Inspiring Coastal Bathroom Ideas by Brunswick Plantation Living

Inspiring Coastal Bathroom Ideas

Whether you are building your dream home here at Brunswick Plantation & Golf Resort or just looking to upgrade your current look; these ideas for lighting, tile, accessories, and fixtures will turn your bath into a pleasing and enjoyable space you’ll love.

murdock-solon-architects-blue-tiled-bath-lCoastal Bathroom Ideas #1: Show it Off

Found a beautiful mosaic tile you love?  Then think about using it on all your bath walls and the shower or tub surround.  This will lend a spa feel while tying the space together with class.



Unique Look: Sapphire Tile


Using  a deep colored tile can create a luxurious feel.  Deep colors are less used making your space unique and memorable.

waterworks-universal-showerhead-lUnique Look: Universal Showerhead


Spending on a functional and unique shower head is worth the money.  It adds a special detail to your space that is often overlooked.



baldwin-couture-chrome-pull-lUnique Look: Drawer Pull


Get creative and express your style by using a stylish drawer pull.  There are hundreds of opportunities to set your space apart from the crowd.



Unique Look: Sleek Toiletry Tray


Create a 5 star or spa like feel simply using a tray like this.  Treat yourself or your guests with style for little cost.



clora-kelly-design-white-bath-lCoastal Bathroom Ideas #2: Go Classic


Claw foot tubs have been around since the 1800’s and are still being used today.  If you are thinking of using this style them consider using a open bottom sink.  Pair it with light and bright surface colors and classic subway tiles.



new-ravenna-raj-mosaic-tile-lUnique Look: Mosaic Tile


Try using simple subtle colors with intricate patterns.


high-neck-polished-nickel-faucet-lUnique Look: Classic Faucet


Keep a timeless style with a polished chrome faucet with sleek lines.




Unique Look: Wall Sconce


Choose a fixture that will create a warm light to get a sanctuary effect.





mell-lawrence-architect-wooden-bath-lCoastal Bath Ideas #3: Using the Element of Surprise


Traditionally wood is shied away from in baths due to the negative effects water and moisture has on it.  However, using naturally preservative species like teak, eucalyptis, cedar, or alder with a clear seal can create a wow effect.


flowered-cream-blend-mosaic-tile-lUnique Look: Patterned Tile


Try using a tile with natural hues when the design is intricate so not to make the space too busy.


kevin-reilly-caelum-hanging-lamp-lUnique Look: Hanging Lamp


Create a rustic yet refined ambiance with a lantern inspired hanging lamp fixture.



Unique Look: Sleek Faucet


Try using a sleek minimalist style faucet and get creative and more eccentric other places.


Whether it’s your master bath or guest, it’s one of the most widely used and seen rooms in your home.   Make it a place of style and be proud of it using these ideas.  Have any ideas of your own or comments about these tips?  Post them to comments or contact us on facebook or click here.  We’d love to hear from you.

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