The Great People of Brunswick Plantation…Cathy and John Fraser

fraser 3There are many attractions that make Brunswick Plantation and Golf Resort “A Better Way to Live”! The one that always stands out is “The Great People of Brunswick Plantation” who live in this beautiful gated community. Cathy and John Fraser , a lovely Canadian couple, that I recently interviewed at their condo in “The Lakes”… credit the Friendliness as a real joy in living here! John says he loves the way everyone waves when they see you! What a wonderful way to live!

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The Frasers are from Mississaugo, a town which is not far from Toronto, Canada.They were both teachers there. John was a physical education teacher for 33 years. He also coached football, track and field, and wrestling. Cathy taught school for 23 years in grades 1 – 6 , as well as being a special education resource teacher.

FRASER PIC 2The Frasers have one daughter, Johnalee, a golf Pro in Canada. Johnalee is married to Ian Marshall and they have one 7 year old daughter, Isabelle.  Johnalee was always a star golfer….a # 2 consistent player. She was an Academic All American Golfer.  She had several offers for golf scholarships. Once she visited The College of Charleston, a Divisions I NCAA School and met the coach, she was sure that was her choice of schools! Johnalee was on a golf scholarship at the College Of Charleston….1992 – 1996. Cathy and John drove after school many times from Canada to Charleston to see Johnalee play golf in Charleston. This began their travels and love of the friendly American South!

Family History

Cathy and John were actually high school sweethearts! Their high school was in Streetsville, Canada. John’s family had a farm west of Toronto for over 80 years. Statue of LibertyCathy’s family actually moved to Canada from Scotland. Cathy remembers coming into Ellis Island and seeing the Statue of Liberty in 1953. They were moving to Canada to be near her mother’s sister who had been a war bride and married a Canadian. Cathy’s father wanted to be sure she saw New York on the way to their new home in Canada. So, they took the train to New York City and had a cab driver drive them around the city. Cathy recalls entering Canada at Niagara Falls. Niaagra fallsBefore she moved to Canada, Cathy had always thought of Apples when she thought of Canada , as her aunt always sent them Canadian apples, which she loved!

Cathy’s father had worked for the Port Authority of Dredge by the Clyde River in Scotland. Big liners were built there. Her father  was so well thought of that Cathy notes that the tug boats lined up tooting  good-bye, as he was leaving for Canada.

Her father had been  a commanding  officer of mine sweepers and rescued people from Bergen. As a result of this family history, Cathy had always wanted to visit Bergen.Her wish was granted when she and John visited Bergen a couple of years ago.

Mississaugo, Canada

 HazelMississaugo, Cathy and John’s  hometown in Canada may be remembered by some who used to watch Regis Philbin on TV. He used to teleconference with the mayor, Hazel McCallion. The 93 year old has been mayor of Mississaugo for  over 30 years! On a personal level, Cathy knew Mayor McCallion as her Girl Scout leader! What fun memories!

 The Frasers & Brunswick Plantation

The Frasers really enjoyed coming to the Carolinas when Johnalee was at the College of Charleston.  They wanted to continue coming to the South.  They  are both avid golfers, also! They had friends living at “The Lakes” at Brunswick Plantation and Golf Resort and often visited them. They decided that they wanted to buy at “The Lakes”, also.

The Lakes condoSo, they bought a condo from Don Stahl, for whom they only have good things to say! They felt they would like to have a little renovation done on their   condo, which was one of the earlier ones built at “The Lakes”.  Don told the, “No Problem”! Kevin Anderson would be good to do that for them ASAP! They met with Kevin and are so pleased with the updates and quality of work of their newly renovated condo! They proudly showed me the detailed work with before photos so I could see the changes. They said that Kevin did a colossal job…beyond their belief! They could not be happier! They said that… “Kevin and Brunswick have been wonderful for us!”

Besides their beautiful condo, there are many other reasons that the Frasers love it at Brunswick Plantation. They say that they just do so many things right here! They think the19th Hole has good food and the best chicken wings ever! They say Robin, who manages the bar, is a Darling! They love her!

Brunswick PlantationGolfThey really have the highest of marks for the golf course, also! They think that the Shawn, the Golf Pro, is great! I think it is a tribute to the layout of the course that their daughter, Johnalee, loves to play this course! They told me some of the reasons they like the golf course at Brunswick Plantation include:

  • Fair Distance Wise
  • Space to play safely
  • Not endangering property…Houses well placed!
  • Gives women a great course
  • Best designed course for golfers!

FRASER PIC 1Cathy and John’s daughter and family really enjoy coming here, too!  The go fishing together and collect shells at Sunset Beach and Ocean Isle. There are so many good area restaurants! The Fraser’s grand-daughter, Isabelle, is so happy now that they bought their condo here. She always hated to leave when she visited. Now she says, ” I won’t cry because I own this place now!” From the Mouths of Babes! The great people of Brunswick Plantation make this a “Better Way to Live”!  The Frasers are a excellent example of that! We really enjoy our Canadian friends and neighbors! Join the Fun at Brunswick Plantation and Golf Resort!


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