Great People of Brunswick Plantation…Sal and Maureen Dinolfo

Great Peoople of Brunswick Sal Dinolfo FinalBrunswick Plantation and Golf Resort is home to so many special people…Good neighbors and friends making a difference in this coastal Carolina  community! Sal and Maureen Dinolfo are a great example!

Volunteering at Local School

I first heard of Sal in connection with his role as the liaison for Jessie Mae Elementary School. I understand that Jessie Mae Elementary has been adopted by folks at Brunswick Plantation as a place to contribute to the education of students of Brunswick County. The school is just minutes away which makes it possible for people from this community to volunteer and contribute in a variety of ways. Sal got involved 10 years ago when the Bingo money from Brunswick Plantation went to Jessie Mae. When Bingo got bigger donations still went to Jessie Mae but also could contribute to other organizations. When Connie Olson retired as the school liaison, Sal put his name in and has been very involved ever since.

Jessie Mae Monroe building

There are many ways Sal has been involved with the school. He put his building ability to work by making a cubicle on wheels for student testing, showcases, a bulletin board, and planters for flowers, among other things. He also helps earn money for school supplies.

Jessie Mae sign

Sal really enjoys being part of the Great Leaps: Tutoring Program at Jessie Mae Elementary. Tutors are assigned to a classroom to work with that teacher in testing and tutoring students in any area of the curriculum that they need a little extra attention. The teacher assigns the pages to use for the testing and tutoring, so they work together for the benefit of the students.

Other folks at Brunswick Plantation also are tutors in the Great Leaps Program. To be a part of this program, you do not have to have been a teacher by profession. You can make a difference with students by working with the classroom teacher and giving the student your time and attention. As a retired teacher myself, I know how important this can be in making a real difference in a child’s education and life! Hats off to all of you who are making a difference with these students at Jessie Mae Elementary!

Sal says that there is a backpack food program for students run by Sharon and Chris McIntyre where churches donate food for students to take home in backpacks to be sure they have enough to eat on weekends. I know that the Rotary Club is also involved in this kind of program. We all know that good nutrition makes a difference in student learning.  Kudos to everyone who is making this difference with the  youth of America! It does “Take a Village”!

Personal History

I always like to ask folks how they found out about Brunswick Plantation. Sal and Maureen Dinolfo found out about Brunswick Plantation and Golf Resort when they came to visit their friends, Steve and Carol Piconie. Sal and Steve had both worked on the Railroad in New York.  Sal knew he did not want to live in Florida as the weather was too hot for his arthritis. North Carolina seemed perfect, and he and Maureen have been happily settled at Brunswick Plantation since June of 2003!

I like to know the personal history of folks at Brunswick Plantation.  Sal grew up in Long Island and joined the Navy. He was a machinist on the USS Little Rock which was a guided missile cruiser. He remained in the navy for three years and made machine parts for the missile system. After pre-commission school in Rhode Island, he went to Norfolk to put the USS Little Rock into commission.  The USS Little Rock was in commission from 1960 – 1976 and served with distinction as flagship for both the second and third fleets.

USS Little Rock View

The USS Little Rock is now on display at the Buffalo & Erie County Naval and Military Park outside of New York City and plays active parts in educational and entertaining activities.  There are overnight encampments programs and other events such as parties that can be booked on the ship! Sounds to me like a ship worth visiting!

After the navy, Sal returned to New York and worked at S. Klein’s on the Square on Long Island where he met a lovely young woman named Maureen who became his wife! Actually, he was her supervisor, and she worked as a cashier . Love in the workplace!


Sal and Maureen have two children. Their daughter, Lynnette, lives with them at Brunswick Plantation. Their son, Christopher, just got out of the Air Force and is in Texas where his wife, Kelly, is still in the Air Force. Christopher and Kelly have three children. Michael and Joseph are the boys, and Fallon is the daughter. So, Sal and Maureen are grandparents!

Passions & Pastimes

Hauppauge Wrestling jersy

Another passion of  Sal’s  is Wrestling! He wrestled 1st Team Heavyweight at Hauppauge High school in New York and is still involved with the wrestling team there. In fact, when he goes to New York, he stays with the current wrestling coach. Sal attends county, state, and national wrestling competitions in New York! They always make sure he has a Hauppauge High School Wrestling jersey which he wears with pride!

Another of Sal’s hobbies is photography. Maureen says her hobby is Sal! The couple enjoy traveling and count among their favorite destinations Washington DC/ ships reunion, and the Maine Ferry to Nova Scotia. Maureen particularly likes visiting Hawaii.  They both enjoy visiting Salem, Massachusetts at Halloween! There is a witch museum, House of the 7 Gables, and the Duck Tour that takes you on land and through the water. What Fun!

Durham Broadway Plays

They also enjoy plays at the Durham Performing Arts.There are local trips available to Durham to see those plays through Southern Excursions.

Locally, they enjoy lunch and action movies in Shallotte on Fridays. They did recently  also enjoy “The Butler”!

When I asked them what they enjoyed most about living at Brunswick Plantation, Sal said that you can be as active or as relaxed as you want.  Brunswick Plantation has everything you want to do…40 clubs & activities! You can choose from them or offer a new idea. Sal and Maureen  also enjoy the mild climate of coastal North Carolina and the friendliness of the Brunswick Plantation community!

Folks like Sal and Maureen Dinolfo are one more reason people enjoy living at Brunswick Plantation and Golf Resort! We love to share stories of our  “Great People of Brunswick Plantation”, the best place to retire… a lifestyle of resort living! As Sal says, you can choose how you want to live at Brunswick Plantation and Golf Resort and friendly neighbors abound! We’d love to share your story!



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