Best Places to Retire Brunswick Plantation Reason #5 Energy Efficient

BrunswickPlantationGolfResortaMyrtleBeachGolfHolidaymemberBrunswick Plantation & Golf Resort is a gated coastal Carolina community minutes from the South Brunswick Islands and the Grand Strand of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and one of the best places to retire.

There are many communities in the area to live, but Brunswick Plantation simply offers a Better Way of Life.

 How so you say?  Our southern architecture, landscapes, and hospitality create the foundation for a pleasant neighborhood where friendliness is contagious and everyone can feel it.

This post continues our series of Why to Live in Brunswick Plantation by delving into the Top 10 reasons more in depth.  Today’s post is the #5 reason to choose Brunswick……Energy Efficient

New Home Building Codes

A new home is a more energy efficient home.  Since the 2012 NC residential building code was revised, all new homes are much more energy efficient than their predecessors.  In fact, many of the requirements adopted were EPA program Energy Star tried and true ways to reduce energy usage.

 Energy Star Partner

On top of new home code requirements, our Commercial Building Division has been building Energy Star qualified new homes since 20010.  The condos, town homes, and single family homes built by this division are delivering some of the most energy efficient homes in the area.  Our average HERS score ( HERS is like the MPG rating for homes) is 70 which means it is 30 % more efficient than a standard new home & about 40% more efficient than homes 10 years or older.  One of our town homes certificates is shown below.  An estimated yearly savings of $865 is not too shabby.  Think of what you can do with an extra $865!

Bonus! Water Management System

In addition to energy efficiency, our Energy Star qualified homes come with a Comprehensive Water Management System to protect roofs, walls, and foundations.  Flashings, drainage planes, and site grading to move water away from the roof to the ground and then away from the home.  Water-resistant materials underneath slabs to reduce the potential for water entering into the home.  Management of moisture levels in building materials during construction

Learn More about our Energy Star homes or DISCOVER Brusnwick Plantation Now!

Caw Caw Land Corp STH12 Unit 1 Energy Star 3.0 Certificate_Page_1



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