Fantastic Foyers….Ideas to create a great First Impression by K.A.

Here at Brunswick Plantation & Golf Resort we love our homes.  Our POA’s Master Declaration ensures we have consistent architecture and landscaping to ensure a beautiful community for years to come.  However, we also love our interiors.  We offer many customizing options on our theme and custom homes to add that personal touch.  While we don’t decorate, we do offer some helpful advice in this post by showing ideas and design tips to create an impressive home entry.

Photo: Lucas Allen

nostaligic feel

Nostalgic Feel

Pairing heirlooms like a china set or these oil-rubbed kerosene lanterns with exposed wood plank walls is a great way to add character to your point of entry.


Photo: Laurey W. Glenn

bold first impression

Bold First Impression

Greet your guests with sophisticated style by combining hues from the same family. By using different blue tones on the walls, table, and accents, you can make a modern style statement the instant your guests step inside.

Photo: Laurey W. Glenn

mixed furniture

Mixed Furniture Styles

Pairing antiques with modern pieces refreshes older items and gives a more collected, less ‘designed’ look.


Photo: Eric Piasecki

bold and bright

Bold & Bright

Anything is fair game when you are searching for color inspiration. Here, the vibrant colors and X-pattern of this interior door are lifted from the wall jockey paintings.


Photo: Laurey W. Glenn

rustic charm

Rustic Charm

The space under your stairs doesn’t have to be wasted. An upholstered chair paired with a vintage chest provides a cozy landing spot near the front door, and personal accents like this grouping of vintage trophies is inexpensive and rich with patina.

Photo: Eric Piasecki

confidence with color

Confidence with Color

The exuberant purple of this diamanté-patterned front door works in contrast with the warm yellow hue of the walls, but ties in nicely to the hanging lanterns that are trimmed in matching purple velvet.


Photo: Laurey W. Glenn

functional style

Functional Style

Just because you actually plan to use your entryway, doesn’t mean it has to look cluttered or drab. These bright shades hide away bins of shoes and toys while adding a nice pop of color.


Photo: Tria Giovan

cozy spot

Cozy Spot

The foyer serves as more than just a point of entry with a cozy reading nook tucked in beneath the staircase.


Photo: Van Chaplin

vivid wallpaper

Vivid Wallpaper

Get major impact in small spaces with a lively print like this geometric pattern. Use sparingly to ensure the bold design doesn’t overwhelm your room.


Photo: Erica George Dines

inspired by nature

Inspired by Nature

Unify the look of your entryway by grouping artwork in similar tones or feel. Here, nature pulls it all together.


Photo: William Waldron

unexpected accents

Unexpected Accents

Since the foyer is the first room that guests see as they enter your home, let your personality shine from the start by displaying favorite pieces. Whether it’s an antique mirror or even a mounted rhinoceros head, your unique pieces can serve as great conversation starters.


Photo: Laurey W. Glenn

reclaim and restore

Reclaim & Restore

Mix found pieces to create unique furniture and accessories. This entryway combines a bench made from reclaimed wood beams and wrought iron fence materials with personal nature photographs framed in antique wood.


Photo: Robbie Caponetto

in season

In Season

When decorating your house, consider the first thing guests will see when they come in the front door. Here, seasonal accents are seamlessly paired with distressed wood-framed photos.


Photo: Helen Norman

evoking history

Evoking History

Groupings of framed historic prints, hanging lanterns, and rich wood floors combine with white walls and neutral accents for the perfect mix of old and new in this classic entryway.

Photo by Laurey W. Glenn

beachy beauty

Beachy Beauty

It’s not always important to make a big statement in the foyer, as this one opens directly into the living room. Pairing dark wood with white walls adds just the right amount of drama.

establish a mood

Establish a Mood

Chose a color palette that leads well into the adjoining spaces A rug can soften and define the space as well as bring in more colors.


We hope this helps inspire you to create a beautiful, welcoming space.  Interested in learning more about Brunswick Plantation? Click here.  Want to learn about ownership opportunities? Contact Us Now.

Article Credit given to Mary Beard/Southern Living

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