Choosing a place to retire Reason #2 to Choose Brunswick… Its People by Kevin Anderson

clubhouseeffect1Considering Retirement?  When choosing a place to retire you will find there are no shortage of options.  After looking around you will realize that Brunswick Plantation & Golf Resort has an optimal location in coastal North Carolina.  You will then realize that many places offer many amenities.  However, what really makes community a joy to live in is its people.  That’s why the the #2 on our Top 10 Reasons to Live in Brunswick Plantation is ITS PEOPLE.

Why are the people of Brunswick different?

It all starts with the reason Brunswick Plantation & Golf Resort was created.  The founders of Brunswick realized that the Southern culture of yester-year was truly a Better Way of Life.  It was characterized by Southern Architecture, Landscapes, and Hospitality.  The most important characteristic being Hospitality.  That means people speak to each other when close enough and wave to each other when farther away.  That means neighbors are friendly and helpful.  That means a community knows its members and socializes with them.  This foundation in Southern Hospitality has spread to our new neighbors as we’ve grown.  The result?  A community of people who experience and participate in a Better Way of Life.

Couple riding bikes in countrysideWho are our people?

Our people come from all over the Atlantic Seaboard and Midwest.  They are retired Police, Firefighters, Teachers, Entrepreneurs, Government Employees, Engineers, Accountants, Construction Industries, Automotive Industries,  with Doctors and Lawyers sprinkled in.  Of course this is a generalization but the point is that we have people from all types of backgrounds.  This diversity makes for interesting new friendships and experiences.

tennis womenWhat do our people do?

The people of Brunswick Plantation have formed and continue to form and participate in over 40 different groups, organizations, leagues, and teams.  The central owners amenity facility, the Brunswick House, is teaming with activity daily.  From water aerobics & Free group exercise classes to card game groups & theme dinners to tennis leagues & golf leagues.   Our people also organize “off campus” activities like Dinner Shows in Myrtle Beach, Baseball games, and Cruises to exotic locales.  You will never want for something to do at Brunswick Plantation.  Of course people make good use of our 7 onsite pools almost every month of the year in our mild climate.

What do our people say about Brunswick Plantation?

In short… a lot of great things.   The best way to find out is watch one of our many and growing library of Video Testimonials.  Click the video below and watch one now! And remember when choosing a place to retire, the people you surround yourself with are ultimately what makes life a joy and full of good memories.  Interested in a Discover Brunswick Now real estate visit? CLICK HERE


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