“Fountains of Youth” : Bimini To Brunswick, By: Bev Filer

Entering the beautifully landscaped grounds of Brunswick Plantation,
one is struck by the natural beauty of nature’s handiwork…Green trees,
flowers in a harmony of hues, seasonal foliage welcoming you into this Southern Paradise!
As you savor the scene, a flowing fountain spouting water high into the air catches you eye
while the pond on the Magnolia green sustains the fountain.
The splashing water, dancing up into the air,
appears to be inviting you to further explore this brilliant palette of nature’s beauty!
As you drive further past more leafy green trees and manicured hedges toward the impressive
white-columned Plantation House, you approach an “Island Oasis”…
a tiered, cascading fountain with water trickling down from one level to another,
as it spills into the next tier and into the circular pool surrounding it.
The artfully designed landscaping of bright clusters of flowers line the perimeter of the pool,
with a ground level of floral clusters extending onto the vibrant green lawn beyond!
It is easy to see why this “Island Oasis” is a favorite photo backdrop for Destination Weddings!
Driving around Brunswick Plantation and Golf Resort, it is clear that fountains add a dimension
to the water and majestic foliage inspired by Southern Landscaping…
True to the Vision of three Friends for whom this gated community is a “Dream Come True”!
What, I asked myself, is the nature of water that so inspires and soothes one’s spirit?
It has been said that “The sound of moving water is the sound of Nature Talking to Us!”
It has also been said that it is  a reminder that “We are water, and water is us”!
As long ago as the 1500’s, Juan Ponce De Leon. a young Spanish sailor and explorer,
set sail for Bimini to find the magical water source of “The Fountain of Youth”!
It was thought that drinking its water kept one young!
So, this quest for the Magical Powers of Water…
Flowing, Trickling, Splashing in Pools and Fountains around us,
Is Never Ending!
We do, however, know that the soothing “Sounds of Water” can inspire serenity,
as well as improve your mood, and wash aways stress!
It is good for your health in a way that it has a relaxing effect that can change an environment
and the mood of any atmosphere!
Could it be that this may be the “Magical Power of Water” that keeps you young…
Young in Spirit?
Ponce De Leon was looking for a “Fountain of Youth” from which one had to drink.
Perhaps all we have to do is be Inspired by the “Sound of Water” and its moving beauty
to Keep us “Young at Heart”!
From Bimini to Brunswick…With the Spirit of Youth and the Love of Life!
Feel free to comment and offer your view of “The Fountain of Youth”!
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    the fountains at night are beautiful too!

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