Meet John and Gerry McGinley…Great People of Brunswick Plantation

People of Brunswick PlantationWe love to honor the Great people of Brunswick Plantation! We feel so blessed to have such an outstanding group of friends and neighbors living at Brunswick Plantation and Golf Resort! They truly make it a “Better Way of Life“!

NcGinley Portrait for BevJohn and Gerry McGinley bought here in 1992 and were among the first to buy. There were trailers for the real estate and business offices.

Brunswick Plantation small HouseThe elegant Plantation House with the its stately pillars and grand veranda, as well as the the classic Brunswick Clubhouse, were yet to be built. However, it was all in Mason Anderson’s vision and promise of what would be in the Future! That future is here today, and we are all benefiting from his vision! John McGinley credits Mason’s vision and the phenomenon of friendly people who live here with the wonderful community that we enjoy today.

Family Life

John and Gerry McGinley met at a social in South Hampton, PA. and have been married for 25 years. Gerry had lived in the South and loved it. So, when John retired as an industrial engineer, they came to South Carolina.

Family at Barefoot Landing(1)John and Gerry have 3 children between them. They also have 6 grandchildren and 1 great grandchild. It is a good vacation place to have them visit…Another plus for Brunswick Plantation!

When they moved South, John worked on the census and for RGIS (Retail Grocery Inventory Specialist), a job which allowed him to travel around the area. Gerry first worked part time in Temp work and later full time as an administrative assistant with Burroughs & Chapin.  John saw a billboard advertisement for Brunswick Plantation and decided to take a look. When they came to Brunswick Plantation, John put down money for a lot the first day here.

 Brunswick Plantation & Area in 1992

Brunswick_Plantation_Golf_Resorts_-_Magnolia_1_375828Route 17 was a 2 Lane Highway. Houses were good, and it was reasonably priced to be a golf course member of the 9 Hole Course. John could see the potential in this place because he had watched Wildwood, New Jersey develop and thrive.

Lots were bought first and homes built later. The first homes were patio homes.  To get to the Phase I homes, you would take the first right as you drove down Middleton.  John’s lot was in Phase II,  and Todd was the builder. There were only lots in the beginning.  The houses, condos, and golf villas were built later. John notes that patience is important in real estate investment, and he is very happy with his real estate investment at Brunswick Plantation!

It was not a gated community at the beginning. There was a guard house in place, and during the Block Parties a sales rep would be there. Robin was Mason’s administrative assistant and was on a first name basis with everyone! Roxanne was the name of the person in the golf office at the time, and she also knew everyone by their first name ! John also credits Heather’s good work with keeping everything looking good at Brunswick Plantation! This community was a team effort of developers and residents!

Once a year there was a Block Party , usually in tents. Mason had a sit down dinner for residents and rented chairs locally, as there was no clubhouse yet. The dinner ended with Mason giving a talk about the future of Brunswick Plantation and Golf Course. John says that all of the promises Mason made came True!

Sports have always been a common centering of life for John. He played on sports teams when he was in the army. He feels that sports build relationships and management skills. So, he enjoyed playing on a golf team that played golf teams from other golf communities. bp golfThe Brunswick Plantation course was designed by Byrd & Jackson. It is a fair course, and John credits Mason with keeping it well maintained!

John also says that Mason had some very good ideas with his vision from the start.  They have been expanded with ideas shared by the developer and residents. As an example, the facilitator’s office was originally one person. It now has more people and provides a variety of functions for Brunswick residents. Residents are a mixture of people from all walks of life and many credentials from their various professions. Mason listened to them which helped develop the Brunswick Plantation into the vital community it is today. Fountain-Collage-for-Blog-PostJohn feels that seeing Mason’s vision come to life is his reward!

One of Mason’s original promises was that one day the control of the board would be turned over to the residents. Brunswick Plantation owners always pulled together and are an open organization. They met with Mason  sharing ideas and concerns. Today the control of the board has been turned over to the residents. The Brunswick Plantation Property Owners Association and it’s Board of Directors work together for all owners.

Brunswick Plantation…A Better Way to Live

BP ClubhouseJohn and Gerry enjoy the many activities available at Brunswick Plantation. John enjoys playing at our fair and well maintained golf course. BP workout roomHe also likes to use the weight room at the Brunswick Clubhouse.

He is the head of the Tennis group with many  informal volunteers within the group. They have tennis tournaments for men and women. tennis anyoneIt is well organized, and there is a sign up sheet posted in the Brunswick Clubhouse. Gerry enjoys playing Bunko, canasta, and mahjong with other ladies at the Clubhouse. They like the fact that there are such as a variety of activities to suit your taste easily available to folks who live here.

The McGinley’s also enjoy going to places in the area in North and South Carolina! Some of their favorites include eating at the Boundary House in Calabash, and minutes away in South Carolina, at Clark’s Restaurant and the Parson’s Table.

20140214_182645They also enjoy the availability of the many other venues! The Carolina Road House and  Market Common (previously the U.S. Air Force Base) are two that they find interesting. Shopping at the Coastal Grand Mall is good. Broadway at the Beach offers even more special things to do and see. They enjoy shows at the Palace Theatre and Carolina Opry, as well as The Pirate’s Voyage.  Barefoot Landing is another favorite with shows at The Alabama Theatre. There is such a variety of entertainment easily accessible from Brunswick Plantation…More Fun for everyone! John and Gerry really get around and take advantage of all there is to do!

Wounded Warriors

PicMonkey Collage Wounded WarriorsJohn was in the army and his son was in the marines. He feels such a commitment to our military service members and all they do for us. He wants to “Give Back” and does so through the Wounded Warriors Organization.  Mason also appreciates our military and supports the efforts of the service members in the Warrior Ride. There is to be a dinner party to honor those in the Warrior Ride at the Brunswick House on October  3, 2014.  They are also staying at Brunswick Plantation as guests of Mason Anderson and at his expense.

warrior ride emblemAll members of Brunswick Plantation & veterans are invited to the dinner by the committee planning the dinner. This group of Wounded Warriors are from Fort Bragg in North Carolina, Fort Eustis in Virginia, and Fort Stewart in Georgia. The invitation and information to attend this dinner will be in the facilitator’s news at a future date. The Wounded Warriors is a great organization that really does so much for our military men and women who have sacrificed so much for us!

John and Gerry McGinley are friends and neighbors at Brunswick Plantation that many of you already know through various social activities. They are another example of why Brunswick Plantation and Golf Resort is such a special place to live.  It “Takes a Village”, and our village at Brunswick Plantation is vital and thriving due to all of you! Thanks for the Memories!


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