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save money bp.comHere at Brunswick Plantation & Golf Resort we believe Smart Spending is a Better Way of Life.  Want to save hundreds OR thousands? Take 5 minutes and read on to learn how in Smart Spending Tips Monthly: September 2013.

Labor Day weekend an onward is a time when many good sales are offered on consumer items.   In particular, summer goods that sellers really want to move to allow space for fall and winter goods.  Promotional sales on these summer goods will last through the month.  Read on to see what will be on sale in September and what you should postpone a few months to buy to get the best deal.

September Sales & Deals

nike-tour-performance-apparelApparel.  Find rock-bottom prices on summer apparel and deals on high-end brands.  Price drops on summer apparel were as high as 85% in 2012.  Look for brands like Anne Klein and Brooks Brothers to drop their clothes prices….both offered great sales in 2012.  You are likely to find deals on some fall clothes too but wait a bit longer for the best deals.

bicycleBicycles. Look for big discounts on last year’s model this month when the new year models hit the showroom floor.  Typically bicycles don’t have great changes from year to year.  Check out the specs and you’ll probably get a good deal on last year’s model that is almost the same as the new model.


grillGrills. In some places in the country, the weather is still mild enough in the fall to grill outside.  FYI, we grill year round here at Brunswick Plantation & Golf Resort with winter temps averaging in the mid 50’s to mid 60’s.  Look around and find grills marked down up to 50% this month.



iphone-bigiPhones and iPads.  In years past Apple has unveiled new products like the iPhone in September.  Also, there is buzz about a new iPhone that is budget priced.  And a new iPad and iPad mini are expected to be unveiled.  The effect will be up to 20% mark down on the current models with another 8% cut from sellers possible.



mattressMattresses. Need a new mattress?  It’s a good time to buy one this month with prices slashed up to 50% from sellers like & Sears.



SONY DSCPatio furniture. Most likely you have seen patio and outdoor furniture sales for months now.  However, this month will be the rock bottom prices of the year at places like Target, Sears, and Kmart.  Sometimes it does pay to wait.  In fact sale price cuts up to 90% this month and next are possible.  Don’t forget though, the longer you wait the less inventory their will be to choose from.

sunglassesSunglasses. Another seasonal item with great discount this month.  Find the best deals at places like REI, Oakley Vault, 6, and Sunglass Hut.

appliancesDon’t Buy These Just Yet…

Appliances.  While you can find discounts on major appliances in September and October,  the most and best deals won’t happen until November.  Refrigerators definitely won’t be on sale because they are discounted in May when the new year models arrive.


carsCars. September used to be a good time to buy a current year model because the new year models were just arriving.  However, new car models are rolled out throughout the year more now.  The best deals now are to be had in December as sellers vie for the holiday sales and to make a final push to meet yearly sales goals.

We hope these tips helped you.  Have any question, comments or suggestions?  We’d love to hear from you.  Post to comments, Facebook, or CONTACT US now.


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