10 Ways to Save on Your Vehicle Fuel Costs, NOW! by K.A.

Here at Brunswick Plantation & Golf Resort, we like energy efficiency and smart spending.  After all, why spend more than you have to?  There are many ways to be Energy Efficient and spend smartly at the same time, and that’s the one’s we’re interested in the most.  That’s why we build Energy Star certified condos and townhomes in the most cost effective way possible.  Homes and vehicles are the biggest users of energy and costs to operate.  These tips are proven to save you money.

Buy Fuel Smartly- Save up to 20%

1. Use the Correct Grade of Gas & Don’t Top Off: Most vehicles run fine on  regular grade gas. Refer to your vehicle owner’s manual to see what’s right for your  vehicle. (Don’t use a higher grade than is recommend, as it will not save you money overall) Don’t “top  off” at the pump and be  your fuel fill cap is screwed on tight and working properly. The premium grade tends to cost about 20 cents per gallon more than regular grade.

2. Search for the Best Price &  Curb Purchases When Prices are High: Modern gasolines offer very similar engine performance (however some brands have  varied gasoline blends that offer other advantages), so choose stores in  your local with the lowest prices.  Gas prices can fluctuate 10% within blocks.  Try not to fuel up completely during high price times.

Modify Travel Habits – Save up to 30%

3. Use Carpooling, Public Transit, & Non-Motorized Options: Carpool, ride a bike or walk, or take the bus in lieu of driving along. Driving with a friend or two in effect doubles your fuel economy for the trip and can enable the use of the diamond lane saving time and fuel.

4. Take Advantage of Telecommuting &Telecommunications Technology: The availability, low cost technology for video conferences with services like Skype & Google Hangouts make it possible for any person or small

company.  Use these services in lieu of vehicle trips for  routine meetings or with people you are comfortable communicating this way with.  Also, most everything you buy is available online now.  You can save by shopping online and getting the products delivered.

Drive More Efficiently – Save up to 20%

5.  Avoid Aggressive Driving & Drive the Speed Limit: Aggressive starts and driving in general is very wasteful for fuel economy. Every vehicle gets poorer gas mileage when driving faster than 55 mph.  Cruising 65 instead of 75 mph lowers fuel cost 13%, while driving 55 will save  25 %.

6. Lower Air Conditioner Use & Close Windows: Operating the air condition can increase fuel costs  from 13% to 21%.  If its not too hot, just use the fan to bring in the outside air versus rolling down the windows or using the AC.Using the air conditioner  increases fuel cost from 13% up to 21%.

7.  Remove Extra Wind Resistance and Weight: Roof racks with large reduces  fuel efficiency.  Stow loads inside whenever you can.  Also, removing unnecessary weight will save , so don’t carry around a lot of stuff you don’t use.

8. Reduce Vehicle Idling: Modern vehicles are built to warm up fast so no need to let it run before leaving.  Idling is the worst thing you can do for gas mileage, it’s 0 mpg

Improve the Efficiency of the Vehicle You Drive – save up to 50%

9. Maintain  Your Vehicle :  Maintaining your vehicle by following guidelines of the manufacturer will ensure you achieve  peak fuel efficiency.  Commonly forgotten maintenance items like a dirty air filter and tires with low pressure can increase you fuel costs by 13%.  Also, replace your worn out tires with the same tires that were originally installed.  By some estimates, over 300 million gallons of gas a year

would be saved if Californians had properly inflated tires.

10. Drive or Purchase a Fuel-Efficient Vehicle: If you have more than one car, drive the one with the best gas mileage whenever you can.  If buying new, get the most fuel efficient gas engine one can save up to 50 %.  If considering a hybrid, model , do the math to see if you will keep the car long enough to make up for the extra cost up front to buy it.

Final Word on Gasoline-Saving Devices

Please also be aware that many companies will try to sell you mileage  improving devices. Some claim that they will save you 10 to 50%.

However, the U.S. EPA and Federal Trade Commission have both said  that there are no devices that will boost your mileage any appreciable amount.


We hope these tips will help you save money and fuel.  Feel free to make suggestion and comments.

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