Dee Dee and Jon Trainor…Brunswick Plantation is “The Best”

Trainor boatDee Dee and Jon Trainor have a lovely home in the Georgetown section of Brunswick Plantation and Golf Resort. It is a great place for them and their cute white dog, Becca! Everyone is Becca’s friend!

PicMonkey Collage Cricket Cove marinaBrunswick Plantation is also close to Cricket Cove Marina, where they keep their 23 ft. Key Wester Center Consol fishing boat. Though there are several marinas in the area, they feel Cricket Cove suits them best with it’s stack storage and great location on the Intracoastal Waterway. Snooky's collageIt is minutes away, and they also enjoy Snooky’s Cove Tiki Bar @ The Cricket Cove Marina!

DeeDee and Jon have enjoyed boating for years. Jon was originally from New Jersey and always enjoyed being on the water. They are now in the process of selling their cottage trailer they have had for nine years on Catawba’s Weekend Island in Ohio. North Carolina is Home for them now! They love it in Coastal Carolina…Especially living at Brunswick Plantation and Golf Resort!

PicMonkey-Collage-Brunswick-Golf-Collage-300x241Dee Dee and Jon had found Brunswick Plantation while doing an internet search and booked a 3-Day Package. They had also looked at other golf communities in the area. They enjoyed the area and absolutely “Fell in Love” with Brunswick Plantation! Jon enjoys the golf, and has been a member of a private golf club for 30 years.

They both love spending time on their boat. Though they have had other boats, this one is prefect for fishing in Coastal Carolina! Cricket Cove Marina is only minutes away with easy access and reasonably priced for their boating needs. Since it has rack storage, they don’t pay for docking fees. Cricket Cove  is open to the public and has a great view!

Dee Dee and Jon were really impressed with the lovely presentation as you enter the cozy, gated community of Brunswick Plantation and Golf Resort. They like the layout and architecture and the way it is utilized. Of course, the sunshine is wonderful and the variety of amenities only add to the allure!  The location attracted them, as it is quieter here and has less traffic. It is also  close to amusement venues in Myrtle Beach. They include the social gatherings and friends they have met as real joy in living at Brunswick Plantation.

Brunswick House collage The activities at the Brunswick House are a plus, also. They enjoy the well stocked library and a variety of exercise classes…Something for everyone! They bought their house in June and moved in as full time residents in September of 2013.

There is such a variety of clubs and activities. They enjoy the bowling league , library, and parties! The friendliness is always an asset, as everyone is so welcoming. They are very proud of their Georgetown home and happy with the friendly community.  It is pet friendly and everyone in Georgetown knows Becca , as neighbors are all out walking their dogs, also!

Fountain-Collage-for-Blog-PostThey say that when friends visited them at Brunswick Plantation, they were also impressed with the layout and landscaping. They just proclaimed…”WOW, What a choice!” They are looking forward to visit from their family in the near future.

Dee Dee and Jon moved to Brunswick Plantation from their home in Silver Lake, Ohio. They met years ago when Dee Dee was a medical lab technician, and Jon was her boss at Akron General Medical Center.  They will have been married 39 years in June! Happy Anniversary!

Dee Dee worked as a  real estate agent for the last 20 years for Geneva Shervenic Realty. She has recently begun working a few hours a week in the Marketing Dept. as an Internet Marketing Representative at Brunswick Plantation.Welcome, Dee Dee!

Dee Dee and Jon have a daughter and a son. Their daughter, Aimee and her husband Bob, live in Dover, Ohio and have a daughter, Lilly, who is 7 years old. The Trainor’s son, Matthew and his wife, Julie, live in the Akron area and have a daughter Alexas who is 10 years old. Jon also has his mother and two brothers in Cherry Hill, New Jersey! Brunswick Plantation is known as a great place for friends and family to visit with lots to do, on and near, the beaches! There are also fun amenities  and activities in the community for all ages!

PicMonkey Collage Collector's cafeDee Dee and Jon found a gourmet restaurant by 79th Street in Myrtle Beach that they like for special occasions. The Collector’s Cafe looks like a coffee house and has art on the walls for sale. They found it by chance looking for a place to celebrate their anniversary. They say a lot of local folks eat there, and it is delicious!

Dee Dee and Jon are finding new and interesting places to enjoy at Brunswick Plantation and Golf Resort. North and South Carolina offer so much to do and see to folks who live at our ” Two State Solution to Fun”! We are so glad to have the Trainors as our Friends and Neighbors…”The Best” Fun for Everyone!



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