5 Surprisingly Unhealthy Foods You Never Would Have Guessed

health and wellness headerThese days we are all trying to watch what we eat, especially if we have children and as we grow older. Healthy foods are always better right? For the most part, yes, but even healthy foods need to be consumed in moderation and there are some healthy foods that do not walk the walk or talk the talk. There are many imposters in the health-food world but luckily I’m here to debunk these myths with 5 foods you never knew were harming your health.

Maple Pecan Granola 5001. Granola

*Gasp!* How can granola be unhealthy, you ask? Granola packs a whole lot of carbs into a tiny portion. The most recommended portion is ½ a cup and that alone is almost 300-500 calories. I’m sorry but even trying to be healthy, I know I am going to need at least more than ½ of a cup of granola. So the more you eat, the worse off you are. Surprised? I was too when I found out. Even granola bars pack in so much sugar into those tiny bars that even those are nowhere near as healthy as you would think. A wise alternative is to make your own granola with natural sweeteners such as honey and eat it with greek yogurt or almond milk.

diet sodas2. Diet Sodas

Yes we know that regular sodas have an unbelievable amount of sugar in them but diet sodas despite not having as much sugar, have other chemicals that are even more harmful. Aspartame is a chemical in most diet sodas or “healthy” soft drinks that cause cancer and make you retain fat. Yes, it keeps the fat. Best solution to this one? Water or all natural fruit juices not from concentrate.

3. Sushi

This is another surprising one because fish and rice are pretty healthy but sushi is one of the top contenders when it comes to food we think is healthy but really isn’t. Don’t believe me? Healthy sushi consists of tuna, mackerel, and fish that is not fried or loaded with other ingredients such as the ones in a tempura roll. One roll is around 500 calories and let’s be honest, who eats just one roll? If you are going to opt for sushi, be sure to order basic rolls without all of the sauces and fried additives.

spinach wrap and pasta4. Spinach Wraps and Pastas

The amount of spinach in a wrap or in the pasta is minuet compared to you simply adding a good amount of spinach onto a regular wrap. It spruces up and adds color to your meal but that’s about it. The true healthy version? Choose gluten-free or whole wheat wraps or pastas and stay away from anything with bleached and enriched flour.

cream soup5. Cream-based soups:

The biggest health imposter? Broccoli Cheddar Soup. Even though you may think it is packed with awesome nutritious broccoli, and a bit of cheese, it is really packed with a ton of melted butter and heavy cream. Plus, you are not getting your serving of vegetables that is recommended when you decided to consume this tasty but unhealthy soup. Can’t pass it up? Make a healthier version at home loaded with your two servings of vegetables, evaporated milk and less cheese. Give it a try, you just might like it. Broth based soups are great depending on the salt content. Either way, pack your soups full with tons of different vegetable varieties and you will never be bored with soups or feel like you are missing out.

Don’t worry, all is not lost. You won’t be missing out on flavor or health when it comes to making your decisions. Just make them wisely and read labels. Stay away from “healthy” foods that are high in hidden sugar, salt or gluten content.

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This article was written by Catriona McBain, a content creator for Rejuve Health Clinic. She is a member of their content development team.

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