Pet Tips: Are you feeding your cat properly? by Brunswick Plantation Living

blog pet tips logoWe love our pets here a Brunswick Plantation & Golf Resort, a gated coastal carolina community, and offer up these Pet Tips.  Are you feeding your cat properly?

We all know diet can be tricky.  After all we often eat too little or too much or have too little or much sugars, fats, and nutrients in our human diets.  This begs the question are you feeding your cat properly?

too much cat foodMistake #1 Too Much Food

Over-feeding is likely the most common issue in feeding your cat.  In fact, the most common nutritional disease in cats is obesity.

While maybe that chubby kitty is cute, obesity can produce diabetes, urinary tract disease, and arthritis.

Of course you most likely aren’t over-feeding on purpose.  However, you need to consider the activity level of your cat.  Are they lying around on the couch all the time or are they chasing squirrels in the yard?

To maintain a healthy, normal weight experts recommend from 24 – 35 calories per day per pound.  Consult with your vet to determine whether your cat is already overweight.

dry cat foodMistake #2 Feeding Only Dry Food

Another big mistake is using only dry food.  In fact feeding only dry food could lead to urinary tract problems.  This stems from the fact that cats need more liquids in their food than say dogs as they are evolved to get moisture there and don’t drink water from bowls enough to remain healthy.

drinking fountainMistake #3: Offering Too Little Water

Water is essential to all life including cats.  In fact an adult cat’s body is between 60-70% water by weight.  Illness or death can result from water deficiencies.  Wet foods can help with this issue but you should also have several sources of water throughout the house for your cat.  Notice where they spend a lot of time and locate fresh water there. Also, some cats prefer running water and have a distaste for chlorine in the tap water.

Here is a tip to help get your cat to stay hydrated: fill a bowl of fresh water but crush catnip leaves under the water flow as you fill the bowl.  Your cat will love it!

tapewormsMistake #4 : Adding Garlic for Tapeworms

One of the biggest myths is that garlic can prevent parasitic infestations like tapeworms.  Also, if too much garlic is ingested a cat’s red blood cells can be killed.

If you think your cat may have tapeworms then see the vet who will likely prescribe an oral medication.  Don’t try to treat with over the counter or other herbal remedies.

cute catMistake #5: Going Vegetarian or Vegan

Cats have evolved as obligate carnivores and therefore must eat primarily meat and animal organs to be healthy.  Many nutrients and amino acids necessary to be healthy are only found in meats.  Trying to meet these needs synthetically can be a very tedious and high risk task.

homemade cat foodMistake #6 : Creating Nutrient Deficiencies

Homemade does not equal healthy.  If you fail to balance the meat with proper amounts of calcium health problems can occur.  In addition, a cat diet too high in liver, tuna, or liver oil can result in bone and joint pain, dry skin, and brittle bones.  Also, too much fish in the diet can cause brain damage, muscle weakness, and seizures.

We hope you found these tips helpful.  We know that having a healthy pet to enjoy the world can be a big part of A Better Way of Life.  Learn more about living at Brunswick Plantation & Golf Resort HERE.


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