3 Reasons To Install An UV Air Purifier

health and wellness headerUV air purifiers are effective for people who are affected by poor indoor air quality. The health of people who breathe in dust, pollen, or dander could be severely affected by it.

Many people who live in older homes or who live in environments where it’s cold will quickly recognize whether they have allergies or other illnesses related to poor air quality. Not everyone recognizes the value of UV air purifiers, but here’s why you should consider them.

pet dander1. Eliminate or Reduce Pet Dander

Many people with pets do not realize how poor their indoor air quality is until someone starts to suffer. A UV air purifier can clean the air and improve the health of everyone in the home. Daily, your pets track in pollens and dust. These two culprits, along with dander and fur, can make people quite sick. You should install an air purifier to eliminate these potential pollutants in the air and significantly improve air quality.


seasonal allergies2. Help Alleviate Seasonal Allergies and Asthma

You can help to eliminate or reduce the effects of seasonal allergies if you install a UV air purifier. You don’t have to continue to suffer from your allergies. The UV air purifier can deliver cleaner air and reduce any adverse health conditions such as sneezing, itchy eyes, difficulty breathing, and other allergic reactions.

If you want to reduce the allergens that have caused you to develop asthma, you should install a UV air purifier. Indoor allergens can cause your eyes to swell or your nasal passages to close. Asthma affects your breathing, and the UV air purifier can remove the triggers from the air. Most people are amazed at how clean the air becomes after installing one.

germs3. Eliminate Dangerous Germs in the Air Without Chemicals

UV air purifiers will intercept airborne pathogens, and they’ll be destroyed as they are passing by the light. The air will cycle through the system several times to expose it to the UV light, which sterilizes. The process is safe and chemical-free. It’s also economical.

The germs in the air can contribute to you becoming sick. The frequency of the common cold and other illnesses can be reduced by cleaning the air of the germs that may cause the immune system to break down.

Keep in mind that indoor air toxins deplore the light and need a cool, dark, and damp interior to multiply and spread. The UV light can kill 90 percent of the microbial toxins in 10 minutes. This is why it’s so important to install a UV air purifier for the entire house.

Three Reasons to Install a UV Air Purifier

Installing a UV air purifier is recommended for anyone who owns or occupies a home, but it’s especially useful to people who have allergies and other breathing illnesses. The immune system is not compromised as much when a UV air purifier is installed. People will feel less sick in their homes and can spend more time in their homes. While it seems like a simple concept, it can make life easier for those who suffer from allergies, asthma, and other breathing conditions.

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In this guest blog, Gary Singleton provides some great reasons why you should invest in an UV air purifier. He is a HVAC contractor with Max Mechanical Air Conditioning & Heating and often writes about how families can improve the air quality in their homes.

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