Save Energy at Home : Part 4 Lighting by Kevin Anderson

Energy Saving SolutionsThe Commercial Construction Division here at Brunswick Plantation and Golf Resort  has been a proud Energy Star partner since 2010. We want to help people save energy at home whether they purchase with us or not.

If you are considering purchasing a new home, an Energy Star certified home is the best choice for your family, the environment, and your wallet.  If you are interested in saving energy on the home you living in now….read on.

Energy Star Factoid

If all homes in America replaced their 5 most often used light fixtures or their bulbs with Energy Star certified models, we would as a nation save almost $9,000,000,000.00 ( 9 billion) every year in energy bills.  In addition, as a nation we would reduce our greenhouse gas emissions equal to the emissions of 10,000,000 (10 million) automobiles.  (Disclaimer:  this factoid is based on replacing 9 bulbs in 5 high use light fixtures)

Save Energy at Home Lighting Solutions:

Lighting is one of the simplest areas to begin saving energy.
  • DYK that you could save $70 a year or more just be replacing your 5 highest used light fixtures with Energy STar certified models?
  • DYK that CFL’s (compact fluorescent light) bulbs with Energy Star labels will last up to 10 times longer than those incandescent light bulbs and provide high quality lighting while using less energy.
  • Don’t want to make a big change at once?  Then just start with one light and work in others throughout the year or years to come.
vanity lightBathroom Vanity Lights
  • DYK that your bathroom vanity is one of the highest use fixtures in most homes?
  • DYK that ENERGY STAR qualified CFLs provide bright, warm light, use less energy, and generate less heat than standard lighting.  In fact you can choose from soft to medium to daylight color spectrums.  Looking for true color, pick a 4500 K or above bulb.
  • Also, be aware that CFL bulb life is negatively impacted by high humidity levels.  Control excess humidity by operating your bath exhaust fan during showers and baths. This will also keep the room and house more comfortable as higher humidity makes the temperature feel higher.  Fan tip:  if your exhaust fan is less than 150 CFM rated, then let it run for 5-10 minutes after you have showered or bathed.
lamp-post-skyPorch Light
  • Your outdoor lighting such as on the porch or yard lamp post is definitely one of the most used light fixtures.  Many times this is the best bang for your buck when replacing bulbs.  Pop in a 23 or 26 watt CFL and get plenty of light for a fraction of the cost.
  • Most porch light fixtures will accommodate compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) as they come in many sizes today.
  • Go a step further and install a new ENERGY STAR qualified outdoor fixture that uses motion sensors and/or photo cells and advanced CFL and ballast tech to save you money by providing light only when someone is there or when it’s dark.
CFL_image._V192571245_Office & Desk Lighting
  • Your home office lights often are in use for hours daily.  Make sure they are off when not in use though.
  • DYK that ENERGY STAR qualified desk lamps or compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) provide high-quality light output, use 75% less energy, and last up to 10 times longer than standard incandescent light bulbs, saving money on energy bills and replacement costs.
motion sensorMiscellaneous
  • If you’re a do it yourself person, then pickup some motion sensor wall switches and or dimmer switches.  For about $20 and 10 minutes you can drastically lower energy use by installing these simple devices.  Never worry about leaving lights on again as the cut on and off automatically.  Or lower the watts used with the dimmer in addition to controlling the ambiance of your home.
  • Go further by installing LED bulbs.  As of this writing you can get 60 watt equivalents for less than $10 each.  These bulbs sip energy using about 1.5 watts for a 60 watt equivalent light.

I hope these tips and insights spur you to save energy at home.  In addition, I hope it shows you that Energy Star and green living go hand in hand and that it’s not expensive or complicated to start right now.   Interested in our Energy Star homes? CLICK HERE.  Want to see what Brunswick Plantation & Golf Resort, a gated coastal carolina community minutes from pristine beaches, living is like?  Checkout our Discover Brunswick Now tour.

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