Brunswick Plantation Neighbor’s Backstreet Cafe… Cooking Up Deli Delights 4 U!

ann & steveWe have so many creative and talented people in our Brunswick Plantation and Golf Resort community! It is one of the ingredients in making Brunswick Plantation “A Better Way of Life”! Ann and Steve Cuozzo are a great example of folks here who want to share their personal talents with you! Owners of the Backstreet Cafe in Sunset Beach, they are following their passion for good food in a place where friends can meet and enjoy a meal together!  They “Invite You” to their personal Deli Delight at the Backstreet Cafe!

Backstree cafeThe Backstreet Cafe is located in Sunset Beach near ATMC and The Pelican Bookstore. Steve & Ann Cuozzo bought the cafe, previously know as the Sunset Gourmet, three years ago.  Previous to moving to Brunswick Plantation, Steve had managed large gourmet delis on Long Island  and had input into the menus. Ann worked at large restaurants on Long Island. They had also run a successful catering business from their home in New York. They did catering for corporations and large home parties. Their dream was to use their expertise in the restaurant and deli business to own their own cafe! You could say that The Backstreet Cafe is a Dream Come True!

Backstreet Cafe

photo 4The idea for the Backstreet Cafe is that it is not only a place with delicious food but a gathering place for folks from the area. Steve says he is very happy with what he has with the cafe! It is what he always envisioned with people and groups stopping by to eat and socialize. With 1st time and repeat customers, Steve and Ann are pleased with their Backstreet Cafe! Some regular groups, like the ladies from Sandpiper, have Wednesday breakfasts at the cafe. The Cuozzos say their breakfasts are really special and so do the folks who come there to start the day in a delightful Deli Cafe way!

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Backstreet cafe wallThe decor is inviting with lovely framed photos gracing the wall. Some are available to buy! There is chalk paint around a ring in the middle of the wall and chalk is on the table by the wall for artists…of all ages… to leave their artistic mark!

The Backstreet cafe is open 7 days a week. The schedule for summer house will start around Memorial Day. The winter hours are:

  • Monday – Saturday 8am – 4pm

  • Sunday 9am – 2pm

photo 5(1) Inside Bacstreet cafeThe Backstreet Cafe is also can be rented in the  evenings for parties or special events. They will make your guests feel special and work with your budget!  They say they are “People Pleasers”, and want to Treat People Well! Though they sell no alcohol, you may  Bring Your Own Wine! They will serve it for a small cork charge. They will also cater parties elsewhere for you! They have catered Brunswick Plantation Social Committee parties as well as a private anniversary party at the Brunswick House.

Chef Brandon was a chef at the Isles!                              Backstreet cafe board menuFresh Food is made at the Cafe:

  • Soups
  • Chili’s
  • Salads
  • Wraps
  • Signature Paninis
  • Bread

They are proud of their Breakfast menu that has a variety to include.. Omelettes, Breakfast Quesadilla & Breakfast Burruto plus Pancakes and French Toast.  For Coffee Lovers there are also a variety of flavored coffee to include Creme Brulee Coffee & More!

There will be a new menu on March 29th.

guitar & recordsOften a musician friend will stop by on Friday to play the guitar. Jesse, a Jazz friend, likes to play Jazz standards. Other musician friends may stop by, also. Steve is himself a musician who plays acoustic guitar and sings “Country Rock”! Musicians tend to find each other! There are 1200 songs in their Cafe Ipad…Compliments of music in the store! There is also free Wi-Fi available for  customers’ convenience!

Steve is on the Board of Merchants Association at Sunset Beach. Often congressmen and local folks come in to eat and chat!  Their cafe is the gathering place that they encouraged! They appreciate the new additions to Sunset Beach:

  • New Lamp Posts
  • Palm Trees
  • Paved Parking
  • New Gazebo!

Sunset Beach is so close to Brunswick Plantation  that folks here can really enjoy it all! Living in the lovely gated community of Brunswick Plantation and close to Sunset Beach…It is the best of both worlds!

Cuozzo Family

Cuozzo FamilyAnn and Steve are both from Long Island in New York…Steve since he was 19 and moved from there from Brooklyn…Ann had always lived on Long Island. They met there, married, and had two children. Josh is now a U.S. History teacher in the Bronx . He also coaches college baseball. Rebecca has a degree in Broadcast Journalism, and presently works for a Manhattan Production Company. Both are currently single, but Josh is engaged to be married to Kelley in August. The wedding is at Mt. St. Vincent’s with the reception at New Rochelle. Ain’t Love Grand?!

Why Brunswick Plantation!

brunswick Plantation House slide2Steve and Ann said they looked at a few places in this area when they decided to move South. They immediately had the sense that Brunswick Plantation was a real community! They went to the 19th Hole and felt welcome right away! Everyone greeted them and included them in conversation. They just met so many really nice people there! They did not have that feeling when visiting the 19th Hole at other resorts. They also appreciated the beauty of the grounds and how well maintained they were. Bruswick golf villas flowersIn addition, They liked the fact that you could stay in the condos while you looked at property…very convenient! The location and amenities make it a good place to live, as well as a great place for family and friends to visit! Though the golf course is a plus, they feel that it has much to offer for them even though they do not play golf themselves.

CCAR1319733DThey really enjoy their home and community in the Smithfield section, as they know their neighbors and feel so comfortable in this community.  They have two dogs, Cisco, a mixed flat -coated retriever, and Lexy, a shitzu.  Both dogs were adopted locally, Cisco at 14 months,  from the N. Myrtle Beach Animal Shelter. Both dogs are now 5 years old. Ann and Steve enjoy walking them where their dogs are well-loved in this dog friendly neighborhood.

Ann’s love of dogs has led her to now having a little business walking dogs for folks at Brunswick Plantation. dog walkerPaws-ibly a good plan for your dog when you need dog care! For two years Ann has also been a school bus driver for Brunswick County Schools. She has had experience driving when she was a driver years ago for Federal Express. Now that’s a driver…Off of the golf course!

 Ann and Steve Cuozzo are living the life they love at Brunswick Plantation and Golf Resort! The Backstreet Cafe is also their Dream Come True! They are truly a couple to meet and enjoy…Among the Great People of Brunswick Plantation!  Give their dream  a visit at the Backstreet Cafe when you are in Sunset Beach! How about a call to cater your party? They’d love to be part of your special event! Brunswick Plantation…A Better Way of Life!



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