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The bedroom must be the most private and serene part of your house. This is the place where you retreat to at the end of a long and exhausting day. For this reason, your bedroom must have that peaceful aura which permeates all throughout the entire room. Part of gaining that light and airy feeling is by styling your bedroom so that it resembles like one of those bedrooms which are featured in hotels and fancy homes. People, by nature, gravitate towards beautiful things and a well decorated bedroom is enough to lift up all of your worries.

Of course, because the bed is the main focus of any bedroom, a lot of attention goes into this piece of furniture. Somehow, a bed is not complete if it does not have anything on its foot. Just like with any room, you may have space issues but if you pick out a piece of furniture which is functional as it is pretty, then you can complete the foot-of-the-bed look and improve the efficiency of your room at the same time.

Below are some suggestions on how you can style the foot of your bed:

trunkFind inspiration from the seven seas and place a trunk.

If you have an antique trunk which has been in your family for ages or if you’ve scouted one when you were flea market shopping, then you can come up with a new home for it by placing the trunk at the foot of your bed. The great thing about a trunk, apart from its very interesting appeal, is that it also serves as a storage option which can hide things which you may not want lying around but occasionally need like extra blankets and pillows. You can also stash things on top of it as well.

tea tableFeel dainty with a tea table.

If you have a romantic styled bedroom, you can also place a tea table at the foot of the bed. This will give you space to place your accessories, books or even ornaments if you’re really going all out with decorating your room. However, you should only place a tea table at the foot of your bed if your bed has a foot board to prevent you from accidentally knocking the tea table while you sleep. And coordinate the size of your tea table with your foot board.

low benchGo simple with a low bench.

The majority of the bedroom pictures we find include a low bench placed at the end of the bed. However, the main reason for why low benches are so common is because of the fact that they’re really that useful. You can tie your shoes conveniently with a low bench and you can also lay your blankets, pillows and extra towels on it. Plus, it will work well with beds that do not have any foot board. If you want to upgrade your low bench, then you can opt for a love seat instead which, when added at the foot of the bed, looks visually like a head board.

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