Save Energy at Home Part 5: Electronics by Brunswick Plantation Living

Energy Saving SolutionsBrunswick Plantation and Golf Resort, a coastal Carolina gated community, has been a proud Energy Star partner since 2010 via its Commercial Division. We want to help people save energy at home, period.

If you are considering purchasing a new home, an Energy Star certified home is the best choice for your family, the environment, and your wallet.  If you are interested in saving energy on the home you living in now….read on.

consumer electronicsElectronics are Everywhere:

In fact, electronic devices account for about 15 percent of home power usage today.  The Consumer Electronics Association says the average American home has two mobile phones, three TV’s, one digital camera, and two DVD players or recorders, amidst other devices.  They say an average American home has a total of 24 consumer electronic devices!


What Can You Do to Save?:

Most electronic devices use small amounts of power even when they are turned off.  Things like DVD players, kitchen appliances, stereos, computers, and TVs that almost everyone has are like electric vampires.

  • In Fact, around three-quarters of the power used by home electronic devices is used while the devices are turned off!  Avoid this wasted energy and money by unplugging the devices or using a power strip and switching it off when not in use.

Here are some quick ideas to curb electric usage with common electronic devices.


  • Ever heard that screen savers curb energy use in computer monitors?  This is a myth and the better way to save energy at home is to turn the monitor off.
  • If using a laptop, save energy at home by plugging it into a power strip that can be turned off manually or automatically.  This will keep it from using energy while off but plugged in.
  • Use your energy-saving settings on your computer to shut down the monitor and hard drives when not in use for 10 minutes or more.  And of course turning the device off completely when not in use is the best.

tv dvd playerTelevisions, DVD Players

  • Many new TV’s and DVD players have standby modes now which can be used when not in use…but still use power.  Plug these devices into power strips that can be turned off.  Take advantage of a switched receptacle to make this easier.  Also, there are new plug-in devices available that sever the power line so to speak to eliminate the power drain.

phone chargerBattery Chargers

  • Research indicates that using rechargeable batteries for devices such as wireless phones and other small devices is less expensive than single use batteries.  To live green you should dispose of batteries properly as they can be hazardous to the environment.
  • The biggest waste with battery chargers is when they are left plugged in and the battery is fully charged.  Be mindful of how long it takes to charge your devices.  Set an alarm reminder on your smart phone to assist.  This will save money and save the life of the battery as overcharging reduces battery life.

We hope these simple insights and tips will help you save energy at home.  As with many great accomplishments, small steps on a daily basis result in large improvements over time.  Interested in learning more about Energy Star homes?  CLICK HERE to see what we offer or DISCOVER BRUNSWICK NOW and schedule a real estate preview tour.

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