How To Start Doing Morning Exercise

health and wellness headerThere are many reasons why you should start doing morning exercise. It has benefits to the mind and body as it helps you feel more alert and productive throughout the day. Also, working out in the morning boosts your metabolism and burns more calories as you do your everyday tasks. A recent study also showed that people who exercised in the morning are less likely to overeat.

Motivating yourself to get up and exercise early in the morning can be a challenge. Many people would rather stay in their bed for an extra hour than go for a run. There are simple changes you can do to make it easier for you to do morning workout every day. Here are some tips on how to start doing morning exercise.

glorious-morning-31Change Your Sleeping Habits

Morning is perhaps the best time of the day to exercise. This is because you still have free time compared to the afternoon and evening when you are more likely to have tasks come up or plans already set. A research showed that people who exercised in the morning tend to be more committed to their workout. Also, they feel more energetic than night owls as it releases endorphins which are the body’s natural feel-good drug.

Exercising in the morning will make you feel good and prepared for anything in that happens in your day. If you usually sleep in late, slowly adjust your sleeping habits so that you will wake up earlier the next day. Go to bed and wake up the same time every day so your body can adjust to it.

goals-road-signSet a Goal

When starting a morning workout, set your schedule and goals ahead of time. This will keep you motivated as you work toward achieving your goals. Try writing it down on your calendar as if you’re scheduling a work meeting. If you are not able to make it, make a short note as to why you didn’t follow your schedule. It will help you analyze your excuses and overcome the pattern.

music Listen to Music

If you want to feel more motivated in doing morning exercise, listen to music. Studies have shown that listening to music while working out can help you do it longer and burn more calories. It also helps you calm down as you think of positive thoughts. Fitness experts recommend listening to dance songs as you start your morning workout and switching to slower songs before the end of your workout.

rewards-next-exitTreat Yourself

A little treat after each morning exercise will help you be more committed to being fit and healthy. This includes buying a new dress, going to dinner with friends or getting a massage. These simple rewards will motivate you in working hard and sticking to your morning workout.

These are only some of the tips on how to start doing morning exercise. It can be challenging to stick to a morning workout routine – particularly if you don’t think you’re a morning person – but if you train your mind and body to do it every day, you can definitely do it.

Stephen Cole, a Fitness Camp Manager writes articles about health, fitness and diet for FitFarms UK.

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