Best Places to Retire Brunswick Plantation Reason #4 Safety and Security

top 10 reasons to choose bpBrunswick Plantation & Golf Resort is a gated coastal carolina community minutes from the South Brunswick Islands and the Grand Strand of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and one of the best places to retire.

While there are many communities in the area Brunswick Plantation simply offers a Better Way of Life.

 How so you say?  Our southern architecture, landscapes, and hospitality create the foundation for a pleasant neighborhood where friendliness is contagious and everyone can feel it.

This post continues our series of Why to Live in Brunswick Plantation by delving into the Top 10 reasons more in depth.  Today’s post is the #4 reason to choose Brunswick……Safety & Security

Brunswick Plantation is a gated community but also one of the few with actual 24/7 security personnel.  Our main entrance off of Ocean Highway has a manned entry security building with state of the art security personnel and technology.  All gated entries have bar code scanners and several have 2 way communication and video connections to the main entry security building.  With 2 security personnel on duty at all times and 1 roving security vehicle at night, you can feel safe.  The roving security vehicle does assists residents also by notifying them if they have left their garage doors open at night or if their lamp posts are out.  The roving vehicle checks all roads and perimeters accessible by road throughout the night.

We also enjoy the expertise from our POA security committee members extensive law enforcement backgrounds.   Various security protocols have been established for different security scenarios.

Also, we have an on site Emergency Service Station housing Firefighters and Rescue Squad.  This cuts response times to our residents homes to just minutes.  You can feel safe knowing help is literally “in the neighborhood”.  The community developers were committed to making a safe and secure neighborhood when they donated the land for the Fire and Rescue Station.

Further, we have state of the art hospitals on minutes north  and south.   To the north is a brand new hospital by Novant.  Just a few minutes south is the McLeod Medical Facility which has just expanded as well.

 Brunswick Plantation is one of the best places to retire and live for many reasons.  To learn more about us CLICK HERE.

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