Recapture the Magical “Spirit of Christmas”!

PicMonkey Collage santa“Season of Wonder, Season of Light”…these words revive many personal memories of the Christmas Season! The birth of Jesus, the magic of Old Kris Kringle or Santa Claus, Good will toward men, a close time for family and friends  are just a few that may make this season “Merry and Bright” for you! Folks at Brunswick Plantation and Golf Resort will share with you some ideas we read about to recapture the magical “Spirit of Christmas” for you and yours during the hustle and bustle of today’s busy world!

Put gas in your sleigh…SUV!

Santa's all-new 2014 Transit Connect Wagon Sleigh ConceptYour “Spirit of the Season” may need your sleigh to:

  • Collect & Deliver gifts
  • Find a parking place at the mall
  • Go to Holiday Parties
  • Exchange gifts with friends & loved ones…To see the delight on their faces when your thoughtful gifts chosen “Especially for Them”!

Avoid the crazy crowds.

Shop at stores of local producers.

handmade jewelry collagebOriginal Gifts that fall outside the world of Christmas-O-Rama

  • Handmade Jewelry
  • LocalArtisanCheeseArtisanal Meats, Breads, & Cheeses


  • CCDT Nov 2013 Home Page BannerCharitable Gifts that Donate Money to a Cause, given in the recipient’s name.
  • Gifts of things you make well yourself…Knitting, art, a delicious dinner***Ask Yourself what you do well, & offer a bit of that as a Gift***family-dinnertime

Close Your Eyes and Imagine…Your Best Christmas Ever

***Ask Yourself …Why that was Special & What how did it make you feel?***

christmas smile

  • Keep a Smile on your face!
  • Walk with your head up making eye contact with everyone you meet!
  • Greet young & old with a hearty “Merry Christmas”!
  • Make the effort to feel & Share ….”The Spirit”

Decorate Your House

  • Decorating The Christmas Tree - Family PoseHarvest or buy a tree to decorate.
  • A couple of weeks before Christmas…Turn on Christmas Music, put up the tree, & Decorate it.  The whole family can have fun decorating with you. Your home will smell like Christmas!

christmas music

  • Decorate your front door with a wreath or favorite door decoration! When you come home, that is the first thing you will see!

Reach out to Friends & Loved Ones

christmas bell

  • Christmas Cards
  • Telephone
  • Internet
  • Skype with the Christmas Tree in the Background, all lit up and bright!

Enjoy Christmas Television


Tune into Your Favorite Christmas Shows…Nostalgic, humor, morality plays & Fun Entertainment!

  • Miracle on 34th Street
  • A Christmas Carol By Dickens (Or its modern comedic take…Scrooged)
  • Animations like Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer
  • Nightmare Before Christmas
  • A Christmas Story

Eat Seasonal Foods

Christmas foods

Make a batch of your favorite cookies. If you have kids, have them help decorate these yummy treats!

Candy canes, egg nog, pumpkin pies, mullied drinks, and candy canes are just a few you might remember with delight!  The combination of kitchen aromas & evergreens may transport you back to “The Best Christmas Ever”!

Divide & Conquer

santa claus is coming to townShare the load of cooking, cleaning, shopping, & wrapping with your spouse & kids…Whistle together…Santa Claus is Coming to Town  while you work!  Family Fun for all!  Good Christmas Memories are made of this!


Folks at Brunswick Plantation and Golf Resort wish you and yours the Joy of the Season & a Very Merry Christmas!christmas-quotes-03



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