Smart Spending Tips Monthly: December 2013 by Brunswick Plantation Living

save money bp.comHere at Brunswick Plantation & Golf Resort, a coastal carolina gated community, we believe Smart Spending is part of A Better Way of Life.  Want to save hundreds OR thousands? Take 5 minutes and read on to learn how in Smart Spending Tips Monthly: December 2013.

If you are like most Americans you have not finished your holiday shopping by this time of year.  For those of you with lots of shopping still to do, read on to find out what deals are out there in December.  For those items not on sale until after the holidays, perhaps a rain check will do?  But that depends on the person you are shopping for.

Smart Spending Tips: What’s On Sale

champagneChampagne. Many people buy champagne for parties in December and retailers know this.  They usually drop the prices of champagne 15-20% as a way to lure customers into their stores.  Once inside they are hoping you will buy other items.  Still, you can save on champagne whether it’s for a holiday party or a gift or just to stock up for the year.

decorationsChristmas decorations. Sound too good to be true?  Well the savings with occur after December 25th.   However, the savings are big will price drops up to 50%.






Gift cards. Restaurants and other retailers are rewarding gift card purchases with gift cards!  Sounds funny but buy a gift card of $50 or more and get bonus cards up to $10.  But remember,  this is still a win for the businesses as gift card recipients tend to spend about 40% more than their card values.


golf clubsGolf clubs.  Winter is the off-season for most places in the country.  This sets the stage for big deals on golf club sets.   Find mark downs from 40-50% at national retailers.






hand-power-toolsTools. If you are one of the people who didn’t rush out after Thanksgiving to buy discount tools, do not worry.  There are still plenty of big discounts on ladders, wrench sets, drills, storage sets and other items.




ToysToys. You can find the steepest price drops on toys during the middle of December.  Be warned though, waiting until the last 5 days or less until Christmas and you’ll find price hikes.  Retailers know those who wait to the last minute are not as price sensitive.



Smart Spending Tips:  Don’t Buy Just Yet…

jewelryJewelry. Prices won’t drop during the holidays for jewelry due to such high demand.  So if you can swing it, give your special someone a rain check for the diamond ring or pearl earrings.  The best deals happen after Valentine’s Day.

Video-GamesVideo games. Demand is high for video games during the holidays which falls just after the new Fall releases.  However, by January retailers are trying to clear inventory from their shelves.  Looks for price drops form 25-30% depending on which game and how popular it is.

winter apparelWinter apparel. By the third week of January most retailers want their winter gear gone so they can make room for spring apparel.  They like to use clearance sales and coupons and other promotions to make this happen.  Find discounts up to 80% on winter clothing and accessories.

We hope these Smart Spending Tips: December 2013 will help you save some of your hard earned money.  After all, why pay more?  Here at Brunswick Plantation & Golf Resort we offer A Better Way of Life.  Part of that way is helping others to learn to spend smartly.  If you have an interest in Brunswick Plantation or have a question or comment, feel free to contact us.


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