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health_wellnessHere at Brunswick Plantation & Golf Resort health and wellness is a lifestyle.  Today’s post on how to cut calories without eating less will help you realize a Better Way of Life at Brunswick Plantation.

pic 1Cut Calories Tip 1. Add Volume to Meals

The bottom line is to loose weight you need to cut or control your calories.  However, eating less can leave you feeling hungry.  So instead eat foods that are less calorie dense per bit like fruits, veggies, and low fat dairy.  Steer clear of higher fat fare such as butter, chocolate, and bacon.

veggie wrap pic 2Cut Calorie Tip 2: Add vegetables to everything

The foundation of volume dieting plans is consuming more water and fiber.  To do this you need to add vegetables to fill you up in lieu of higher calorie foods like meats and grains.  So if you’re having a wrap at lunch stuff if with lots of greens, tomatoes, cucumber, peppers, and less meats and cheeses and sauces.  Like carb heavy things like casseroles and pasta?  Add veggies to them to reduce the calories per serving.

fresh fruite pic 3Cut Calories Tip 3. Eat lots of Fruit

Look for fruits that have a high water content and lower sugars.  Choose things like strawberries, peaches, watermelon, apples, blueberries, cantaloupe, and oranges over foods like bananas or plantains.

salad pic 3Cut Calories Tip 4. Begin with Soup or Salad

Beginning your meal by eating a broth based soup or salad with a low cal dressing will result in eating less total calories at the meal.  This is the result of getting filled up on liquids or greens that are lower calorie than most main course foods.

cereal pic 5Cut Calories Tip 5. Eat Flaked or Puffed Cereal

Eat cereal to cut calories you say?  Yes, IF you eat it instead of a high calorie meal and IF you eat the 1 serving size and IF you eat a flaked or puffy type.  The compact or dense types like granolas can negate the calorie savings.  Don’t forget to pick one high in fiber and whole grain.

egg white pic 6Cut Calories Tip 6.  Choose Egg Whites

Studies indicate people who eat eggs for breakfast as part of their lower calories diets ate fewer calories the rest of the day than those who ate equal calorie worth in grains.  However, you can cut cholesterol and calories if you just eat the egg whites.  In fact a large whole egg can be 80 calories while the whites from two only amount to 34 calores.

yogurt pic 7Cut Calories Tip 7. Switch to Low-Fat Dairy

Fat free milk has almost half the calories as whole milk.  The same is basically true for other fat free dairy.  Like yogurt?  Get the non-fat Greek yogurt…it’s delicious.

rolled-sole-filletCut Calories Tip 8. Find Lean Protein

Choose foods like turkey breast, shrimp, light tuna in water, or tilapia. They are packed with protein but not calories.  In fact by choosing fish you can eat almost three times as much as compared to sausage or other fatty meats.


whipped-creamCut Calories Tip 9. Choose Low Density Desserts

Density matters.  Eating half a cup of frozen yogurt is only about 1/3 the calories of the same premium ice cream.  Or add high water content fruits to your deserts while reducing the size of the regular desert.  DYK you could eat 3/4 cup of pineapple for the same calories as 1 Double Stuff Oreo?

GrapesCut Calories Tip 10: Eat Raw

Most dry snacks don’t give you much real food for the calories- even the “healthy” ones with dried fruit and whole grain.  Consider this:  a 1/4 cup of raisins has 54 calories but an entire cup of grapes is only 62 calories.

Have any question, comments, or suggestions?  Let us know in the comments section.  Want to learn more about A Better Way of Life at Brunswick Plantation & Golf Resort? CLICK HERE

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