Neighbors who strive to make a difference…Vince & Linda Juric!

Vince Juric Interview editedBrunswick Plantation and Golf Resort is home to so many great people! Vince and Linda Juric exemplify the kind of folks that make our Brunswick community such an interesting and stimulating place to live. We are lucky to have folks from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences.  I found, in interviewing Vince for this Blog, that he is really a pretty international fellow!


Vince was born in Croatia where his father was a merchant sailor. They lived on one of the many islands that make up Croatia. When the German’s came to their Croatian island in 1944, the families were told to either leave or be killed. So, they took to the sea in fishing boats and headed for Italy where they managed to live in refugee camps for 4 years. 

As Vince explained, there were three counties welcoming immigrants at that time: Australia, South Africa, and Argentina. Vince’s family went to Argentina to wait until the quota system would allow them to come to the United States, which was their ultimate goal. When Vince was 10 years old the family was able to get permission to come to the United States in compliance with the quota system. So, Vince and his parents and 2 brothers were finally able to travel to the United States.

As American citizens they were able to fulfill their dreams. Vince became an engineer and had his career with the Navy Dept. in the Washington D.C. area. Talk about a dream come true and a land of opportunity! What a perfect example of “The American Dream”!

Vince and Linda both had families of their own when they met later in life. Both have children and grandchildren that were recently visiting. Vince and Linda were married 10 years ago. They planned to move South from their home in Virginia. Their original destination was Florida, around the Sarasota area. Linda was a teacher and had time in the summer to go to Florida to see where they might like to live. They had gone to a Home Show in Virginia that year where they had several realtors from Florida and one little booth with Bob and Connie Layding from Brunswick Plantation.

When they were looking around in Florida, they did not see what they were looking for and decided to check out North Carolina. They went to St. James Place and Brunswick Plantation and Golf Resort. The location and charm of Brunswick Plantation won their hearts!

Brunswick entrance

Vince said that when they drove into Brunswick Plantation they were at once impressed with the natural beauty of the pines and flora! Southern Landscaping is an important element of Mason Anderson’s vision for Brunswick Plantation. It does give you the feeling of nature’s grand design!

Brunswick View

Another reason that Vince and Linda were attracted to Brunswick Plantation was the friendliness of folks here.  That was also a part of Mason’s vision of Southern Hospitality!  He gathered all of the people who worked her from the very beginning and told them that:

·        If you see someone close enough to speak to them…Greet them!

·        If you are not close enough to speak…Wave to them!

That is the way it is at Brunswick Plantation to this day! I have noticed that myself! It does make you feel really “At Home” right away! They call it the “Brunswick Wave”! You do not see or feel that in other communities! Not only are the neighbors friendly, they are also always ready to assist each other in any way. 

Other attractions to living here are the many clubs and activities available here. Vince and Linda play bridge at the Brunswick House on Thursdays …Games Night! Linda enjoys Mahjong, also. Both enjoy walking and being close to the beach. Both activities are easy access at Brunswick Plantation! Another plus is that two of the developers live an Brunswick Plantation, so it is their own community! Taking all of this into consideration, Vince and Linda decided to build a home here nine years ago! Linda retired from teaching in Virginia.  In her career she had taught English as  second Language as well as college level classes. Vince and Linda  have been quite happy with their decision to call Brunswick Plantation and Golf Resort home!

Rotary Club

One of Vince’s passions is his work with the Rotary Club of South Brunswick Island. One of the founders was Mason Anderson who is still involved with the Rotary. Vince said that theirs is the lead club that works with other rotary clubs in this part of North Carolina to help the youth of Brunswick County. 

Some of their contributions are:

  • Backpack program providing children with food for the weekend.
  • Scholarships for students in Brunswick County
  • Awards Programs offering Citizen Awards for a boy and girl in each classroom with a Medal from the Rotary Club.
  • Student of the month for High School students with a gift certificate and savings bond.

·  Every third grade student receives a dictionary compliments of the Rotary Club. They are getting ready now that school is starting to go to the schools to distribute the dictionaries.

Boys & Girls Homes

·        Contributing to the Boys and Girls Home of Waccamaw:

This gives and home and education through high school to students who have no one to turn to for help. There are 50 children residents at this home.

It is funded by the State and Donations.

 **There is a new Charter School opening on the grounds in September!**

  It is important to note that the principal of this new school, Tom Simmons, was once a resident of this home. He was found on the streets of Wilmington by a social worker after running away from an abusive home situation. He is proud to now become the principal of the school so that he can help other young folks that find themselves in a desperate situation. What an opportunity to give back to others!


The Boys and Girls Home of Waccamaw also offers:

·        A Parent Fostering Program

·        Home for unwed teenage girls and training for parenting.

Vince is on the Board of Visitors for this school and program.

Boys & Girls Home hands

It is important as Vince knows that it “Saves the lives of young people!”

Vince is also someone who knows what it is like to struggle at an early age. Even though he had a strong and loving family, his young life as a refugee from a war torn country has made him very understanding and compassionate toward others in a difficult situation. I can see that Vince is really dedicated to making a difference for the young people of Brunswick County! Vince is another example of how folks at Brunswick Plantation and Golf Resort are great people and wonderful neighbors!  If you have a story to share, please let us know.  We would love to hear from you!


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