have lived at Brunswick Plantation and Golf Resort since 2001.  They bought land and rented a house here until their own home was built on Blakely Court. Theirs was the first house on that street along with their neighbors on either side who were having theirs under construction at the same time…A Good Start for a New Neighborhood!

Carol and Eric are both originally from New Jersey. Carol grew up in Patterson, New Jersey where she also earned her nursing degree at Patterson General Hospital School of Nursing. Eric was born in Jersey City, N.J. and grew up mostly in N. Arlington, New Jersey.

 Carol and Eric met at a nursing school dance that he was invited to attend with a friend. Eric asked Carol to dance that night, and they never skipped a beat! They were engaged two years later and married a year after that…one week after Carol’s nursing boards! Let the Journey of Life Together Begin!

Carol and Eric first lived in Clifton, New Jersey.  They then built a home in West Milford, N.J. They later lived in Pequannack, N.J. After that they settled in Clark, N.J. for the next 25 years! They raised four boys,  two of which were twins. All boys are now fathers themselves, with 11 grandchildren and 1 unofficial grandchild…daughter to a son’s girlfriend. All in all, there are 8 boys and 3 girls in their growing family.  It’s “All in the Family” with Love and Fun to Share!

The Lindquist Family

Though the family is very spread out in location, they remain close at heart and make time for each other whenever possible!Magdeburg Jonothan, one of the twins,  lives in Magdeburg, Germany and is a university professor and researcher.  His wife is from Magdeburg and works part time as a neuroscientist so she can be home more with their two sons and daughter.  Carol and Eric have had some very interesting trips to visit them and be shown around Eastern and Western Europe.  Family makes for great tour guides!

Eric, the oldest of the Lindquist sons and his two boys, and a daughter live in Richmond, Virginia. Unfortunately, his wife passed away from breast cancer, and he is a single dad. He now works for Cisco Foods and has also been a chef! Good Cooking and Food Tips for All!

James, the other twin, is an engineer and lives in Michigan with his wife and 2 boys and a daughter. Son Chris lives in outside of Coatsville, PA. and works in N.J. as a veterinarian. His wife , also a veterinarian, works for Merk. They have 2 boys! Lots going on for the Lindquist family in various locations! Visiting grandparents, Carol and Eric, at the Beach is a good option for all!

Carol and Eric Celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary…At the Beach with Family!

Sunset-Beach-family12Carol and Eric married in November 50 years ago! What better way to celebrate than with their Family…At the Beach! They rented a large 6 bedroom house at Sunset Beach and invited everyone to join them! Family came and went at different times, as their schedules allowed. As you can imagine, a Good A Time was had by All!

Choosing Brunswick Plantation as Home

Carol and Eric decided that when they retired they would rather not deal with the snow. They had originally bought a little home in upstate New York from Carol’s aunt and used it as a 2nd home while they were still living in New Jersey. They enjoyed the people there but not the weather. Knowing that they wanted to move South, Eric contacted the Chamber of Commerce and created a spread sheet from their recommendations. Things that they were considering included:

  1. Place that was easily accessible but not too busy
  2. Access to airports (Two near Brunswick Plantation)
  3. Location easy for children to visit & a reasonable drive to their children.
  4. South away from snow!
  5. Good Price range.

Brunswick Activites Views CollageThey looked in Florida and thought it was too far from children and too hot. Virginia was considered, but North Carolina was better. When they looked at Brunswick Plantation and Golf Resort, they loved the beauty of it and were impressed by the friendliness. It was friendlier than other golf communities, and they just felt “At Home”!

Brunswick Plantation & The Area…Good Volunteer Activities

Carol and Eric belong to the St. Luke Lutheran Church in Ocean Isle where Carol volunteers in the church office four days a week. She calls for the pastor for folks who are ill and often makes food to take to them. Especially since Carol is a nurse, this is a perfect fit for her. She enjoys doing this for others!

Brunswick-Novant-Medical-Center-1Eric volunteers  at the Novant Hospital each week.  He also, along with Bob McLaughlin, helps maintain a model train they gave to the hospital for the children’s waiting room.  It was given by a man who had lost his grandson and gave his train to the hospital to bring joy to other children. What a generous gift!

The Intracoastal Model Railroad Club

Eric has been a fan of model trains since he received one as a child. Eric has the top floor of their house for his model trains….One from 1939 that he received as a Christmas gift!  The walls are lined with model trains of all varieties! Eric has a large interactive display as well as the other vintage model trains. He enjoys refurbishing older trains. It is a Train Lover’s Paradise and a Child’s Dream Village!

Lindquist rainsIn 2001, at the end of August, Eric built his “Train Delight” and showed them on display during the Brunswick Plantation Christmas Tour that year. Then during the Builder’s Tour, Don Woodwell and Bob McLaughlin , also model train enthusiasts, looked at Eric’s Train display.  Their shared passion for model trains led to the creation of the Intracoastal Model Railroad Club!

Train-CollageThe Intracoastal Model Railroad Club now has members throughout Brunswick County that include the creators of the club as well as of Brunswick Plantation residents, Brent Ingraham, Don Wahl, and Steve Stiehle. The IMMRRC is hosting a Model Train Show at Brunswick Plantation on July 12 & 13 from 10am – 4pm at the Brunswick House. The Public is Invited! There will be trains of a variety of gauges to include interactive trains that children may enjoy! Folks can bring in model trains that are not running well for advice from the experts! It will also be possible to win a new train! This is the 6th year to sponsor this train show, which is very popular! More Info at

At Home at Brunswick Plantation

Carol and Eric’s home is complete with their dog, Sparky! Sparky is an important member of the Lindquist family! He is very friendly, but Eric says Sparky is afraid of lightening.

There are many things that the Lindquists enjoy at Brunswick. Carol says she likes to go water walking in the pool. It is refreshing and keeps her in shape! Her family bought her a kindle that she enjoys using, as she loves to read. She can relax at home and enjoy her books. She also likes to play marhjong with the ladies at the Brunswick House.  Eric, of course, loves restoring trains and the many activities he and his train buddies have going on with the Intracoastal Model Railroad Club.

Area Activities that Carol & Eric Enjoy

One of the many reasons that Carol and Eric chose Brunswick Plantation was the location…Near a lot to do but not in such a busy traffic area.  They enjoy restaurants in Calabash like…The Boundary House and Christopher’s Pizza.

When friends come, they enjoy taking the to Cafe Old Vienna in Village Square Shopping Center in Myrtle Beach.

cafe old viennaJoe-Warther-AccordionThey advertise German cuisine with an Austrian twist in an Old World Viennese atmosphere!It is open for lunch and dinner… Tuesday thru Saturday. You might like to try it…Learn More @

Napa valley trainCarol and Eric are also members of Brookgreen Gardens. There are a variety of interesting events offered throughout the year in these beautiful Sculpture gardens!

The Lindquists were lucky to win a trip to Sanoma Valley in California through one of these events. They really enjoyed their visit to this lovely Napa Valley wine country…Especially aboard the Wine Train!

Eric and Carol also enjoy the many shows in the area near Brunswick Plantation. They enjoy shows at The Alabama Theatre, Carolina Opry, Dixie Stampede, and Legends…Just to name a few! Entertainment is all around us!

Life is Good at Brunswick Plantation and Golf Resort for Carol and Eric Lindquist! They enjoy spending time with family and friends with things to do on the Plantation and in the area.  We are so happy that they are a part of our active Brunswick Family! Brunswick Plantation is truly… The Two State Solution for Fun!

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