Honoring Our Veterans…A Heartfelt “THANKS”! By Bev Filer

Veterans-day1Honoring our Veterans is important for all they do to make all we do possible! We are aware that freedom is not free, and their service is a Blessing to us all! We have many veterans living now at Brunswick Plantation and Golf Resort .  It is an honor to know them as our friends and neighbors! God Bless all of our veterans…Past and Present! God Bless America!

A Veteran’s Day poem is a good way to Thank our Veterans today.


 “Take A Moment To Thank A Veteran”

When you see someone in a uniform,

Someone who serves us all,

Doing military duty,

Answering their country’s call,

Take a moment to thank them

For protecting what you hold dear;

Tell them you are proud of them;

Make it very clear.

Just tap them on the shoulder,

Give a smile, and say,

“Thanks for what you’re doing

To keep us safe in the USA!”

By: Joanne Fuchs

 Veteran’s Day History

ArmisticeDay flyer

The United States President Woodrow Wilson, proclaimed November 11 as the first commemoration of Armistice Day. This was in 1918 and marked end of fighting in The Great War …WWI. Armistice is an agreement made by opposing sides in a war to stop the fighting for a certain time…A Truce!  The Treaty of Versailles was signed on June 28, 1919, as it took 6 months at a Paris Peace Conference to conclude the treaty. November 11 served as the date to celebrate the end of what was known as The Great War.


Armistice Day to Veterans Day

unknown tomb


  • In commemoration of the signing of the Armistice (Truce) to end World War I in 1918, ceremonies to bury an unknown soldier in a place of honor in England and France were held at 11:00..On 11th Day..On November, the 11th Month.
  • In 1921 America held a memorial ceremony to bury a WW I soldier whose name was “Known only to God”. “The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier” is in Arlington National  Cemetery in Washington D.C., and symbolizes Dignity and Reverence for the American Veteran.
  • November 11 became a legal Federal holiday by an act of Congress approved on May 13, 1938. “Armistice Day” was celebrated as a day “Dedicated to the cause of World Peace“.  (27 States had already declared No. 11 a legal holiday to commemorate the Armistice of 1918.)
  • American efforts during World War II (1941 – 1945) saw the greatest mobilization of U.S. Army, Navy, Marines and Air Force in the nation’s history.  (More than 16 million people)
  • 5.7 Million Americans also served in the Korean War. (1950 – 1953)
  • Armistice Day became Veteran’s Day when Congress amended the 1938 Act, striking the word “Armistice” in favor of “Veterans”. President Dwight D. Eisenhower signed that legislation on June 1, 1954. November 11 became a day to Honor All American Veterans of All Wars. Veteran’s Day is officially referred to as the holiday of the 11th Hour…the 11th Day…the 11th Month.



  • There are approximately 23.2 million military veterans in the United States.
  • 9.2 Million Veterans are over the age of 65.
  • 1.9 Million Veterans are under the age of 35.
  • 1.8 Million Veterans are women.


“We honor those who serve by never taking for granted everything they make possible.” Marcus Luttrell…U.S. Navy Seal & Author of “Lone Survivor”

Veteran’s Day Celebrations in the Carolinas

Veteran’s Day Ceremony

  • By: Grand Strand Patriotic Alliance & City of Myrtle Beach
  • When: 11am…Nov. 11, 2013
  • Where: Myrtle Beach Convention Center plaza, on Oak Street, near 21st Ave. North
  • Includes: Concert by Festive Brass of Myrtle Beach at 10:30 am.

Veteran’s Day Service

  • By: N. Myrtle Beach Memorial Gardens, Veterans of Foreign Wars (Post 10804), American Legion (Post 186), The Ladies Auxiliary in Myrtle Beach, The Knights of Columbus from Our Lady Star of the Sea Catholic Church, & Grand Strand Gold Star Mothers
  • When: 11am…Nov.11, 2013
  • Where: N. Myrtle Beach Memorial Gardens, at U.S. 17, SC 9, SC 90 & Nixon Crossroads
  • With: Music by the Myrtle Beach Regional Pipe Band, at 10:30 am
  • Information: 249 – 2932

Veteran’s Day Parade

  • By: City of Georgetown
  • When: 4pm…Nov. 11, 2013
  • Where: Front Street across Georgetown, West from East Bay Park
  • Information: 546 – 3745 Orpaigebsawyer@gmail.com

Veterans Celebration

  • By: City of Conway & Vietnam Veterans of America, (Chapter 925 Grand Strand)
  • When: 8:30 am – 2pm..Nov. 9
  • Where: Outside old Horry County Courthouse, on Third Ave. in Conway
  • Includes:Memorial Service at 11am & Free Breakfast & Lunch
  • Information: 492 – 0005 Or www.vva925.org

Iraq/Afghanistan Memorial Dedication

  • Remembering: South Carolinians who gave their lives in Global War Against Terror.
  • When: Noon…Nov. 11, 2013
  • Where: Veterans of Foreign Wars (Post 10420)…4359 U.S.  17 Bypass, Murrels Inlet
  • Includes: Food & Music after Dedication Ceremony
  • Information: 651-6900

vetrans salute

Veteran’s Day and Everyday, we appreciate our military and all they do and have done for all of us! We really are proud to have so many veterans as our friends and neighbors at Brunswick Plantation and Golf Resort! We Salute You!

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