6 Pinterest Boards For Dog Owners To Follow

blog pet tips logoIn its short time on the Internet, Pinterest has certainly made a name for itself. People, mainly women, are using the site to look for a variety of different ideas, such as recipes, games for kids, holiday décor, exercise routines and even cute clothes. There are Pinterest boards for just about everything, and this includes Pinterest boards for dog owners.

From dog retailers to dog trainers and everything dog-related in between, the following are six Pinterest boards that every dog owner should start to follow.


Pet MD1. PetMD

PetMD is on Pinterest, and you’ll certainly want to follow them if you love dogs. While they have boards associated with other types of animals, not just dogs, there are plenty of boards dedicated to dogs, including Dog Den and LOL Dogs. Along with these boards, you can also find some great information about summer safety tips, winter safety tips, behavior and training, adoptable pets and even nutrition information for dogs.

aspca2. ASPCA

The ASPCA Pinterest boards are full of important information for dog owners. Like PetMD, the ASPCA’s Pinterest doesn’t focus solely on dogs, but there are plenty of great boards to follow and peruse. Through their Pinterest, you can learn about pet care tips, poison control information, gifts for pet owners and even join contests with your pet to win money.

cesar-millan-daddy3. Cesar Millan

Cesar Millan is known for his work with dogs, and his Pinterest page is certainly something that dog owners will want to follow. You can learn about dog first aid, great dog food and treat ideas, the best ways to care for your dog, the best way to travel with your dog and even how to train your pup. You can also learn more about Cesar Millan himself, his television shows, foundations and other charitable work.

petsmart4. PetSmart

PetSmart is a large pet retailer, and their Pinterest page can help dog owners learn valuable information. You can learn more about how to properly care for your dog, training tips, fun DIY projects to do with your dog, great toys and clothing ideas for your pup and even check out some funny dog pictures. You can even learn more about PetSmart charities too.

modern dog magazine5. Modern Dog Magazine

Modern Dog Magazine has been providing dog owners with valuable information for years, and now this information is available on their Pinterest page. Through their boards, dog owners can view dog art, funny dog pictures, DIY ideas for dogs, dog-friendly vacation destinations, toys and even dog fashion. Basically, everything you will ever want to know about your dog, you can certainly find on this Pinterest page.

petco6. Petco

Petco is another large pet retailer similar to PetSmart, and their Pinterest board is also valuable to dog owners. Throughout their Pinterest page, you will find contests to join, health and safety tips, cool pet toys, pet holiday information and even tips about where to go on vacation with your dog. There is plenty of information on this page to keep you busy for hours, and you’ll certainly walk away with more knowledge than you know what to do with.

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Guest Author: Ashley Smith is a freelance writer, busy mom of 2 and a dog owner. Ashley uses her love of writing to share articles on a variety of topics.

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